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This story revolves around Rohman a business man with shady personality. Not all about him is known to others. On the other hand is Julia, an innocent girl searching for a job to fulfill her needs. There life changes after their first encounter in a lift. Rohman felt something that he never felt before and tried everything to hold on to her but in his own way. Due to his bad behavior she ends up hating him. This love story is dark and not a usual one. A story revolving around love, lust, lies and betrayal.

Erotica / Romance
Brown Girl
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The First Meeting

Chapter 1:

Lisa grabbed his hands tightly trying to loosen his hold around her neck but in vain. Tears were flowing from her eyes. She kept thinking what made him this angry again. He pounded her roughly whilst choking her to death.

Rohman was trying to calm himself down by being this rough. Suddenly the knock on the door brought him out of his thoughts and he let her go.

"You may leave." said Rohman. And she quickly got up and settled her dress and left the room.

Melissa was the one who knocked the door, probably wanting to remind him about the meeting. Melissa was Rohman's Personal Assistant and handled all his meetings.

She saw Lisa coming out of the room with her mascara rolling down with tears from her eyes. Melissa was habitual of seeing situations like these so it was nothing unusual. She passed a gentle smile to Lisa and entered the room.

Lisa was not some one night stand for Rohman. He has known her for 3 years. Lisa was a beautiful lady with green colored eyes and blonde hairs. She was a smart looking, tall woman. Although Rohman had clearly mentioned her that whatever is between them is not permanent and he might end up seeing her someday but still Lisa never left him because she loved him. She knew that for him she is just a whore whom he can fuck whenever he wants to.

"They are expecting to see you in 10 minutes" said Melissa.

He nodded.

"You may leave now". She followed his order and left the room.

He grabbed the glass of water lying on his table and gulped it down in few seconds. He was sad and angry after being betrayed by his business partner. He was a man of his words and can't stand lies and betrayal.

After roaming around the room he finally left it.

He pressed the button to call the lift and waited. As the door opened he stepped inside. He was lost in his thoughts and didn't notice any other person's presence there. Suddenly the lift stopped probably due to some fault. That is when he noticed someone holding his arm and saying "Help!" The voice was soft and feminine.

For a person like him who has always been the hard one was impossible to act gently so he freed himself from her hands and said "You don't need my help. The lift will start in a minute."

And he said it right. The lift started and that is when he noticed a slim girl standing next to him with a file in her hand. She was looking frightened, probably because the lift stopped working or maybe because Rohman didn't tried to calm her down.

Their eyes met for the first time and Rohman was mesmerized by her beauty specially her fascinating blue eyes and rose blonde hairs.

The lift opened and the moment ended and they both got out of there. He turned to the right to reach the meeting room whereas she turned left. Rohman turned back to catch another glimpse of her but saw her talking with Mr. Jack. It took him a second to understand that she was here for the job interview. Mr. Jack was responsible for hiring new employees and currently their firm was looking for some.

He was about to enter the conference room when he did something which was never expected from him.

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