Yes, Master

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Author Pov

Xavier stared at the girl sleeping beside him. Her face was pale as ice. Eyebrows were knitted. And a sense of peace was nowhere to be found. She looked in complete distress.

Weirdly he felt uncomfortable feeling crawling in his chest when his eyes fell on her lips which were burst out. They looked severely bruised and he knew he’s the reason.

Peering his eyes away from her lips he again settled his psychotic gaze on her stressed-out face. Her beautiful chubby cheeks had a light blush on it. He remembered how she always becomes red like cherry whenever he kissed her.

Her beautiful brown hair was scattered all over the pillow. Their faces were only inches away. His arm was still wrapped around her bare waist.

Sighing heavily he remembered what happened between them a few hours ago. He almost had her but again. Her indirect rejection in the shape of those tears stopped him.

Did he felt bad? No. Did he stop because of her tears? No. Did he regret all the things he did to her? No. He regretted nothing.

He was so close in making her his. In claiming her everything. He remembered how he kissed her. How his jealousy made him so aggressive. How he touched her with no softness.

How he threw her on the bed and ripped her dress away. How his lips marked every inch of her beautiful flesh. How he felt an urge to not stop himself from letting his lips mark her again and again.

How her whimpers echoed in his ears. How her painful moans adorned his chest feeling proud at how she was writhing under him. How her trembling body was tangled against his desperate one.

He wanted her. He wanted to make her his desperately but he couldn’t. He had to stop. He was forced to stop when her slight whimpers turned into loud sobs and changed into painful weeping.

He still remembered her words. For the first time in his whole life, someone’s words hit him hard. For the first time on his psychotic mind, someone succeeded in ruling over it.


Xavier was busy in biting her neck as her hands were holding his biceps. Her eyes were shut closed and tears were continuously falling down her eyes.

“Fuck your so beautiful.” He groaned nestling his head deeper in her crook letting the hard kisses travel to her bare shoulder.

He decided to claim her. He was sure as hell to not let her off tonight. He wanted her under him all night. He wanted her trembling just the way she was doing right now.

He wouldn’t let her off till he would be sated. And she’s the only one who can make his beast calm but tonight he will calm only after having her.

His hand travelled to her sensitive part as he grabbed the waistband of her skirt pulling it off her body. His lips landed on hers roughly claiming them.

She was still. Stiff and silent. She knew this is the thing she was here for. She’s his mistress and she can’t do anything anymore. Her hands clutched tightly on his biceps as she whimpered in the kiss.

But all her control broke out when his hand landed on her undergarment. Ready to remove it. His actions halted when a cracked sob trembled through her throat reaching to her lips which trembled up his lips as well.

He slowly removed his lips from hers and retreated his hand from her inner body. His lips were still slightly brushing hers breathing heavily as he didn’t remove his weight from her.

His bare chest was touching her covered one. She was only in her bra which he wanted to get rid of but his body froze. He stared at her face trying to find her beautiful forest orbs.

Feeling him halting his actions another cracked sob left from her lips. Xavier unconsciously wiped her damped cheeks before whispering near her lips.

“Look at me, Angel.” She did as he said. And instantly icy grey fountain of darkness met beautiful forest of light.

His eyes were weirdly soft. There were different emotions which she couldn’t get herself to know. She had no idea from where she got the strength but eventually, she did.

“D-Don’t do this. Please. Not yet.” She whispered almost inaudibly. He said nothing. He did nothing just stared at her which made her continue.

“I know. I know I am just a slave. A mistress but please I am not used to this. I am trying. T-Trust me. I am trying with my everything to let you touch me. To not feel disgusted. To let myself be yours. But I can’t. I just couldn’t.”

“I know you wouldn’t love me. Neither I want you to. But at least let me accept you. Let me feel something for you so I could at least let you touch me. Please Master just this. Just give me some time I swear I wouldn’t stop you when I will fully ready. I beg you please.”

She let out everything with her trembling and shaky voice. His breath hitched hearing her words. He stiffened in his place when she said her next words which didn’t fail to shock him.

“B-But if you still want me. Then I wouldn’t stop you. I am yours. Only yours and if you want then you can have me. I don’t want to disobey you, master. I am scared to break your rules. Your touch just frightened me. I just can’t feel anything except afraid when you touch me. But if you can’t wait then I wouldn’t stop you.”

She stuttered out closing her eyes as more tears trailed down her eyes. He stared at her broken expressions and full of tears cheeks. Her words. Her every single word hit him hard.

She didn’t want him to love her. She didn’t want him to give her anything except time. A time to be ready. And if not she’s still giving him her consent. Broken consent.

He licked his lips gulping down before instantly jumping off the bed leaving her body completely. He wanted to run away and that’s exactly he did. He left the room but not before telling her to not leave his room.

He had no idea why. But tonight he wanted to see her when he comes back. And it happened after refreshing his mind he came back finding her sleeping on his bed covered with a blanket.

Flashback End

He silently laid beside her and for God knows how long he stared at her without blinking. He expected the same peaceful expressions that he witnessed the first night on her angelic face but no. Her expressions were full of distress.

She seems to be caged in the clutches of the darkness even in her dreams. And that darkness was him. He made her peaceful nights into a maze of sleepless darkness.

He made her what he wanted then why. Why he didn’t like the depressed expressions all over her face. She looked so beautiful that night but tonight she looked so pained.

He remembered her words. She’s afraid of him. She’s afraid of his touch that’s why she couldn’t get herself to let him touch her without crying. She wasn’t ready and this fear wouldn’t let her be ready.

He knew. He knew he’s the one who wanted her to be afraid of him so she couldn’t be able to say no to him but now what. Even after so much, she was still not ready and now the reason was his fear in her veins.

His eyes again harden when the same scenario of his stepbrother and her looking at each other like they were long lost lovers. And he felt like a villain between them.

She’s mine. My Angel. She is only mine. Not that bastard’s. His psychotic mind yelled out as his grip on her waist tighten. He stiffened once again when she moved in her sleep burying her face in his neck wrapping her arms around his bare torso.

He breathed out shakily when her body connected with his. Her rosy scent drizzled in his essence as he breathed in sharply.

“What is this. What’s happening to me.” He inaudibly whispered tightening his grip on her before closing his eyes.

That time he realized that it wasn’t a lust. It was a desire. An obsession. A toxic obsession which had successfully seeped in his veins. And was ready to go to any lengths just to hold her there. In his arms for eternity.

Because once Xavier Valentino desired for something then he wouldn’t stop to anything but will do anything just to have what he wants.

Not every obsession turns into love. He desired her but in a way that only toxicity can define it.


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