Yes, Master

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Valerie slowly peered her eyes open. She felt like tons of weight had been thrown on her eyes that she couldn’t be able to open them properly. She knew it was all because of all night crying.

Her heart jumped in her chest as soon as her forest eyes met his grey ones staring straightly at her with a poker face.

He was shirtless and there was a tattoo on his chest as well. She gulped wanting to submerge in the bed but then her mind clicked when she saw a little sunlight peeking through the covered windows.

She instantly looked at the clock hung on the ceiling in front of the bed. 8 am. Her throat tightens in fear. She broke the rule, she was supposed to wake up at 5.

Her scared green spheres moved to his cold icy ones. He still didn’t do anything just stared at her blankly. She felt herself being half-naked.

She knew she slept only in her bra and right now she still was half-naked. Her hands formed into fists in fear as she clutched the bed sheets tightly in fear.

“M-Master I am sorry. I didn’t know how I didn’t wake up. I --” She flinched hard when he placed his index finger on her shivering rosy lips.

“Shhh.” He whispered with his raspy voice making her shiver in fear. She shut her lips tightly just as he asked her. His were red. It seemed like he didn’t take a one blink of sleep.

Even after laying on the bed, she looked so small in front of him. She looks like a small breakable submissive.

He started caressing her lower lip using his thumb. He stared all over her face and finally stopped his stare on her lips.

He trailed his fingers from her lips to her chin pulling her face closer to his. She shut her eyes close tightly fearing for what coming next.

She was waiting for him to take her lips in a bruising kiss. To again start a war with her lips like they had been his enemy for years. She waited for his punishment but then.

Her body stiffen when his lips landed softly on her closed eyes. Then her nose and finally on her both cheeks. The pecks were so soft and careful that she couldn’t help but to think that she’s still sleeping and this is a dream.

Her whole body shuddered when his cold arm wrapped around her warm bare waist. He pulled her closer to his chest gently giving her goosebumps.

“Look at me, Mia Angelo.” She ears perked up hearing his soft voice. She steadily opened her eyes and as soon as she opened them his lips landed on hers. (- MyAngel)

Her hands flew up landing on his chest on their own. Her heart started beating in her chest vigorously when he moved his lips softly, slowly and with full of care.

Her hands turned into fists that were resting on his chest. Xavier unconsciously smiled in a kiss when he felt her muscles relaxing.

He pulled her dangerously close leaving no space between them. His bare chest met hers as she also started moving her lips.

She kissed him back obviously she didn’t want to disobey him or to break more rules. But the pace of his kiss made her surprise at how soft it was.

He tangled his fingers with her brown locks deepening the kiss. She gasped in kiss arching her back when he gently bit her lower lip.

Shoving his tongue in her mouth. He devoured her slowly taking his full time. His other hand pulled her body closer to him.

Their lips moulded gently and soothingly. Her lips didn’t hurt a bit this time even the bruise he gave her last time was unaffected.

Their breathing was mixing up. Nothing was stopping him. He gave a soft tug on her hair making her raise her head up which made her teeth to touch his upper lip.

He moaned huskily before increasing the pace of kiss. He skillfully took a lead and gently made her lay down on her back as his body steadily hovered above her.

Her covered bosoms touched his bare chest making him groan in pleasure. She started feeling light-headed as he didn’t stop kissing her instead of kept on deepening it.

Finally feeling her chest tightening in the need of air he detached their lips sucking for some sir.

“Fuck.” He cursed breathing heavily. The kiss was beyond his imagination. He never kissed any of his mistresses with this much softness. He was never a fan of gentle kisses.

But the way his whole body flared up with pleasure he wouldn’t mind sharing this type of kisses with her again and again.

He felt a weird sensation in his heart when his possessive eyes fell on her beautiful face. Her soft chubby cheeks were flaming with crimson colour. Her red kissable lips were inviting him to once again kiss her just the way he did a few seconds ago.

Her chest heaving up and down meeting his bare chest again and again flipped his heart ups and down. Her tiny hands resting on his shoulders made him shiver with undefined pleasure.

He once again leaned down pecking her lips. He gave her multiple small pecks making her breathing heavier. He gave her countless pecks on her lips before heaving his head in her sweaty neck.

He breathed out sniffing her beautiful scent. His arms were all around her while he rested his head in her crook taking deep breaths.

He wanted this moment to never end. The small moment with her made him realize that shes indeed not only a mistress anymore. She’s not only his submissive anymore.

She has become his biggest desire. His biggest dream which he wants to turn into reality. He wants her. He wants her everything.

Her body. Her soul. Her heart. Everything. He’s possessive. He’s mad. He’s obsessed. Only for her.

For the first time in his whole life, someone has decided to accept him without any greed of money or any condition. She wants his care and softness then why not. He will give her.

But in return he wants her. Her everything.

“Promise me one thing, Mia Angelo.” She gulped hearing his deep voice.

“What Master.” He pulled his head away from her neck before coming in front of her face.

“Promise me that you will never leave me. And I promise you I wouldn’t touch you till you will be ready.”

She stared at him unsure before nodding her head.

"Yes, Master I promise.”

A stone in his chest started melting but will he acknowledge it?


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