Solid Ground

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Chapter 22

Daniel watched the sway of his wife’s backside beneath the thin knit material. She shushed and shooed the babies as she walked. When she finally disappeared down the hall, he turned his attention to Dodd, only to find the man still staring after his wife’s ass with a big grin on his face. It was not what he needed at that moment. “Stay the fuck away from my wife and kids, Dodd,” he growled through gritted teeth.

Dodd just shrugged, “As I said, I just stopped by to let you know that our offer still stands and to check up on things for Heather.”

Daniel moved towards him then, standing inches from his face, “I mean it. My personal life is none of the Thomas’s business. So, don’t think you can come around here when I’m not around, checking up on things for them or any other god damned reason.”

“Hey, buddy, the little lady let me in the front door, the same as Rachel always did. So, if you have a problem, maybe it is with your wives, not me.”

“Jill is not Rachel. And I mean it, stay the fuck away. Or I,” he paused.

“Or you’ll what? Do you and Samuel think it matters shit to me what you say now? You think my daddy will fire me over something that little cunt says. It was never anything more than her word against mine anyway.” Clay met his gaze squarely. “Not after you two arranged her little transfer back here, so she could take care of her little problem.”

Daniel kept his expression neutral; it was something he was trained to do with the enemy. And he suddenly realized that was precisely what Clay Dodd was. The enemy and a perilous one at that.

“Oh, that’s right, I know. I know all about how she killed my kid. And I hold the two of you responsible for it. How would you feel if something happened to yours?”

Turning to look down the hall once more, Dodd added, “Or maybe that new wifey of yours? You might care a bit more than when poor old long-suffering Rachel offed herself? It wasn’t like you ever really loved her anyway. But this one? This one is different. She’s gotten under your skin. Not the cool, calculating bastard so easily with her.”

Dodd shoved past him, “You just remember, commander, payback is a bitch. You took what was mine…my kid, my flesh and blood. And I haven’t forgotten it.” Opening the front door, he turned, “So, is this one a better fuck than the Ice Princess? Does she do more than just lay there like you’re doing nothing more than push-ups to an orgasm? She sure is better at taking care of those cute little babies of ours, isn’t she?”

He smiled and saluted, “I’ll see myself out, commander. Don’t let me ruin your little fun before those other two brats of yours get home.” He said as he pulled the door closed behind him.

Daniel stood in the living room, clenching and unclenching his fists at his side. They itched to hit something and not the damned punching bag either. When he had seen the red Ferrari parked in front of the house, he knew things were not going to be good. Clay Dodd always was trouble, and today was no different.

It was not that anything he said was all that surprising. He had long suspected that Rachel was involved with another man. At least those last couple of years for sure. It made sense too that it would even be someone like Dodd. His casual taunts just confirmed things. But what bothered Daniel most was the man’s tone when he talked about owing him and Samuel. It sent warning bells clanging. The need to protect what was his drove Daniel.

A soft smile touched his lips. The image of his wife, stepping up to defend his choices to the man, soothed his soul like cool water in the desert. Oh, Jill was most definitely not Rachel. But then again, he knew that from the beginning. He had a feeling he was just scratching the surface of his wife’s depths.

Looking at the package wrapped in pink paper and ribbons that he had cast on the couch as he raced through it to the voices he heard in the kitchen, Clay’s parting words rang in his head. Was he going to let the man’s accusations ruin the rest of this day? Or was he going to clear some things up with his wife?

He picked up the package and tossed it in the air. “The man was right about one thing, buddy.” He caught the box and headed down the hall towards the nursery.


Britney and Ashley were fussier than usual. It always amazed Jill how sensitive small people were to their environment. The girls had felt the tensions between the big people. So, it had taken a touch more love and attention to reassure them that all was right in their world this day. Britney was just falling asleep to the soft sound of her horrible singing when she felt his strong arms about her waist. “You are too damned good at sneaking around, commander.”

He chuckled against the pounding pulse in her neck. His tongue headed for the fading green and yellow mark where it met her shoulders. “Part of the job.”

“Oh, no, I think that it is more part of the man that makes him right for that job than the other way around.” She turned in his embrace to face him, her arms wrapped about his neck. She stared at the floor as she spoke again, “I’m sorry. Something told me I shouldn’t let that man in. But he said he was one of yours, and I didn’t want to be rude.”

Daniel placed his fingers under her chin and forced her to look into those ocean depths, “It wasn’t your fault. You had no way of knowing.” He brushed a brief kiss across her lips. Jill was glad that he did not take it further. She knew exactly how quickly the fires could ignite between them.

She nodded her head as she took his hand and led him from the nursery. She paused in the hallway. Uncertainty still taunted her mind. Her role in his life was the one area that remained a question mark in her mind. The closed door to his bedroom was a reminder of that.

“How about I make you something to eat?” she tried for casual this day. She turned and walked down the hall towards the kitchen before he could even respond. At the moment, she wanted nothing but solitude. The man’s words echoed like a prosecutor’s accusations. ‘Nothing like Rachel.’ His meaning was clear enough. A petite blond beauty she was not.

