Yes, Master

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A small gasp left from her lips when two arms were wrapped around her waist and a face shoved in her neck. She gulped before trying to relax her muscles.

It's been a week when Xavier started to treat her a little better. "Don't mind me Angelo continue your work." He whispered lightly pecking her neck making her shiver.

Her grip on the knife tightened as his soft kisses kept on meeting her milky skin giving her goosebumps. Even though he wanted to keep his distance from her but still whenever he sees her he just couldn't hold himself back.

Kissing. Hugging and cuddling with her has become a daily routine for him. Even though his body begged him every time to take her but he stops himself as it wasn't the right time.

She moved a little turning around before dropping the knife on the slab. She moved her body a little back before making eye contact with him.

"Master. I can't work like that. You must be hungry. Let me make something first." She didn't touch him as her hands were wet and dirty because the juice of vegetables was all over her hands.

He sighed placing his hands on the counter beside her before leaning to her face with a whining pout.

"But I missed you, Mia Angelo." She blinked a few times in shock seeing her ruthless master behaving like a baby. (-My Angel)

"You know I think I should take you with me to work too. I always become so frustrated while missing you like hell. I can't focus on my work being this much away from you." He said caressing her chubby cheek using his thumb.

Suddenly her wet hands fell on his biceps when he pulled her by her waist against his chest. Before she knew anything his rough lips were on her plump ones giving her a passionate yet gentle kiss.

After that day he started kissing her gently without leashing his beast out. He loves how her lips taste against his. Soft and luscious.

Her grip on his biceps tightens closing her eyes and kissing him back. The pace of the kiss slowly increased. She let out a soft moan when he bit her lips making her open her lips and let him dominant her mouth with his tongue.

He nearly growled when her moan reached his lips. Tightening his grip on her he placed his veiny hand behind her neck deepening the kiss turning it into a ferocious one.

His one hand slowly slid from her waist to under her shirt making her shiver in his arms. His cold yet rough fingers caressed her soft skin making her breathless.

Leaving her breathless he left her swollen lips guiding his red lips towards her jaw. His one hand kept on caressing her bare waist while other wrapped around her ponytail.

She yelped out when he roughly pulled her hair down making her throw her head back revealing her neck. He witnessed his mark on her collarbone. The mark he gave her on the day he punished her because of his jealousy.

But the mark was lightened up and also her neck was looking too plan and clean for him. He placed his lips on her throat bone leaving light kisses all over.

Soon his soft kisses turned into aggressive sucking earning loud moans from her. He growled when he felt her body becoming weak because of his sucking. To get the proper access to her neck he picked her by her waist placing her on the counter.

Placing his hand on her chest he pushed her back on the counter before hovering above her and having proper access to her neck.

His pace of sucking increased and soon he started biting her skin to leave his mark. One tear escaped her eyes because of his bite. But she instantly wiped it away as he already told her he hates when she cries. And it makes him angry.

Finally detaching his lips from her skin. He breathed heavily while staring at the beautiful art he made on her skin. There was a big purplish hickey on her neck which wouldn't be going to fade anytime soon.

He caressed her cheek staring into her eyes. He witnessed few tears in them but didn't mind after all he knew the bite will hurt her.

He buried his face in her crook once again but this time he didn't do anything only breathed out her rosy scent.

"No need to cook anything. Let's eat something outside." She was surprised at his offer. She never thought that he will ever permit her to go out.

He pulled her off the counter picking her up as a bridal style before making his way towards his room. Yes after that day he ordered her to live with him in the same room. He even brought her clothes and other things into his room.

At first, she wasn't uncomfortable sleeping with him in the same room and on the same bed but with time she got used to it now.

Bringing her to the room. He chose a dress for her and asked her to change into it. She obediently did what he said and applied a little makeup. She even hid the hickey on her neck and left her hair down scattered on her back and shoulder.

As soon as Valerie came outside she came in contact with her Master who also got ready wearing black clothes as usual. He smiled admiring her but soon his smile fade away making Valerie anxious.

"M-Master what happened," Xavier said nothing except he took fast steps towards her and roughly grabbed her arm pulling her back in the closet room.

She gulped when he searched her makeup box pulling the makeup remover out and walking towards her. She stared at him in confusion. Did he not like her makeup.

She stiffen when he removed her hair from her neck before roughly and hardly wiping her neck. She hissed when he wiped foundation from the hickey he gave her a while ago.

