Torturous vacation

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SHORT STORY ... All Jen and Brittany wanted was to spend spring break having fun and letting go, all that changed when a dark stranger had other things on his mind ...

Erotica / Horror
Constance P
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Fuck, she’s gorgeous . Her lips were parted in a surprised stare as she and the table of women laughed loudly. I could only see the top part of her body. Her long chestnut hair was wavy and messed up, as though she had just been fucked good. Her skin was the palest I had ever seen, but it didn’t make her look sickly, she looked more like she was made of silk.

The top part of her dress wasn’t revealing, but I could tell she had a great pair of tits underneath. Her body didn’t seem fake, like many women I saw daily in the streets. I felt my jeans grow tighter and swore under my breath. Fuck, this woman is going to mess everything up. I didn’t come to the restaurant to screw, I came to kill.

As Jen and Brittany said goodnight to the group of women, they walked back hand in hand to the hotel where they were staying.

“You are fucking sexy as hell Jen. I never thought you
could pull off this look.”

Brittany squeezed her arm and Jen laughed.

“Are you flirting with me?”

Brittany stopped and seemed to think about it for a second.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Jen shook her head.

“Want to?”

Jen thought about saying no but she did say she wanted to let go and have some fun. She pulled her friend close and placed her hands on either side of her face. She brought her lips to hers slowly and kissed her gently. Brittany brought her hands up and tugged lightly on Jen’s hair while they both opened their mouths and their tongues touched.

Fuck, fuck, fuck. This is hot. I brought my hand down to my groin and rubbed a bit. The brunette had her hands on the blonde’s ass and was squeezing. The blonde was pulling on the brunette’s hair and she seemed to like it. I’m going to lose my shit right here in the alleyway. Ah, fuck it.

“Can you ladies manage a third?”

They both turned and looked at me. Damn she is fucking beautiful. I waited impatiently for her to speak. It was the blonde that did.

“Like what you see?”

I nodded. The brunette looked up at me and bit her lower lip. Fuck . She looked down at my bulge and smirked. I decided to not wait for her response. I pulled her close and slammed my lips onto hers. She gasped but didn’t pull away. Instead, she
pulled me closer by my ass and brought her hands up to pull my hair. She is good at this and seems to like it rough . I felt the blonde looking at us, waiting for a moment to join in. In truth, I
didn’t want her at all, but I would include her if I needed to. The brunette pulled on my hair a bit more before biting my lip hard. Holy shit. I did the same to her and she let out a loud
moan. She really likes it rough.

Oh my God, he is gorgeous . Jen moaned when he bit her lip, he really knows what I like. She pushed up against him, knowing he was packing quite large. I want to feel him inside me. The thoughts she was having were far from virginal. She had done more than enough to know what sex was but it had never appealed to her until that moment. He made her feel like
she wanted to screw his brains out. It took all she had to pull away from him.

“You live nearby?”

The tall dark stranger nodded. He touched the spot where she bit him, licking the blood off. Damn I hurt him and he didn’t say a thing . She looked at Brittany and smiled.

“You get a two for one today.”

The stranger grinned and took both their hands.

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