She did not even look back to see if Daniel followed her as she pulled things from the refrigerator. She fought back the tears again as she began to assemble sandwiches on the countertop. She would fix him something to eat and then make an excuse about a headache or something. Escape to lick her freshly opened wounds alone while the babies napped. If she were lucky, by the time they woke up, she would have her insecurities back under control.

The pink package that appeared next to her was her first warning of his presence. She jumped, startled from what she knew logically was another of her pity parties. “I told you, you have to stop doing that to me. Sneaking up on me like that.”

His hands ran up and down her bare arms sending sparks of desire coiling through her body. Her nipples strained against the tight material of the halter top. Wet, heat flooded her groin like a tropical storm dumping its power on the shore.

Her mind was as turbulent as that storm, but then again, his touch always did that to her. It brought her body relief like the rain from that storm, but its powerful winds blew through her mind making her wish for things that would never be. Making her crave more than just this man’s body. Making her want his heart just as he already held hers.

But Clay Dodd’s words today were a clear reminder of how futile those girlish dreams would be. It was not so bad. She loved the girls. She had real friends that she had missed for years. Hell, she even had his magnificent body just about any time she wanted. So, why the fuck was it not enough?

Staring out the kitchen window, those tears threatened to spill over again. “Let me finish your sandwich. I have a bit of a headache, so I thought I’d lay down while Brit and Ash napped.”

She felt him stiffen behind her at the words. “Oh, alright,” he dropped his hands from her arms and walked over to the table, taking a seat while she finished.

Her body screamed at her in protest, begged her to follow him. But she forced herself to finish her task in the hollow silence. She smiled weakly as she set the plate in front of him. “How was your day?” the words seemed forced as they echoed around the room.

He shrugged, “Alright,” was his only response as he bit into the food.

Jill went back to the sink, despite her earlier words about lying down, after the past few days, she could not seem to make herself leave, to abandon all hope of another chance to hold and be held by him. Instead, she made herself busy in the silence.

She washed what few dishes the girls had made with their lunch. She cleaned up the messy high chairs and around them. Around him was the truth, as she fought back the urge just to brush against him. Craving any type of contact like a kitten meowing for its mother. When she returned and began to wipe down the countertops, she noticed the box again. “What’s this?”

He shrugged, “Nothing much. Just a little present, I picked up for you, but it doesn’t matter now.”

Her fingers caressed the ribbon. “Can I open it? Or do you want me to save it for later?”

“Whatever,” he replied as he finished the food and brought his plate to the sink.

Jill’s heart tried very hard not to leap at the thought he had gone to the trouble of buying her a gift. It seemed futile as her fingers ripped the bow and paper from the box, but when she saw the present inside, it immediately fell.

“Baby monitors?”

“It was a bad idea, I suppose. I just thought you might worry less about Britney and Ashley if we had those. I don’t know, maybe…” he trailed off as he washed up the plate and put it in the rack to dry.

“Maybe what?” Jill was confused.

He turned to face her, “I don’t know, maybe move your ass into my bed to sleep like a ‘real’ wife as you said at the reception.”

It was not precisely the way that she hoped to begin this particular conversation, but she had to admit that it was the subject that had been bothering her most of the week. She tried to be light as she teased, “Is this your way of asking, commander?”

Daniel stepped forward and took her hand in his; he lifted them to those soft pink lips that felt so perfect against hers. “Even if you don’t count the obvious one I made that night in the laundry room, this was the only one you should have needed, sweetheart,” he pressed a kiss to the gold band that twinkled in the sunlight.

His eyes held her gaze for a moment as her heart raced once more from his touch. “So, what’s your answer, Missus Monroe? You want to put the question of how ‘real’ this marriage is to bed and move into the one that you belong in?”

Relief washed over her. Jill sighed as she nodded her head. “Yes, please,” she reached up and wrapped her arms about his broad shoulders. She drew him closer until his lips were just a fraction of an inch from hers, “Sorry, I just wasn’t sure if you wanted me there.”

The power of his kiss did more to answer her question than the gift or his words had. His lips captured and overpowered hers as he pushed her back against the cabinets. She was trembling by the time he pulled back slightly.

“I think this may be my favorite of those god damned dresses you wear that hides everything and reveal even more.” His hands made quick work of the tie at the back of her neck. They brushed the triangles of material back to reveal her breasts. His thumbs brushed back and forth across their peaks as he squeezed and lifted them.

“I’ve wanted to do that since the morning I asked you to marry me. I wasn’t sure if I should kiss Britney or smack her little hand when she splashed water all over it,” he smiled. “So, are we clear, Missus Monroe? Clear about where my wife should sleep? Clear about this too?”

His hand reached up and took her right hand from where it rested on his shoulders. He drew it to the front of his jeans. Her heart pounded so loudly in her ears that she could barely hear his next words as her fingers toyed and danced across the hard ridge there. “I thought the past four days would make it crystal clear to you just how real our marriage is.”

