Solid Ground

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Chapter 20

Daniel sighed at the look of utter fear in his wife’s eyes. Fear was a look he knew intimately. It was more powerful than the cold shower, doing what it could not, instantly extinguishing the flames of hell that had driven him for two weeks. He rolled to the side, bringing his arm up to cover his face as he regrouped. His mind raced with a million thoughts, but only one of them stuck. ‘You blew it again, buddy.’

What he did not expect as he played that tape-recorded message over again in his mind was to feel the warm, soft swell of his wife’s bare breast pressed against his side. Or her arm draped casually about his waist. When he felt her long silky hair spread across his chest, he stiffened a bit. He knew that laying like this, she would feel his heartbeat. Know precisely what her gentle touches were doing to him.

But he honestly did not give a damn just then. After weeks of coveting the tenderness that she showed to Britney, Ashley, and Bel, he was finally on the receiving end, and it was not an opportunity he was going to pass up. He lowered his arm and wrapped it about her shoulders. Drawing her even closer, he placed a tender kiss on the top of her head.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered.

He felt her body tremble as she chuckled softly. “You damn well better be. That’s the second time you’ve left me hanging.”

He lifted his head and met the gaze from those unforgettable green eyes, “I thought you didn’t remember that night.”

She sighed, “I didn’t. Not really. Not until…” He watched as pink spread across her cheeks once more. “Until just now,” she whispered so low that he had to strain to hear it.

He nodded his head, knowing that this time he was the one blushing. He tugged her gently back towards his chest. He would be much more comfortable staring at the ceiling than into those eyes for this conversation. Thankfully, for once, his wife acceded to his wishes. Her hair once more spread across his skin, caressing it as he fought back the needs that were even then just below the surface.

“So, where does that leave us, sweetheart?” he echoed the question that he had asked Samuel earlier in the day.

His wife seemed full of surprises this day as he felt her hands begin to move slowly across his chest, down his stomach that went taut as he held his breath. “Jill?”

He could almost see her smile against his chest. “A wise woman told me I should seduce my husband.” Her tiny hands wrapped about his hard flesh, and it was he that was arching off the bed this time with each rhythmic stroke of those soft hands up and down his hard cock. He was barely thinking as he felt her slipping from his arms, moving lower as she whispered, “What do you think about the idea?”

His answer was a guttural moan as his cock disappeared between her soft lips. His fingers clutched at the sheets, bunching them within his grasp as he fought back the need to run them through her hair. The need to lift his hips more and plunge his cock deep inside the warm wetness of those sweet pink lips that tasted like heaven but knew how to take him to the very edge of hell at the moment.

He grounded his teeth and fought it all as she tortured and tormented him for several minutes. He knew his body was on the very edge. He could feel the need to come pulsing like life itself through him as fundamental an urge as breathing. And one that, at the moment, was about as difficult to control. As sweet as her mouth was, as delicious as this felt, it was not what he wanted most.

His fingers wrapped at last through those soft lengths, but this time not to guide her head in tempo that would take him over that edge, but to draw her away from his burning flesh, “Please, Jill,” it was he that was doing the pleading this time.

She smiled as she lifted her head. Devilry danced in the green pools. “Yes, commander,” she teased as her hands continued to torture his steel length.

His fingers laced tighter through her hair as he tugged her up his body. The damned witch, took her time, sliding those soft curves along every single millimeter of his smoldering flesh. By the time they were eye to eye, the only thought left in his muddled brain was wiping that smug look off her face, and he knew one way to do that.

His lips stormed the beaches of her mouth once more as his hand about her waist held her to him. He rolled them until he was once more on top. In the exchange, she lost hold of his cock, but that suited his purpose perfectly. His hand slipped beneath that damned temptation of black cotton. He had just one thought, tearing it to fucking shreds as he pushed and pulled it up her legs, baring smooth, soft skin as he went.

But the goal of that mission was forgotten as those soft fingers found his throbbing erection once more. His hand stilled as she whispered, “Please, Daniel, I need you,” against his neck. Her tongue licked softly at the pounding pulse that raced faster still at her admission.

Later, he promised himself. Later, he would be skin-to-skin with his wife. Hard muscles against soft curves. But right now, he needed to give his wife the one thing he could. He felt her shift on the bed beneath him. Her tiny fingers guided him home. He ground his teeth to keep from screaming as that warm, wetness enveloped him.

His hand reached back and wrapped her leg about his hips as he bent to kiss her sweet lips once more, “Hold on, sweetheart. This ride’s about to get rough and fast,” he whispered as he surged forward into her depths just as hard and fast as he promised.

