Solid Ground

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Chapter 19

Daniel opened the backdoor quietly. Stepping into the laundry room, he was assailed with memories of her taste. The feel of those soft curves pressed against him. He was already half-hard as he tossed his tack bag in the corner and stepped into the kitchen. Britney and Ashley sat giggling with delight in their highchairs. Food was thrown about the floor as she stood by the sink. Her hands were wringing out a dishcloth, preparing to clean up the mess.

She stopped when she saw him. “Daniel, I wasn’t…” She blushed. “We didn’t expect you home this early.” Nodding her head towards the toddlers, “I was just about to put these two down for their naps.”

“Don’t let me stop you,” he stammered, feeling like that stranger in his own house yet again.

She smiled nervously. “I’ll just be a couple of minutes. Let me clean and change them, then I’ll make you something for lunch. You must be hungry.”

“Sure, I’ll just grab a shower while you put them down.” He fled the room as quickly as he could. A nice, long ice-cold shower. He would need it.

What the hell had he been thinking? Even after his conversation with Samuel, he should have headed back to the office. But like a fool, he had turned the SUV towards home, hoping for once to be greeted with the same enthusiasm Samuel and the others could count upon.

Stripping away his sweaty and sandy clothes, he threw them into the basket and stepped beneath the spray. The water was cold, but not cold enough. He felt it slide down his body and imagined it was her fingers. Remembering how soothing her touch had been that night when her fingers danced across his bare chest as she swayed against him. “Fuck,” he spat, picking up the bottle of shower gel. Pouring some into his hands, he began to lather his head and body.

To make things worse, she was wearing another one of those damned dresses again today. This one was long and black. It was a perfect contrast to bring out the creamy color of her skin. There was no halter top to untie this time. But the low V-neck revealed the swell of those impossibly full breasts. His hands ached to feel them once more.

“God damn it,” he cursed again as he rinsed the suds from his body. He was tempted, more than tempted to tarry a few more minutes. Take certain matters into his own hands. But he knew that she would probably be done with putting the twins down for their naps by now, and he did not want to keep her waiting.

Besides, he had been doing that for over two weeks, and it brought no real relief. What he needed was far more than a quick jerk-off in the shower. He needed his wife. Not like he was going to have her.

But the least he could do was make some headway using the advice that Samuel had offered. Some conversation over lunch was as good a place as any to begin. He grabbed the towel and wrapped it about his waist. His mind was decidedly somewhere else as he opened the bathroom door and walked straight into his wife.


As usual, Britney and Ashley had fallen asleep almost before their blond curls hit the pillows. They no longer took morning naps, so by this time of day, they were more than ready, having run out all the energy their little bodies had saved up from the night before. Jill smiled as she bent and kissed them each.

Simone’s words echoed through her head. How could anyone have felt that way about two such precious gifts? She thought as she closed the door to their room and turned. Directly into the bare, wet chest of her husband.

She swallowed past the lump in her throat as she took in the view of bronzed muscles that rippled and played beneath what she knew from that night was impossibly hot skin. She did not know what she was thinking. Problem was she was not thinking at all as she reached up to feel the soft steel once more.

The growl from his throat brought her back to reality. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have,” she mumbled as she stared at the carpet. Anything to keep from looking at the one thing that tempted her beyond all reason. “I should go make you something to eat,” she turned to head down the hall.

The arm about her waist stopped her. “Why shouldn’t you, Jill?” he whispered just behind her. “Why the hell shouldn’t we both?” His hand moved up to cup her breast. She blushed as she realized that she was bare beneath the thin cotton of her favorite sundress. She had not thought for a moment that he would be home early, so with the late summer heat, she had opted for comfort once more.

His fingers discovered that fact as they toyed with her nipple through the impossibly thin barrier. She leaned her head back against his shoulder and closed her eyes. She gave into the total pleasure that his hands were drawing forth from her body.

Fire and lightning coursed and strummed through every nerve ending from the hair on her head to her toes that were curling into the wiry carpet. She bit her lower lip to keep from moaning as his lips and tongue danced along the pulse pounding like Native American drums in her throat.

She arched back into his embrace as she felt the pressure building inside her. She had read somewhere once that some women could achieve orgasm from merely having their breasts played with. She had thought it was complete rubbish. Until that moment.

Damn it, she hung right over the edge. Still, he made no further move. Finally, in desperation, she whimpered, “Daniel, please.”

“Yes,” he virtually roared as he turned her in his arms. She did not have time to say anything more, to finish her pleas. His mouth descended upon hers, capturing whatever she would have said. His tongue warred, and it was war, against hers. This was certainly not their first kiss, but there was an undeniable hunger to it that transcended anything they had tasted before, making the others seem tentative and tame.

She felt as if she were falling for a moment. Then she realized that they were moving. He was guiding them across the dark, tiny space of the hall. The few steps from the nursery to his room seemed an impossibly long journey. Too long.

