Solid Ground

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Chapter 25

For a moment, Daniel thought that it was a fantasy. Another of his torturous dreams. His wife close, so fucking close, but always just out of reach. When she slowly dropped his shirt from her lush curves, he thought he would explode. The moon cast a hypnotic spell about her, about it all. Half dream, half reality, all heaven.

When she took him inside her welcoming depths once more, he fought back the need to come immediately. The way she felt when she came was something he was not sure he would ever be able to resist fully, clenching him tightly, milking him. But he was not ready for it to end this quickly.

He watched her as she rode his cock. Her head thrown back, and her eyes closed. He could not see the depths of those bright green eyes or the red that stained her face and chest, but he could hear her labored breathing, feel her heart pounding as his hands cupped and weighed those perfect tits.

He thrust his hips up, driving deeper into her and was rewarded with a soft moan - his name on her lips. “Daniel.” But god damn it, it still was not enough. It was irrational. Unlike him. But he needed all of this woman. He wanted complete control of his wife.

He pushed her off him. He gloried in the soft whimper that the denial of his body brought to those sweet lips. He reached up and pulled one of his pillows down. He slapped her soft ass, and the sound vibrated around the quiet room.

“On your hands and knees, Jill.” He caught a brief glimpse of the surprised look in her eyes. He cursed under his breath once more that in the moonlight, he could not see their pure green.

But this night, he would settle for what she offered. Take more than perhaps she had meant to give. He swore, though, that he would not allow these games to continue, not for much longer. She was his wife. His. And she was about to find out all that meant.

“Daniel,” she whispered over her shoulder as she moved into the position he had commanded. The pillow under her hips, lifting her bottom high into the air as she knelt over it. Presenting herself, open and ready to him.

Taking his cock in his hand, he stroked it as he moved behind his wife. Something inside of him begged to be released, pleaded with him to bring his hand down hard upon those ivory globes until they would twinkle scarlet even in the dim light. To go far beyond the quick taps that he had used a moment before.

But a lifetime of rules stopped him. She was his wife, he never wanted to hurt her, he respected her, he…he needed her. He refused to allow his mind to take that next plunge, off the cliff without so much as a tether line to prevent his descent into the deepest darkest depths of her oceans.

Instead, he took another type of plunge into her depths, as he positioned the head of his cock between the impossibly hot and wet folds of her body. It was his turn to groan as its tightness gripped him once more. His hands firmly about her waist, he dug his fingers into her. He was in no mood for gentle this night as he plunged deeper and faster inside her.

He felt her trembling beneath his hands, heard the low keening as she bent forward into the mattress. It muffled her screams, but not enough that he could not listen to her begging and pleading. And it was not for him to stop. Her body and her words begged him for more. His own body echoed her pleas. But his mind needed even more than she was offering.

He lunged forward, pushing his cock deep in her and holding it there. He waited as he felt her orgasm ebbing and flowing around him. She whimpered and tried to move her hips against him to continue this roller coaster ride that was their bodies’ need for one another, but his hands about her waist were firm, denying them both the release they sought.

“Please, Daniel, I need.”

His right hand moved up her body to grasp her breast as it dangled just above the blanket. His fingers tugged firmly at the hard point. “What do you need, Jill?”

“You,” she moaned as she tried to move again, but his arm wrapped about her waist held her still as he toyed with her breast, his cock buried balls deep inside of heaven.

“Whose pussy is this?” He circled his hips, adding enough friction to send her body higher, but not high enough for the release he knew she craved.

She whimpered at his movement, and he could see her fingers clutching the covers above her head. Her head came up, and she arched her back into him, but he pulled back, denying her what she craved once more.

“Damn it, Daniel. Quit screwing around.”

He smiled and pulled back just a fraction more, “You sure you want me to stop screwing you, Missus Monroe?” He gave another gentle circle of his hips.

“God damn it, you know I didn’t mean that,” she roared, and she turned her head to look at him. “Fuck me, Daniel. Fuck me hard.”

He gave another slow circle, “You haven’t answered my question, sweetheart. Whose sweet little cunt is this?” To encourage her, he rocked his hips forward as he tweaked her nipple.

“Daniel,” she whimpered. “Please,” she begged.

“Wrong answer, baby,” He drew back until just the head of his swollen cock rested inside her.

“Yours, god damn it, yours,” she almost screamed. “Now fuck me,” she demanded as she moved her hips back against him. This time his hold about her waist lessened, allowing her to move backward, swallowing the length of his cock as he plunged forward at the same time.

He pounded into her. He felt those demons riding his back once more. As good as her admission felt, it was not the one he craved. He gave up his hold about her waist, his hand moving up, his fingers wrapping themselves into the soft lengths of her hair. He used it to tug her back until her face was just inches from his. “Say it again, Jill. Tell me whose pussy this is!”