Her collarbone was hidden that's why he didn't mind it. But he hated how she tried hiding the mark he gave her. After wiping the foundation. The purplish mark was on display now and quietly become reddish because of his wiping.

He smiled when he witnessed his art. Pulling his head up he locked his dark eyes with her scared ones. Placing his rough hand on her cheek he caressed it using his thumb.

"I didn't make this mark for you to hide it. I want everyone to know who you belong to. Do not. I repeat do not ever try to hide my marks or next time I wouldn't be this lenient. Understood."

"Yes, Master." She whispered nodding her head making him satisfied.

He gently grabbed her beautiful hair pulling them up and wrapping them in a messy bun. Few strands of her hair were only down as he knew she will try to hide the mark using her hair so he did what he wanted. Left her with no option.

Wrapping his arms around her waist he pulled her in his arms making her back to collide with his. Xavier placed his chin on her shoulder before sniffing her scent.

"Now you're looking perfect. Beautiful dress with perfect hair and the last touch my mark. All this makes you look perfect. And tutto mio." (-All Mine)

Pecking her neck he grabbed her hand intertwining with his and walking out. Valerie gulped taking deep breaths stopping herself from having a panic attack after all his creepy acts.

He was becoming more possessive and obsessive day by day. Sometimes his over possessiveness and touch suffocates her. She hates the way he always orders her around but again does she have any choice. She's helpless and hopeless.

Finally reaching the place she wanted to run back when she witnessed him dragging her in a club. Why just why. Can't he just go to some decent place for dinner? Why club.

She frowned when he pulled her away from the crowd. She didn't know where he was dragging her. And then finally he entered a room. It lightened up with red and blue lights.

"Damn it. I hardly controlled myself from poking those bastards eyes out who were eyeing you." He said roughly pulling his jacket off his body and throwing it on the sofa.

Valerie did nothing but stood there looking at him. Xavier finally calmed himself down turning towards the confused puppy. He chuckled at her cute yet innocent face.

"You know why I bring you here baby." She shook her head making his smirk widen. He grabbed her wrist pulling her closer to him.

He made her sit on the sofa before kneeling in front of her. "Look." He pointed at the screen in the room.

As soon as her eyes met the screen her eyes widen and instantly she covered her eyes earning a small laugh from Xavier. He softly grabbed her hands pulling them away from her eyes. She instantly stared only at him still in shock.

There was live porn going on.

"Relax Angelo. You need to learn more things. How will you be able to get ready when the only things you knew are cleaning and cooking." He said rolling his eyes.

"B-But Master this. This." He raised his eyebrows.

"This what baby." She gulped before looking at him.

"This is just gross." This made him laugh even more.

"My Angel you're so adorable." He said laughing before pecking her lips.

"But you still have to see Angel. Trust me you will love it. Now you don't want to disobey your Master do you." She nodded her head before hesitantly turning toward the screen.

Her nose scrunched in disgust when the half-naked man pulled the girl only in her lingerie on his laps. They both kissed like mad persons and then the girl started grinding on guys laps.

Valerie felt like puking. She wanted to look away but because of Xavier's order, she couldn't. Girl's moans and man's groans filled her ears making her more disgusted.

He cursed throwing his head back before grabbing the girls waist and roughly grinding her lower body on his laps. They both soon let loud moans before the girl fell on the man's chest breathing heavily.

The man picked the girl up before throwing her on the bed and ripping her lingerie off and having his way with her. Rough and raw. Finally, everything ended leaving Valerie traumatized.

Everything looked so terrifying for her. One day she has to give herself to her Master. Will she be able to handle this. Will she be able to make it alive after this.

Xavier bit his lip feeling himself being aroused at the view. He started sweating when he saw the video. But what left him frustrated was her. She wasn't aroused instead she was looking rather terrified and baffled. He had no idea how he will be able to tame this innocent lamb.

Suddenly she gasped out when he grabbed her waist pulling her off the sofa and settling himself on it before pulling her on his laps. Her legs fell beside him as she was straddling him.

His eyes full of lust met hers making her shiver in fear. He pulled her closer before whispering near her lips.

"Do it just like that girl did. Give me a lap dance Mia Angelo."

He didn't know softness yet he tried for her. But again he forgot to see only a few words of care would have been enough to tame her instead of tons of tricks.


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