Some sane part of her argued that she should slow things down. The tortoise and hare, it said. But this day, the hare was winning that race as her tongue tasted his moans. She trembled a bit as she felt her back hit the hard, cold surface of the door. She knew there was no turning back if she crossed its threshold.

But when he released her breast long enough to fumble with the knob, she made no move to slow things down. A moment later, she felt it give at her back, and then his hand and fingers were once more on the heated flesh of her left breast doing things, making her feel things that she probably should not. Things that she wanted more than her next breath.

The distance between the doorway and the bed seemed shorter than it had in her hazy dream that night. Or perhaps they were just moving faster, she reasoned. And they were moving fast. If some part her still screamed for reason and sanity, it was silenced by Simone’s words, ‘seduce your husband.’ Just that neither of them imagined how quickly she would be given that opportunity. Question was, did she have the guts to follow through on it?

She felt the edge of the bed against her calves and put her hand up to the heat of his shoulder. Uncertainty and her demons flared to life, and her mind finally jumped started. She pushed gently, but it was lost in the momentum of their fall to the bed. If his kisses and caresses had not already taken her breath away, the pair of them landing upon the firm mattress would have.

When she came back to reality, she was sprawled beneath him, and the hand that had been holding her, guiding her, was now around her ankle, moving slowly up her calf beneath her dress. She panicked for a moment as it reached her knee. What would he think when he discovered that she wore no underwear. But the worry was just a blip on the radar as his other hand tugged firmly at her nipple. His mouth swallowed her moans before continuing its journey along her jaw and down her neck.

She bit her lip harder to keep from moaning as he brushed the material back from her breast. His hand covered the bare flesh, kneading it softly. But she could not stop the whimper a moment later as his other hand completed its journey. Her dress was bunched about her upper thighs as his fingers grazed over her mound. When he slipped them lower and brushed the rough, calloused surface of his thumb across the too-sensitive nub, she arched off the bed. “Daniel,” she almost screamed.

She was not prepared for the sensual assault that followed. He bit down hard on her shoulder as he squeezed the tender flesh of her breast. Her thighs opened a bit more as she squirmed against him, breathy at the oddly familiar edgy sensation of pleasure/pain. His fingers slipped just inside her, and she whimpered in need like a puppy seeking the attention of its master. “Please,” she begged.

“Say it again,” he growled as his fingers stilled, remaining perched right on the edge of fulfilling her every fantasy and need.

“God damn it, Daniel. Please,” she begged unashamedly.

“Yes,” he roared once more as he plunged them inside her. It took her instantly over the edge as she arched against his hand, riding the intense wave of pleasure like a surfer hanging ten on the big one. His teeth on her shoulder held her upper body in place as he continued to toy and torment her breast.

She was reminded of the documentaries of wild animals mating. This was something so primal and powerful that she was frightened for a moment. She feared that she was in way over her head this time. Except that her body was betraying her. It responded to each of his demands in a way that it never had before. It gloried in his mastery of her as she came hard over and over and over again. Still, it was not enough, “Please, oh, please,” she pleaded and whimpered. Her mind wondered at who this wild woman was? What had taken over her body and mind?

“Please what, Jill,” he whispered low as his teeth gave up their hold on her flesh. His tongue and lips took over, trailing further down towards where his hand lifted her breast. Presenting it to them like some trophy for the taking.

The moment his lips curved around the tingling tip of her nipple, she felt her body clamp tightly around his fingers once more. How it was possible, she did not know, but this orgasm was even more potent than the dozen he had already given her. “Daniel,” she screamed.

The fog cleared for the briefest of moments. For a split second, she was overcome with a sense of déjà vu. This felt so familiar. The dream. Except this time, his fingers between her legs were not stilling. They were plunging faster and deeper inside her. As if powered by some steam engine, driven by the demons of hell itself. Her orgasms, as consuming as they were, did not seem enough. She felt empty. She felt needy. And only one thing would fill that void. “Please,” she undulated against the palm of his hand once more.

This time those fingers did still. His mouth released its prisoner, her nipple puckered as the air brushed over its wet flesh. She felt him shift.

“Look at me, Jill,” he demanded.

There was an edge to his voice, something powerful and in control, yes. She fought herself, her every submissive tendency, to turn her head to the side as she bit her lip with indecision. Her skin flamed even redder with embarrassment as much as the desire that lay just beneath the surface. His fingers caressed her cheek. She could feel the wetness of her body, and the blush spread even more at her wanton behavior. She fought him as he turned her head towards him.

“Jill, please, look at me,” the need and pain that she heard in his voice this time did what even the demands could not. She could not deny him. She did not want to. It hit her then like the proverbial ton of bricks. “Oh my god,” she whispered at the revelation as her eyes flew open to meet his blue ones. To look into the handsome face of the stranger that was her husband. The man she loved.

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