He felt her body begin that incredible magic of its release as she looked into his eyes, “Yours. It’s yours, Daniel.”

He roared his victory into the depths of her sweet lips. He plunged harder and faster into her as she milked and squeezed his hard cock. He felt his come rising, he tried to hold back, he wanted to push her further, he needed more. But as always, her body mastered his, drawing forth that which he was not fully ready to give. And all he could do was ride the wave of his release as he emptied himself once more inside her.

As the power drained from them both, she collapsed forward onto the bed, and he followed. He rolled enough to take his weight off her, but their lower bodies remained entwined, their legs pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly. His arm fell across her lower back, and in the moonlight, he noticed it for the first time. The faint blue lines of a tattoo just above the round curve of her bottom. He recognized it instantly. The Royal Marines Corps crest.

“Per mare, per terram,” his fingers outlined the other man’s symbol of ownership upon his wife. The man, who had held far more of her than he ever would. He might have her body, but he knew this ghost still held her heart.

She stirred in his arms, turning her head towards him. “What did you say?” Her eyes looked drowsy and barely open.

Daniel bent and kissed her nose, “It’s nothing. Nothing important,” he lied as he rolled away from her. He walked over to the closet and pulled out the spare blanket. As warm as the night was, it would be enough.

His wife rolled into his arms as he spread it over them. He drew her head to rest as it did most nights against his heart. He placed another soft kiss on the top of her head as he wrapped his arm about her, holding her close. But not close enough. It would never be close enough.

The tattoo was just another reminder of that fact, as he stared at the ceiling. His body far more relaxed after their lovemaking than his mind. He knew that sleep would not come quickly this night, as the ghost of that other man lingered in his mind and heart. He shook his head, “It’s never going to be enough, is it, buddy?”


Jill folded and packed, although she was not sure what. Her mind was somewhere else. Things had been different since the other night. He was avoiding her again. He said it was because of the trip. He needed to make certain that everything was ready before they left. So, of course, their nooners were gone. He barely made it home in time for dinner each night.

And maybe that was it; she knew the demands that the military placed upon a marriage. Perhaps too, it was this trip. It could not be easy on him, knowing that this was almost certainly the final farewell to his father.

It was something that she had never gotten; her parents were killed suddenly in a car accident when she was a senior in high school. Then again, she had never been close to them, her free-spirited hippie academicians, who had accidentally given birth to their only child of the sixties. But it must be eating Daniel up inside, this final farewell.

The one fear that ate at her mind was that she had allowed herself to go too far the other night. That in her need to comfort and please her husband, she had revealed too much of herself. Not just her less than perfect body, but the wildly sexual creature that beat just below the surface of her calm exterior.

She had learned the hard way, that type of wanton behavior did not appeal to all men. Perhaps she had gone too far. Maybe the dirty talk that she was barely able to stifle most times and had failed to muffle that night was too much. Too bold. Too whorish. Or perhaps the moonlight had not been as kind at concealing her many flaws as she thought.

The truth was that for the past three days, he had not touched her at all. Well, not intentionally anyway. They awoke each morning a tangled mess of arms and legs. His hard-on pressed against her was a temptation she could barely resist.

She was piling another something into the case and staring out the small bedroom window when she felt the tug on her dress. “Jill, my tummy hurts,” whispered Bel.

She knelt and drew the little girl towards her, brushing a kiss across her forehead. The heat emanating from it caused her to pull back in alarm. The child was burning up. She placed her hand at the back of the girl’s neck and was greeted with more heat. “Where does it hurt, sweetie?”

“All over. It so bad,” the copious tears that glistened as they flowed down her rosy cheeks told Jill the truth of her words.

“Let’s put you in bed; then I’ll get you some medicine and something to drink,” she started to reply when the little girl turned pale. Bel’s soft blue eyes, that always reminded Jill of his, grew large before the onslaught of projectile vomiting that covered everything in the suitcase. Jill held the little girl, whispering soothing words until the violent vomiting stopped. Their bed, the floor, the suitcase, and Bel were all covered.

Jill picked her up and carried her down the hall to the bathroom. Bel was crying and whimpering, “I sorry. I didn’t mean to make a mess.”

She knelt next to the girl as she began to strip her soiled clothes off. “Sweetie, don’t worry about it. I know that. I’ll clean it up after we get you tucked in bed.” The child continued to sob as Jill finished undressing her and lifted her into the tub. She heard a noise behind her and turned towards the door.

“What’s wrong with her?” demanded the petulant pre-teen, staring around the room.

“Your sister is not feeling well. Could you get me the children’s Tylenol out of the closet in the hall and a glass of water, please Jess?” Jill asked as she picked up the cup that she kept near the tub for washing the twins’ hair. She began pouring the tepid water over Bel’s head even as the child shivered.

