300 days to fall in LOVE.

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All was good with Philo until she met him. Leonardo Jonah Rossi, Mafia boss who practically ownes Sicily. He gives her 300 days to fall in Love. Enjoy the steamy romance between a simple college student and the Mafia. Disclaimer, story contains matured themes and language. Please do not read if you feel uncomfortable. This is my first book, please comment and like. Thank you. - Charlotte.

Erotica / Romance
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Chapter 1


I was sitting in the reading my research papers that I had to submit on Monday. It was the first research paper of my second year of college, so I had to impress my teachers because of what happened last year.

When I think of last year, damn that year a rollercoaster. I flew in from Arizona to Massachusetts. I was nervous but pumped at the same time. It was hard for me to move all across the country leaving my little sister. But I got in with my scholarship, so I had no choice. Don't get me wrong I love it here, but I miss my sister.

My roommate here was this beautiful, super rich girl who didn't want to stay in a sorority house because there the bitches are fake, so decided to stay in a dorm. I thought that she would hate me... but I was wrong we soon became friends. Celina ( my roommate) introduced me to her highschool friends Joe who is also her twin (short for Joey) and their childhood friend Austin. They are now my best friends.

Celina and Austin weren't dating when I first got here, but I and Joe caught them in the act of Passion in our dorm room. Joe was so against them but he came around.

Then I started dating Justin. Oh boyy he was and is a piece of shit. I was sooo into him that I didn't see the red flags. He was in the same Planetary Geology as major, we talked at first.

Then he started the flirting and buying me flowers, when I wasn't with my friends (Red flag #1). He asked me to be his girlfriend and I agreed. I wanted to introduce him to my friends but he refused (Red flag #2). So I showed Joe his picture and he informed me that Celina and Justin used to date in highschool. I talked to Celina about it and she said it's in the past, don't worry I'm with Austin now. I was relieved, but instead of confronting Justin I informed him that I knew about him and Celina. He was shocked but he was so good with that shithole of that mouth that I believed in every fucking word he said. I was so fucking stupid ( Red flag #3).

He was patient and passionate, but that were all lies that he spat out like a venomous waterfall. All he wanted was to have sex, I was reluctant because I was a virgin. But I gave in. So during foreplay he moaned out Celina's name. I was shocked.

"What the fuck did you say?" I shouted.

"No no no, it's not what you think it is" he cried.

" Fuck you, Justin. You were not really into me, were you? You wanted to make Celina jealous right?!"

"Yes... But that was the initial plan, Now I really like you, I think I'm in love with you. I wasn't in love with Celina."

" I was a plan! Oh God I'm so fucking stupid." All the things he did make sense now.

"Please Lo-" he tried to hold my hand.

" Get out! " I mumbled. He was shocked. He didn't move.

" GET THE FUCK OUT JUSTIN! I don't even want to see your fucking face."

He left. He left me crying. All I felt was betrayal and anger. Joe was there with me after that. We became closer that before. He's my closest friend since them he knows everything about me and I know everything about him. My grades dropped because of that fucker and I thanked God that I didn't loose my virginity to him.

"Earth to Love! " Joe screamed in my ear. And the reality set back in..

" Don't call me that, especially in public." Well my parents were douchebags while naming me, Love Philomena Lexington. Yupp that's my shitty name. I hate the name Love, so I go by Philomena or Philo.

" Don't be so ashamed by that, I just Lovvee it when you react like that." he joked and the lovebirds started chirping from afar. Joe talks very loudly and Austline ( that's a shipping name I made for them) heard him obviously.

"We are going clubbing tonight!" Celina exclaimed. " And No is not an option. " Everyone's eyes were on me. I scoffed " I have to give in my research papers. I have to score good."

" I read it while it was on the coffee table yesterday, it was perfect. Don't stress yourself. " Austin was always supportive.

I pleaded with them to let me stay at home. In these situations I regret staying together. Yup 3 bedroom apartment, 20 min walk from home to college. Obviously Celina and Austin had the master bedroom, I had the 2nd and Joe had the 3rd.

Back home Celina lent me a black deep v neck top, and ripped jeans. I don't wear heels so I wore my sneakers. She did my make up and we were ready to go. Fuck I hate them, but I love them too.

We all go to the same club everytime which was practically owned by Austin's parents. Yupp he's super rich too. His parents live in a private property nearby, so if we ever get wasted we spend the night at Austin's parents home.

We entered the room blasting with music, and people dancing couples fucking back in the room. And bar up front. It was a huge club.

" Shots..Now!!!" Celina screamed into my ear. Twins have the same fucking problem. It's so funny that they are so similar even though they deny it.

I had a lot of drinks no need to pay for it obviously. I was drunk, dancing in the sea of people when I saw him enter the club.

Damnnnn he was so fucking handsome. I just stopped dancing and practically stalking him from a distance. He caught me staring and started to walk up to me. I then pretended to dance while he walked right past me. Damn he was even more handsome when he was up front.

His complexion was brown, not too brown not too light. Perfect... Just perfect. Slightly curly hair and oo mama that body. I would do anything to touch his bare chest. Fuck! What was I thinking. Drunk me was wayy confident.

I came back to reality when he disappeared into thin air. The next thing I heard had me shocked.

" Looking for someone, Love"

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