Solid Ground

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Chapter 23

Daniel chuckled. He was not sure what he had ever done to deserve this but damned he wanted, needed, to find out. So, he could keep doing it. Not only was his wife the loving mother that his daughters needed, but she could also cook even the most experienced chef under the kitchen table, and she was every bit his equal in commanding the troop of wives and girlfriends. To top it off, she could give a god damned porn star lessons in how to give a blow job.

Jill looked up at him; questions danced in those green depths. “It wasn’t supposed to be funny.”

By way of answer, he lifted his wife from the floor. He sat that amazing round ass of hers on the edge of the countertop. Daniel bent to brush a kiss across those lips that knew exactly what to do to him. “It wasn’t that. I was just thinking about what a lucky man I am.” He kissed her upturned nose.

Her answer was to wrap her arms about his neck and draw him in for another kiss. Before he realized what happened, the waves of need pounded him again. His tongue breached her lips, plundered her depths. It hit him then, his taste lingered. But rather than turn him off, it only agitated the waters, making the waves stronger, threatening to knock him to his knees. He smiled against her lips as his hands came up to toy with those fabulous twin mounds.

His fingers pulled and tweaked the turgid peaks. God, how he wished that the twins were hers. How he would have loved to explore the soft roundness of her body as it brimmed with life, the life he had given her. But just as much, he wanted to taste the sweet gift of nature that would flow from these soft, lush globes.

Rachel had refused to consider breastfeeding any of the girls, but he knew that would not be the case with Jill. Her nurturing would easily extend to this most natural of motherly acts. But would she allow him to taste the sweet milk that flowed from her body to nourish their child? Fuck, he was getting hard again just at the thought.

He pulled back from her drugging kisses that threatened to wipe every rational thought from his mind. His lips trailed along the soft skin of her jaw and down her neck. His tongue swiped at the bruise he had left on her shoulder that first time. He should feel regret at the pain it must have caused her, but he did not. It was a stark reminder of one thing…possession, ownership. Like the stupid hickies in high school, it announced to the world that she was his. Body and…his mind stuttered over the word.

This thing was too new, too intense. It transcended anything he had ever felt, but now was not the time to think of the other. Now was for enjoying what he did possess, his wife’s lush, ripe body. His tongue blazed a trail lower still across the swell of those spectacular tits. He smiled against the heat of her skin as he felt her breath catch at his touch. After his first marriage, it felt so remarkable each time he felt his wife’s body respond so naturally to his caress, his kiss. And when she came apart in his arms, when her body clenched around his, well, heaven could not be as sweet.

His tongue trailed across the hard peak of her nipple, and she shifted on the hard surface. He drew it into his mouth and tugged on it gently. His hand moved from around her waist to cup its fullness, weighing and squeezing its softness. His tongue wrapped around it just as hers had wrapped around the head of his cock earlier. He felt her moan move through her chest even before he heard it. The sound made him want to fly through some fucking jungle, beating on his chest and roaring ‘I am man.’

At the moment, though, there was another hot, wet place on his mind as his other hand slipped lower to encircle her ankle. He slid it slowly up her leg, feeling her soft skin as he pushed that damned perfect dress up higher and higher until it reached her upper thigh. Her hands moved over his head, tangling in his hair and holding him in place against her chest as he suckled. He drew back slowly, releasing the nipple that glistened in the sunlight from his kisses. He tugged softly at the other one, twisting it just a bit until he watched her eyes fly open with surprise and a hint of something more.

“I’ll come back to here,” he whispered as he knelt on the floor this time. Both hands wrapped around her full hips and drew her to the very edge. He pushed the dress higher until the soft curls of her mound peeked from beneath it. His hands caressed slowly lower down her legs, spreading them wider.

“Daniel,” her fingers clutched desperately at the edge of the Formica surface.

