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Chapter 9

Siya Rains

I was sitting in Landon Chambers’ penthouse after 9pm. Yes, I know it’s risky but I’ve taken my chance. Jimmy was here too for a few hours but he left us as it was time for him to rest. He was still recovering, it is a long road ahead.

I wanted to leave with Jimmy but seeing the huge pile of papers we’ve to go through, I felt bad leaving Landon alone to do the work. So I stayed back.

Usually Landon’s paralegal team does this work for him but he stated that this was an important case and he couldn’t risk missing any detail, so he took it upon himself. One thing I had noticed about Landon was when he was working, it was all about work, and he didn’t bother engaging in anything which just made him so much more attractive.

Yes, his work ethics are attractive now, I really am screwed.

No, we hadn’t talked about the little incident that happened in the office. I felt very awkward just being around him as whenever my eyes landed on his big muscular hands, it reminded me of the things they’ve done to me. He seemed completely unaffected by that incident or maybe it’s just that he is too focused on his work right now.

I was really mad at him too because he had ruined my second date with George, so much so that George literally had to physically shake me once to get me out of my trance. I didn’t even end up kissing him last night as the date didn’t go well, thanks to this tantalizing sexy bastard.

But thankfully I told George that I was a little sick and he bought the lie. So we are going on our third date next week, and I’ve decided that I won’t let Landon find out about this and I will also invite George inside my house after the date.

“You want more coffee?” Landon voice brought me out of my daze and I just nodded my head. I needed coffee, I was too sleepy to function.

“Landon, what does your mother think of this entire feud going on between you and your stepbrother?” I ask the question I’ve been dying to ask and look at him expectantly.

He studies me for a minute before handing me a cup and sighing in defeat, “She thinks I hate my stepbrother and stepfather because they replaced my real father and that I hate sharing my mother with Paul. She thinks I am only doing this because I want to get back at Paul for a petty reason.”

My mouth hangs at the information that he just revealed, “But this is so wrong, you mother needs to know the real reason. She can’t blame you something like that and take that asshole’s side.”

“No Siya, if my mom ever comes to know the truth, she won’t be able to forgive herself for not being able to protect her little boy. She will completely lose it when she finds out what I endured and put the blame entirely on herself. After my father left her, this will end up being the second thing that gives her a heart attack, if she ever finds out. I love my mother to death, and if becoming a bad guy is what it takes to protect her, then I’ll happily do it.” Landon breathes out as he continues his work.

The revelation made me speechless, I’ve never seen such a selfless man. I can’t believe Landon is still protecting his mother, even if it ends up with her hating him.

“Where is your father now?” I ask, taking a risk by asking two personal questions in a row.

“Well, he left my mother two years after I was born so I barely have any memory. She was madly in love with him, but he married her only because she was a Lachlan. But when my mother refused to take any money from my grandfather and insisted on earning her own, he left her, out of the blue for a rich British heiress. She got a major heart attack after that and went into depression which caused her to marry the first guy who showed interest and made her feel special. But I don’t think she truly ever recovered from the heartbreak caused by my father. He tried to meet me a few times but I refuse to see him.”

I nodded at his decision to not talk to his father, though I didn’t agree with him and thought that he should at least hear his side once, I knew I was in no place to tell him what to do.

“Wow, you’ve faced a lot of obstacles in your life. The only problems I’ve faced in my life are unwanted competitions with a competitive sister and being called Siya Raisins instead of Rains.”

Landon chuckled making my heart flutter at his beautiful but rare smile before asking, “Really? Your sister, Rebecca? You guys seemed really close that day.”

My heart fluttered again at the fact that he remembered and observed things about me.

“No, Rebecca is my older sister, I have another sister who is just a year younger to me, Analia. My sisters got all the good genes, which is height and beautiful blue eyes from my dad, blonde hair and a slim figure from my mom. Whereas I was got stuck with the worst ones.” I laughed but he didn’t find it funny I guess.

He just listened to me intently as I spoke, “So what did Analia do that bothered you?”

“You really want to hear about my petty teenage drama?” I snort in disbelief before opening another file from the big stack.

“Yes, why would I bother asking if I didn’t want to know? Your problems are valid and important. There will always be someone with bigger problems and more pain but that doesn’t diminish how you feel. It’s not a competition.” He explained more like stated making me giggle a little at his maturity.

“Okay, so because of my appearance and lack of social skills unlike my sisters I was kind of the black sheep of the family. My mother, though she loved me equally, she was more involved with my sisters. So my father always felt bad and had a soft spot for me. This didn’t sit well with Analia. So she always tried to compete with me or show me up because she thought that it might bring her closer to dad. When it didn’t, she just got malicious and started taking out all of her anger on me by dating the guys I genuinely like or by putting me in embarrassing situations, especially during gym class.”

“Wait, so you didn’t stand up to her?” He asked me in a surprised tone.

“No, I never felt the need to, she is my baby sister and she was insecure. I have always been secure, I have accepted myself in as in condition,” Landon smiles as I talk and I notice him just staring at me which makes me blush.

“Now let’s get back to work.” I order him to which he smirks, “Really? I am not going to get some prize for opening up?” He asks making my eyes almost pop out of my sockets.

“A-Absolutely not-t.” I stammer feeling the hair at the back of neck stand, making him smirk more at my reaction.

Arrogant bastard.

“I guess you learnt your lesson yesterday. You have covered each and every inch of your body with those loose clothes. Too bad, it still turns me on. I think the only way I can stop thinking about you is by having you underneath me at least once.”

My heart beat stopped as soon as I heard those words, I would be lying if I say I haven’t thought about the same thing but no, I can’t let that happen. He is finally opening up to me, it’s a real progress.

I froze when I saw him get up from his place and head towards me. He sat in front of me before abruptly pulling me on his lap like a baby making me shudder out of delight.

“So what do you say? Can I take you upstairs to my room?” He asked in his sexy deep voice making each and every fiber of my body scream YES. But thankfully the rational side was still working and I knew deep in my heart that with Landon, no matter how much I desire him, there is no chance of a relationship. He is not a relationship person. Also by sleeping with Landon, I would completely ruin my chances with George, who was someone I liked since the first day at the university.

Landon and I are also involved in a case which can last for at least a year at max, because of which I would have to meet him all the time. I don’t think I can watch him with other women after I know how it is to be with an alpha male like him.

So I end up saying the one thing which I know would make him completely back off.

“Landon, I am sorry but after my date last night with George, I invited him in and we you know- umm- made love.” I lie through my teeth.


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