For a millisecond, he worried that it was perhaps too much. The tightness of the muscles that greeted his invasion only confirmed that. His mind told his body to slow down, to give her time to catch up, to adjust to him, but it seemed a battle that was destined to be lost.

Only the soft mewing against his neck and the upward thrusts of her generous hips to meet and match each downward one of his own offered solace and forgiveness for his rashness. But it was the sharp bite of her nails into the corded flesh of his back, when she bowed even higher, those blond tresses covering his pillow as her eyes closed and he felt her body tighten into an impossible vise that refused to let him go. He took it as an ancient invitation to do what he had been aching to do since the moment her lips touched his cock. He surged as deep as possible inside her and emptied his very soul into her welcoming depths.

When at long last a tiny bit of sanity returned, he rolled just enough to take his weight off of her but held her tight, drawing her against him. His body was satisfied. But somehow, it did not reach the depths of his soul. He tightened his hold about her waist, needing to hold on for as long as possible.

“Wow,” he felt her giggle beneath him. The movement drove his still hard cock further inside her.

He turned his head back towards her and smiled. “Can I take it that you enjoyed that, Missus Monroe?” He kissed the end of her nose and brushed her hair back from her face. It was spread across his pillow like a spider’s web of fine silk threads. He could easily get sucked into the erotic and loving web his wife was weaving. Those long blond strands spread across his pillow or his shoulder. It was another thing he could definitely get used to. For the rest of his life.

Her smile lit those green fathoms as her fingers toyed across his shoulders. “Are you fishing for compliments, commander?”

He chuckled once more driving his cock home, this time he held it there, giving a small circle of his hips that had his wife moving against him and meowing like a hungry kitten. “It takes a lot of fish to feed a hungry SEAL, sweetheart,” he teased as he began to move in earnest once more within her.

Anything that she might have said was lost against his tongue as he kissed her and took this thing where they both wanted to go once more.


Jill lay replete against his side. Her head rested against his shoulder, his strong arm wrapped about her, his hand still curled around the underside of her breast. His fingers occasionally brushed against her nipple, teasing them both. Her body was satiated like a day spent at the all-you-can-eat buffet, but it was looking forward to the next meal already.

When had she become such a sex addict? Oh, from the moment that she had given David her virginity, she had enjoyed the act. Theirs had been a happy and satisfying life in more ways than one.

But, hell, nothing had prepared her for this. Was it an addiction? Or was it just that after the other, it felt so amazing to once more feel like a woman? Looking up into his smiling face, those sky blue eyes closed, she wondered, or is it him? She swallowed past the lump that formed in her throat. It was most definitely the man.

“I should get up and make you a sandwich or something. Britney and Ashley will be up soon, and I have to pick Bel up at the bus stop too.” The truth was that she needed a strategic retreat to think and come to terms with the latest revelation.

He turned and looked at the clock on the nightstand, but he took her with him. His hold on her tightened rather than loosened. “Fifteen hundred,” he sighed as he stared into her eyes. “I can wait for dinner.”

His husky command followed a playful tweak at her nipple that sent a tingle of electricity shooting straight between her legs, “You get a shower, and I’ll pick up the girls after school.”

She nodded her head, suddenly reluctant to leave this erotic fantasy. “Might be a good idea.” She winced just a bit as she rolled away from him and sat on the edge of his bed.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have lost control like that. Taken things slower,” his lips pressed a soft kiss to the small of her back. She felt the heat of those sweet lips to her very core even through the safety of the thin material.

She chuckled as she straightened out the top of her favorite dress, tucking her breast back inside it. “If I remember right, commander, it was a two-way street.”

He laughed at her admission. “You should probably change into something that covers your top a bit better too.”

She turned and stared at him, her brows raised. “What? You seemed to enjoy the view earlier.”

His fingers brushed softly over her shoulder, and she winced at the tenderness there. “Oh, I do. But I don’t think either of us is ready for the comments of a smart-mouthed teen if she caught sight of that.”

Jill blushed, “Oh, that. I forgot.”

“I’d say sorry again. But you got your own back, she-cat. I won’t be going shirtless anytime soon with the map those fingers left on my back,” he reached over and drew her hand to his lips, placing a tender kiss in the palm. “It’s a good thing that you aren’t into those damned fake claws like Simone, Trisha, and…”

His voice faded, and his face darkened before he turned over and rose off the other side of the bed. He stood in all his naked glory, and her breath froze in her lungs. She tugged her dress a bit further down her thighs before rising slowly.

“I’ll get that shower now,” she walked carefully across the room. She felt the wetness of their lovemaking slide slowly down the inside of her thigh, as she opened the door to reality and a thousand doubts that awaited her on the other side of this fantasy island.

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