He winked up at her. “It’s called turn about is fair play, my lovely wife,” as he lowered his head, kissing the inside of her thighs and trailing his tongue along her softness. He took his time, avoiding the obvious even as he felt her twitch and move her hips. Still, he teased.

When he looked up, he swore he had never seen anything more beautiful in his whole fucking life. Those tits that never failed to make him horny, heaved and jerked with each labored breath she took. The dark pink areolas were tight and puckered. Her nipples stood at attention like the best of soldiers. Her head was thrown back, those golden lengths flowing down her back and falling about her shoulder. Those green eyes were closed tight, but her pink lips were open, forming a perfect O.

It was too much, his undoing, as he bent his head. His hand moved up slowly, spreading her open so that he could see the pink depths that drove him to the edges of hell and welcomed him home to heaven. He blew across the surface of her clitoris, and she nearly came off the side of the counter.

“Daniel,” she practically screamed.

He smiled at his name upon those lips as he looked up once more. This time her eyes were wide open. Their green depths took his breath away. They were clouded with the same desire he felt course with each loud, fast beat of his heart. “Watch me, Jill. Watch me eat your sweet pussy,” he commanded as he held her gaze and lowered his head to match actions to his words.

His tongue lathed the hard ridge as he tasted her for the first time. He saw her back arch as she tried to move away from the sensitive assault, but he was not letting her. His hands, on the inside of her thighs, held her still as he repeated the action. Once more, before drawing the nub between his lips and suckling just as he had her nipple. He heard her moan as she again pleaded his name. He held her gaze as he continued licking and sucking on the peak, pushing her closer and closer to the same powerful release she had given him earlier.

“Play with your tits for me, baby,” he ordered as his fingers found the wet welcome of her depths. His head bent once more to suckle at the tender morsel as his fingers moved deeper inside her channel. His eyes never left hers as she obeyed his every command. Her right hand gave up its death grip on the counter and cupped the fullness of her left breast. Her fingers pinched and squeezed the hard nipple just as he did so often, just as he wanted to now. But he had only two hands, and at the moment his fingers would rather he cut them off than take them from the depths of her tight cunt.

“Daniel, please, I can’t take anymore,” she pleaded. “I need you. I want you inside me.”

He smiled as he breathed once more across her clit. “Not until you come apart for me as I did for you, sweetheart,” he purred as he returned to teasing and torturing her sweet depths.

She whimpered and pleaded, “Please, I need you, Daniel.”

“And you’ll have me as soon as I taste your sweet orgasm,” he mumbled with her sensitive flesh still between his teeth as he scored it tenderly. He watched as she threw back her head and closed her eyes, he bit down harder, not enough to cause real pain but enough to make her open those green depths once more. “No cheating, my dear. I want you to watch me. I want to see the look in your eyes as you come for me,” he demanded as his fingers plunged inside her once more.

He felt her body begin to tighten, he knew he held her on edge, and he stilled his fingers. She had come to his touch. She had come apart on his hard cock. This time he wanted her to come on his tongue. He bent forward once more, holding her gaze as his tongue and fingers worked together, driving her higher and higher. Until he felt the first tremors, building deep inside her depths.

His eyes held her gaze, daring her not to look away, challenging her to open herself to him. Totally and completely. Body…and soul. This time he wanted, needed his wife’s all. And he would do whatever it took to get it.


“Daniel,” she screamed as she looked into those endless blue pools. As she felt the power roar over her like a tornado tearing even the mightiest tree up by its roots. She wanted to look away, she needed to close her eyes, but something in his gaze held her still. She was powerless to look elsewhere. She did not want to deny him anything.

She felt her body riding the hard waves of its release. One after another, orgasms washed over her as he suckled at her sensitive clitoris, his fingers moving inside her. Still, she stared into the blue depths that reminded her of the perfect sky, the deepest ocean, Bluebonnets in full bloom in an East Texas meadow. Perfection.

