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Erotica / Romance
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Fantasy One

My Master cradles me to his chest...softly exploring my body. Gentle touches on my shoulders, breasts, stomach...lower. As his hand finds his property, the place on my body he owns completely, I wiggle back against him. The ache almost too much. I'm dripping for him. Waiting for some kind of caress, a simple touch, anything. "Is my Pet not satisfied with our session but two minutes ago?" My Master places his hand firmly on my hip, holding me still. "Tell me my Pet, what did Master do for you only moments ago?"

I shivered as his hand moved up my body to the collar around my neck. Taking a firm grip he held my head and body still.

"M-my Master pleasured me..." My voice trailed off as I blushed in embarrassment. "Does my Pet not remember? Were you not paying enough attention? Bad girl," his voice was teasing. He was reveling in my embarrassment, "tell me in detail Pet." His words an obvious command. I swallowed thickly, unable to get the words out. Moments ago I awoke to my Master pumping his thick load inside me. I was granted permission to explore him. To taste all of him. Of course I had wanted to begin by cleaning the mess that was on his Master parts but knew I needed to take my time. My Master laid underneath me, allowing me to explore. I started at his feet. Kissing and sucking each toe. Desperate to please him. My mouth gingerly moved to his knees, placing a kiss on each one. In my excitement I moved quickly to his thighs...taking extra time to nip and kiss each one. My eyes found themselves level with the place I wanted to feel most....but no, I need to take my time.

I moved my hips over his and gently rocked into him as I placed soft, wet kisses across his stomach. I kissed up his chest to his favorite spot on my Master. My mouth worked to please him, kissing, nipping, sucking, and biting his neck. Leaving my mark on him. Claiming him as my Owner. My Master. My Alpha.

Not being able to take much more I begged for him, "my Master, I want you to pound into me. I want to be a good cum slut for you and take what you give me. I want to feel you between my legs whenever I try to walk. Mmm...I my Master. Only you."

His response was simple a nod, an acknowledgment of my needs. He pulled me by my collar to him and kissed me roughly. The ache between my legs only getting stronger by his coarse handling on me.

"My Master please. I'm begging you please...fuck your property. I want to hurt for you. I want to feel you. The primal you. Hold nothing back...please my Master. Break me please I'm begging you please. I'll do anything you want. Anything. Please my Master."

I see the decision in his eyes. My Master is going to use me. For whatever filthy, twisted desire he may have.

"Kneel and open, my cum slut. So desperate for your Alpha. Mine to use as I wish..."

My mouth immediately opens for my Alpha. Desperate to obey and be a good girl for Master. My Master grabs a fistful of my hair and yanks my head back. My cry of surprise is cut short as he shoves himself inside me. Forcing me to take all of him. He pulls my head away from his body and slams back inside. My eyes beg him to go harder, faster. I need more. Need to be reminded of my place. My Master sees my silent plea and pounds into my mouth without concern. "Look at my pretty slut...taking all of her Alpha in her cum catcher. Nothing but my mindless little cum slut."

My thighs rub together on their own accord at his words. The ache between my legs becoming too much to bear. I whimper as my Master pulls away from me.

"Tsk tsk Pet. No rubbing my Master's cockpit. Spread those legs. You'll be paying for that later. Now, you're going to use that pretty mouth to love and clean my balls."

I whimper, but spread my legs as I'm told. I've already disobeyed my Master. I know my rules and I broke one. I meet his gaze as I use my mouth to clean my loving, generous Master...desperate to please him. My Master reaches down to pet my head, "good Pet."

My Master steps back and circles me, teasing me with soft touches. "Get up and go to the bed. Do not get on it, kneel with your head and breasts on it." The command was clear and held no room for argument. Not that I was going to even try.

I stood on wobbly legs and assumed position as I was told to.

"Reach back and spread my property."

My fave blushed deep red as I did as I was told.

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