“I know it’s cold, sweetie, but we need to get your fever down.” She poured a bit of shampoo into her palm and began to lather Bel’s hair, removing the bits of food and bile that hung to the blond curls.

She heard the older girl sigh as she left, “Sure, I’ll check on the little ones, too.”

Jill smiled up at her step-daughter. “Thank you. I can use whatever help you’re willing to give here.”

Jess shrugged, “Don’t worry about the babies. I’ll take them downstairs with me. I’ve kind of been missing the little brats since you and Gran showed up. They used to be my responsibility when Dad wasn’t around.”

Jill frowned at her words, “What about…” She began to question the girl about her mother, but another round of violent vomiting put an end to it. She turned back to the younger girl, pulling the plug from the tub and starting all over.

She had just finished a second rinse of the girl’s hair when a bottle of medicine and glass of water appeared on the sink next to her. “Thank you,” she said without looking up.

“Do you want me to call Dad at work?”

Jill shook her head, “He should be home soon anyway. If you can manage the babies, then I’ll take care of Bel and try to clean things up a bit before he gets home. Would you mind getting me a big bowl or pot from the kitchen?”

“Sure, no problem, is she gonna be alright?”

Jill nodded as she smiled at the little girl, “You’re going to be fine, angel girl.” She placed another kiss on the child’s forehead. It was still much too hot. She poured a spoonful of the medicine and tried to get the child to drink it, but Bel just cried and shook her head. “Please, sweetie, girl?” Jill pleaded.

“She hates the stuff. Mom always gave it to her when she wanted to make sure she would stay asleep, not wake up and disturb her and…” The girl looked away as if she had said too much. “Bel, quit being a baby. You need it this time,” she commanded her younger sister.

Jill wrapped the towel about the child and drew her into her arms. “Shh, sweetie girl, it’s okay. Let’s get you to your bed, and we’ll try again.” She scooped Bel up in her arms. “Would you bring the medicine and the glass of water before getting that bowl, please, Jess?”

The usually moody girl nodded her head and picked up the items, following them down the hall to the bedroom that she had shared with her sister until a month before. “You sure I shouldn’t call Dad,” she whispered with what Jill could tell was genuine concern.

Jill smiled, “It’s probably just a tummy bug. I’m sure the two of us can manage fine until he gets home.” But the moan from the child in her arms, as another pain doubled her over, had even Jill doubting her words.

“Need toilet,” cried her bundle.

Jill barely managed to get the child to it before the loud pop announced that this bug was one to be reckoned with. “Jess, you manage Brit and Ash. I’ll handle Bel.”

She was so busy trying to reassure the younger girl that she did not realize how pushy she might sound until the words were out. “Jess, I appreciate your help here. Thank you,” she tried to correct her mistake, smiling weakly into the girl’s face as she turned to leave.

The next half an hour was spent in the bathroom with her step-daughter, alternately being violently ill into the sink or tub or doubled over the toilet holding her tiny tummy. Jill was at her wit’s end, worried about the fever that just would not come down, despite the cool clothes she kept applying to the girl’s forehead and neck.

She heard voices down the hall as she held the little girl’s shoulders, which were shaking as she vomited again. She recognized the pounding of feet down the corridor. A second later, he filled the tiny doorway, just as wholly as he filled every corner of her fantasies.

“Is she all right?” He observed his daughter wrapped only in the towel as she dry heaved over the sink.

Jill shook her head so that the child could not see the worry on her face or in her voice. “I think we should take her to the hospital,” she said in almost a whisper.

He nodded and pulled out his phone, pushing a single button, he barked orders to their friend, “Bel’s sick. I need you over here now. Jill and I are taking her to the hospital.”

Jess stepped up behind him, “I can watch the babies, daddy.”

He shook his head at her. “I know you can, sweetie. But Simone will be here in a couple of minutes. You and Althea can do whatever you girls do these days, while we have the doctors check out your sister.”

Jill saw the disappointment on the girl’s face. She recognized how hard it must be to be pushed aside, have duties that were once yours taken away by a stranger. “Jess, would you mind one more favor for me? Can you grab a t-shirt and knickers for your sister? Nothing heavy just enough to cover her bits.”


“Sorry, underwear, panties. I’m still re-learning the American language.”

“Sure, whatever,” Jess sulked away.

Daniel shook his head, “You are fucking amazing, sweetheart. I didn’t even realize how all this must seem to her.”

“Teenagers are an experience. Let me tell you. D.J. was nineteen when his father was killed. Even though he was already in the Royals, he thought that made him the man in the house. It wasn’t easy,” she smiled as she hugged her bundle closer, her eyes filling with tears as the worry of the past hour gave way to sharing this burden. “We’ll make it through in the end.”

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