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Heavan tries her hardest to not let anyone in so she doesn't get hurt in the end. Holt knows what he wants and what he wants right now is Heavan. But if Holt wants to continue being with Heavan he has to be her fuck buddy nothing more, nothing less. _______ Don't judge a book by its cover. Lol I couldn't find a good cover .

Erotica / Romance
Age Rating:

1: Do you want to be my fuck buddy ?

Heavan's POV :

Holt was staring at my ass, yet again. He was practically drooling this time. " You're burning the crab," I said. Holt quickly looked at the crab. " Fuck !"

" How about you pay more attention? " I suggested as I took my apron off. My shift was finally over. Finally, time doesn't pass by when you're bored as fuck.

My boss came in and smelled what Holt had burned." Get your head out of your ass, Holt. Heaven help this lost man."

I nodded and stood next to Holt without making any sort of eye contact. When my boss left I crossed my arms waiting for Holt to start working. Thanks to him, I wasn't able to go home early and enjoy my alone time. I get paid extra for helping him, but I would rather be home binge-watching.

" All right .." I looked at his name tag. We had been working in the same kitchen for over a month. But I still didn't care much about his existence. I ignored him as much as possible. I certainly ignored everyone as much as possible.

" Holt. I'll stand here and make sure you don't burn another crab." I looked up and Holt's brown eyes were practically shinning. He gave me a small smile and I watched him work.

" Um. Can you get me the salt." I grabbed the salt and handed it to him. When are hands slightly touched he flinched.

It was pretty obvious. Holt likes me. I mean, you'd have to be blind to not notice how he stares at me. I thought.

" If you like me just say it." I blurted out. Holt gave me a 'are you serious ' Look.

Holt probably already knew what to expect. I would reject him as I did with every other guy and girl.

" What would you do if I told you I love you? " He asked me his eyes full of curiosity.

" I would reject you. I can't be in a relationship where someone loves me. It'd be a completely different story if you just like my body. "

" I don't like you. I just love your body." Holt said with a chuckle.

" If that's the case, then..." I looked around the kitchen. It was empty. I whispered it to him like it was a secret.

" Do you want to be my fuck buddy ?" Holt looked confused and I just stared at him waiting for his response.

" What if I do ?" I took a piece a paper out of my jeans and gave it to him. I always had a piece of paper with my phone number and address on it in my jeans.

" Then come over at 9:00. Now you better not burn another crab.”

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