She trembled under the power of that stare. She worried what her own might reveal. Could he see? Could he tell? Did he have any idea what he did to her? What he meant to her? How much…she stopped her mind, shy still at the use of that word. But it was the only word she could imagine, the only one she knew that accurately described all she felt for him. Her husband. Her lover.

As the last threads of her orgasm wrapped about her softly, she watched as he stood. She instantly saw that he was hard again, and she reached for him. She scooted even closer to the edge of the counter as she wrapped her hand around his hard cock and drew him inside her. Her other arm wrapped about his shoulders and drew his head down. Their lips touched, and she tasted herself on him. She drank from him even as she wound her legs about his waist and took him entirely into her depths.

“Yes,” she moaned into his kiss as she felt her body begin to climb that peak once more, but this time she had what she wanted. She held tightly to him as he plunged deeper and faster into her, pushing her higher, demanding more until she would have sworn there was no more to give, but still, he took. Even as she gave.

Then she felt him tremble in her arms. She smiled against his lips as he joined in the heavenly song that their bodies sung every time they touched. She swallowed his moans and roars as she felt him burst inside her. They clung together perched on the edge of that countertop. He drew back from her embrace with a smile, but still, their bodies remained locked intimately.

“Skyrockets,” he chuckled as he kissed her nose. “Most definitely rockets.”

She laughed and felt him twitch in her cunt. “Care to explain, commander?”

He winked and started to hum a tune. It took Jill a moment to recognize it, but then she smiled and laughed once more, “Afternoon Delight.”

“Don’t you agree?”

“One hundred percent,” she echoed her earlier support for his decisions. She noticed the dark scowl cross his face. “I am sorry, Daniel. I didn’t know.”

He nodded, “I know. Just promise me you won’t let him in again.”

“You have my word, Daniel.” She wanted to ask more but knew better. Some things were not to be shared even with wives. Whatever the man had done, she would have to trust her husband and her gut. But still, she had a distinct feeling that this one went more in-depth than whatever might have happened in battle. “I’m always here if you need to talk.”

“I know.” He bent so that their foreheads touched, “I know, and I appreciate it. But right now, I need to get moving. Samuel is meeting me at the bus stop. We are taking the girls to pick out some paint and stuff. I figured one way of buying off recalcitrant teenagers would be to give her her own room finally. We’re going to work on fixing up the basement this weekend.”

Reaching over he picked up the baby monitor and handed it to her, “So, you, my dear wife, had better get this set up in the nursery because that bed of yours is going to be the first thing we move down there.”

She giggled, “Making sure I don’t change my mind, commander?”

“Damned straight, I am, Missus Monroe,” he helped her tie the halter back around her neck. She could not stop the whimper from escaping her throat as he pulled back, his half-erect cock popping loudly from her wet depths. He brushed another kiss over her lips as he pulled her dress down a bit. “I’d tell you to take a shower, but I don’t think you have time before Britney and Ashley wake up.”

He wrapped his arm about her waist and lifted her from the countertop. Sitting her firmly on the ground, he brushed her hair back from her face and whispered against her ear, “Besides the idea of you walking around the rest of the day full of my come will make damned sure I’m ready for round three tonight. In the comforts of our bed this time.”

Jill blushed at his words as she brushed a kiss across his lips. “Promises, promises.”

He swatted her ass, “I always keep my promise, Missus Monroe. Now go check on the babies, or I’m never going to get out of here.”

Jill smiled and obeyed as she walked down the hall towards the nursery with the box in her hand. Opening his bedroom door, their bedroom door, she corrected herself, she opened the box and pulled out the instructions.

She would set up the receiver in here and then tackle the transmitter once the babies woke up. Maybe she would even have time to move a few of her things in here before dinner. Perhaps, just maybe, they really could find some solid ground upon which to build a ‘real’ marriage. Things were looking up for this marriage.

Thinking about their visitor earlier, she frowned. Well, most things anyway.

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