An Unexpected Vacation

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Two friends went on a vacation. Things started to heat up once they reached their destination. Unexpected things started to happen. Read the full story to find out what happens

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1

One day, George and Samantha went on a vacation to Venice. And they were so so very excited as it was their first time going on a vacation together. When they reached Venice, they took a cab and straight went to the hotel. And so... George went to the bathroom to freshen up. Without knowing he was in the bathroom, Samantha went inside and saw George naked. And for a moment they stared at each other not knowing what to do. Then, when Samantha was about to leave, George pulled her into a kiss. She was shocked... well so be it she thought and they kissed and for a minute time stood still.

Once she pulled away, he started to undress her and things started to heat up. And one thing lead to another, they were on the bed, George on top waiting for her to give him a sign. He waited and finally she gave him the sign. The moment she gave him the sign, he was inside her and started to fuck her hard. Then, he carried her and pushed her against the wall and started fucking her. As he was fucking her, she moaned loud and to keep herself quite she kissed his neck. The idea of being kissed on the neck turn him on and he started to fuck her harder and also gave her hickeys all over her neck. She felt so good and seeing him so aroused, that almost frantic look in his eyes, turned her on beyond belief.

He then pushed her on the bed and started kissing her from her lips and started giving his kisses lower and lower. As he kissed, she could feel him greedily grabbing her boobs and then buried his head in them and sucked them. After that he grabbed her ass and spanked it a few times and he started fucking her again…this time even harder. Her body shivered as the walls of her pussy went through a series of spasms that squeezed his cock. He didn’t stop no he couldn’t stop with so much pleasure. Then, he changed position he thought it was time for her to take over so this time he was under her. She, not having any experience being on top, she started by sucking his cock, while giving him the sign to lick her pussy. And so he got the sign and he ate her pussy good. He used his tongue and he could just almost taste her.

She got so wet, she took his cock and inserted it inside her...the sound of her soaked pussy could be heard when she got rammed by him and it made both of them go wild. As he was banging her, he pulled her hair and spanked her once more. Then he started grabbing her tits. All of a sudden, he stopped...wondering what was wrong, she looked at him in the eyes and he told her that this is what he wanted to do for a very long time. And for a moment time stood still as they kissed. He started to fuck her again, he began to rub her clitoris aggressively, making her wanting to cum.

He rubbed her without showing no fucking mercy... And then he started to lick her pussy… He used his tongue to do all the magic. Not long after, he started pounding her again and she climaxed, covering his cock with her cream. He never felt that much pleasure in his life... As her cream was now all over his cock.. he could see that face, of what pleasure really looked like.. He didn’t stop although what happened he wanted her all to himself.. He didn’t stop. Seeing him so aroused, she felt that she needed to continue it...she changed positions, making her be on the top and she started to fuck, she then took his hands and made him press her boobs.

He pressed them.. As she took control he could feel himself about to cum so for that second he flipped her over and took control again this time he banged her even harder.. As her boobs vibrated like hell and her face with the reaction of pleasure and pain and he finally cummed in her. He immediately put his head on her chest and then kissed her.... But he was so confused whether to stop or to go on cause he never really felt pleasure to this level before. She wanted him to continue because it felt too good to end. Not knowing what to do, she let him rest his head on her chest for awhile...she then started to kiss his neck as she knew it will turn him on.

That kiss had something he couldn’t explain. He now let her take charge of his body and this time when she was on top of him, he started grabbing her ass. The way he grabbed her ass made her go wild, the way she moaned and the reaction on her face, the sign of pleasure she gave made him wanting to take over. He then carried her and pushed her against the wall, her back facing him...he fucked her so hard...she could feel his cock getting harder and harder inside her. For a minute he just got lost, that amount of pleasure. He fucked her against the wall and he whispered in her ear while fucking her good. Saying “oh my God that’s a good girl”.
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