She nodded her head as she fumbled with the button at his waist. It was not giving as quickly as she wanted, needed. She fell to the floor on her knees, tugging more firmly at it until she felt it spring free. The zipper was easier to manage as she pushed the rough material back and down his thighs. She made sure that the softer cotton of his boxers went with it until she had what she wanted.

His hard cock in her hands. She toyed with it, running her hands up and down its hard length as she moved her head closer. She smiled up at him as she ran its softness across her cheeks and face. Taking her time to enjoy the feel of its steely heat against her skin.

It was only when her husband growled and began thrusting against her that she finally gave in to his pleas, suckling softly upon the tip, running her tongue back and forth against the hard ridge. She flicked her tongue along the soft, sensitive underside. She felt him tremble in her hands and drew its length deeper into her mouth. Her hands matched the tempo, pulling him deeper, taking more of him into her mouth, her heart, her very soul.

She wallowed in the feminine power she felt as she knelt on the cold, hard floor. His moans, the white knuckles she could see gripping the countertop out of the corners of her eyes, the faster and more erratic pace as his hips thrust against her face. They all pushed back the doubts that had consumed her earlier. In his arms, she found the confidence and power that she had once known as a woman. She wanted to show him just how much this all meant to her. How much he meant to her.

She hummed softly in her throat as her fingers moved lower still, brushing over the rougher surface of his balls, rolling and tugging gently as she continued sucking his hard cock.

“Fuck,” he spat as he trembled in her palms. His hips moved faster, feeding her more of his cock until it hit the back of her throat. She swallowed hard and tried to breathe through her nose but her hands and mouth were pushing buttons in her husband that she had not seen before. The pain barely registered as the back of her head hit the drawer handle.

She supposed she should have slowed things, tried to get him and this back under control, but the only control she wanted at that moment was his utter and complete command of her body. So instead of backing off, she fanned the flames that already threatened to consume them both. Her fingers tugged softly at his sac as she looked straight up into those blue pools.

“Damn it, Jill,” he breathed as he watched her draw her mouth up his full length until just the tip remained within her mouth. Her tongue drew a slow circle around the head before allowing it to slip with a loud pop from its warm, wet home.

“What? Do you want me to stop, commander?” she teased as she began to lick slowly down the underside. She could feel each steady beat of his pulse in the sizeable blue vein that ran its lengths.

His growl that bore little resemblance to any human sound could have meant anything, but she took it as a ‘no’ as she continued her journey until her tongue licked and laved across the wrinkled surface of his ball sac. The guttural sound vibrated through his body, causing them to twitch and tremble under her tongue.

Her hands moved around to his tight butt; her short nails raked across his cheeks as she pulled him forward. Her mouth opened, and she gently sucked one inside her mouth. Her mouth was too full to smile this time when her efforts were rewarded with another loud expletive.

She slowly released it and gave it a final tender swipe of her tongue before seeking out its twin and repeating the process. This time though, her hands released his buns of steel and instead found her other favorite toy of solid metal encased in soft silk. Her hands danced up and down the length of his hard cock as her tongue wrapped around the firm surface of his testicle, drawing it deeper into her mouth. She felt it tighten and attempt to draw up towards his body. She recognized it as a sign of how badly her husband needed to come, but she would not allow it, not yet anyway. Not like this.

“God damn it,” he roared as she tugged firmly with her mouth. Her hands moved more slowly on his cock as she released his firm flesh, licking it and blowing across the heated surface.

Jill smiled up at him once more, her hands moving more surely on his cock as she found the rhythm that she had already learned would drive him to the very edge of sanity. “No, no, not yet, suga. Not like this,” she purred as her tongue began to trace his rapid pulse once more back up the length of his cock.

She paused when she reached the soft tip, licking her wet lips; she whispered across its surface, “I want to taste you. All of you.” She swallowed him once more, moving her head up and down him, trying to take more of him with each stroke. Trying to consume all of him, to fulfill the promise she had made.

“Fuck yes,” he cursed again as his fingers laced through her hair. He used them to guide her head even as he thrust his hips faster and harder against her face. “Suck my cock!”

His words raced along every nerve ending in her body, igniting a fury that she had never imagined. She knew she was playing a dangerous game. More than once, she gagged as she tried with all her might to take all of him. She found herself light-headed, but she was not sure if it was from forgetting to breathe through her nose as she sucked him harder and faster or if it was the heady power she knew as she felt him tremble and shake beneath her efforts. Either way, it did not matter; she was not going to stop. Not until she had what she wanted or died trying.

For a moment, that seemed a genuine possibility as Daniel’s hips surged forward, his fingers in her hair tugging her head even more. She feared that she would gag again except this time as she did the head of his cock pushed past the back of her throat, sliding further than it had before. Her mind overpowered her body’s natural reflex as she swallowed him deeper.

She was rewarded a heartbeat later with another string of curses, his hips flexing and moving against her face as his come burst forth into the back of her throat. She reminded herself to breathe as she gulped again and again. Her fingers scratched at his firm thighs not for release but in triumph of her accomplishment as she swallowed the last of his precious offering down.

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