Yes, Master

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Surprise. So I have decided to start writing again. I was kind of planning to do so for some days. But you have guys have to remember I am gonna write one book one time and the rest will be on hold till the end of Yes, Master. Yes, Master has been on hold for real long and I kind of fed up with it so now I am gonna write and post more frequently so I could finish it. Lastly don't expect regular updates but I will try posting more often.

Author Pov

Valerie stared at the man in whose arms she was locked in disbelief. Can't he see how much she disliked the way that man was handling the girl? This wasn't the way a man should touch a girl. It was brutal and ruthless.

She always knew that her body will be her Master's only. But she had a little hope of getting better treatment. At least he will consider her way of being intimate with him. Gently and carefully.

But what she never understood that Xavier Valentino is the second name of cruelness. He loved roughness. He loves being in control. He loves when his woman quivers under him completely on his mercy.

He loves their begging. He loves dominating them in the darkest way possible. But his previous mistresses already knew about all of this. He never needed to make them understand what he wants.

He loves control but he loves when his woman throws herself on him. It gives him the inevitable power of being the superior.

But Valerie's matter was different. She knew nothing about this. She was unaware of the monster that her Master is. He wanted to control her body. He wanted to hear her pleasurable moans.

And he knew how he has to do it.

Lap dancing or grinding is something that doesn't only give the man a pleasurable climax but also plays with the woman's sensitive arousal as well. And no woman even if she's unwilling can ignore the pleasure she gets from the grinding.

"Master I-I don't. I--" He placed a finger on his cherry lips hushing her.

"Shhh. Just look at me." He whispered slowing sliding his one arm around her waist before giving a light tug on her lower back making her gulp as her womanhood touched his hard-on.

She didn't do anything yet he was damn hard for her. Her hands gripped tightly his biceps as he kept on forcing her body to go back and forth.

Her lips parted a little feeling electric current rushing through her body as he was kept on grinding her lower body against his. Her green eyes were fixed on his grey ones.

She looked ethereal.

Sweat started gracing her neck while his arm tightened on her waist increasing the pace. A small gasp escaped her lips making Xavier smirked.

It was working.

Her nails dug inside his clothed biceps feeling something building her body. Her hips buckled forward earning a small groan from him. Her eyes rolled back earning a spank from Xavier.

"Look at me." She gasped before forcing her eyes on him. He stopped forcing her to move and this time her own body kept on grinding on him. Her body wasn't in her control anymore.

Xavier groaned loudly reaching his climax. Grabbing the back of her head he forced his lips against hers abusing her plump lips. Her lower body didn't stop moving as once again Xavier held her hips and forced her to move faster.

Finally, they both moaned loudly against each other's lips before stopping their movements. They both came at the same time breathing heavily.

Her forehead got pressed against his. Xavier opened his eyes only to come in a contact with the most beautiful view he ever had before. The lap dance wasn't great enough for him. He had better and more pleasurable lap dances before than this.

But being a new learner she did better than he thought. He couldn't help but kiss the side of her lips telling her how good she was.

Her breathing finally started slowing making her open her eyes only to meet his dark ones.

Xavier was beyond needy. He wanted nothing but to throw her on the bed and ravage her all night but he had to control. It wasn't supposed to be that way. He can't let his lust ruin his plans.

He slowly pulled her up making her stand up. She felt uncomfortable as her undergarment seemed to damped. Xavier chuckled at her beetroot face. She was embarrassed.

"Stay here I will send new underwear for you. If you want you can wash as well. The bathroom is there." He said pointing at the door making her nod in response.

"Yes, Master." He smiled before placing the last kiss on her forehead.

He went out of the room and ordered one of the workers to give Valerie an undergarment. He wanted to go back but he wasn't able to.

He was hard. Too hard. He needed to get rid of the erection otherwise he wouldn't be able to go on the rest of the night.

He called one of the prostitutes and decided to get rid of the pain through a blowjob. He already knew Valerie will be terrified if he asked anything more tonight.

While on the other hand Valerie changed her clothing and threw the wasted underwear in the dustbin before walking outside. She knew Xavier asked her to not leave but she decided to find him instead.

She saw Xavier entering a room. She even yelled his name but the music made it impossible for her voice to reach her Master. She took fast steps towards the door of the room he entered only to get frozen in place.

The door was a little ajar making her see the view inside. Her Master was sitting on the sofa with his legs spread and an almost naked girl kneeling in front of him. His moans were enough for her to know what was happening.

She scrunched her face in disgust before without making any sound moved away from the door. She felt happy yet worried at the same time. And both the feelings were for herself.

She was happy and relieved that he didn't ask her to do that as she didn't want to do it at any cost. And worried because she had no idea how long it will take him to finish it. She was worried about being alone in this kind of place.

Plus what she even expected from him. In short, she expected nothing from him. She knew he will never be loyal to her and why would he be when she's nothing more than a mistress. The loyalty from him is only his wife's right not hers.

She looked around only to find the place empty. She was tired and also kind of sleepy. She didn't have a good sleep last night because Xavier wanted her to be awake with him till he completes his work.

Her eyes moved only to stop on the bar. She gulped her saliva feeling desperate to have water or juice. But she wasn't sure if they had anything other than alcohol.

She took careful steps reaching the bar. She saw how many men were eyeing her even young boys but she only wanted to have a drink.

"Uhmm hello." Bartender stared at her in disbelief. He was never greeted this way before. They only come and order their drink and gets done with it.

"Can I have a glass of water?" He gaped at her innocent puzzled face.

"Well, Mam we don't have water. But if you want we have apple juice with a little bit of vodka." He offered making her instantly shake her head.

"No no I don't drink." He chuckled.

"I can see that mam. That's why I recommend you that. I can lessen the amount of vodka if you want. Because I can't give you apple juice solely it's not allowed." She thought for a second.

"I wouldn't get drunk right." He smiled shaking his head.

"You wouldn't. I can guarantee." She nodded her head and he started making the drink.

She finally took the glass and gulped down the whole glass desperately. She made a disgusted face but at least it helped her thirst.

Suddenly she heard a seat sliding beside her and the presence extremely close to her but she didn't bother to look at the person instead only stared at the beautiful glass playing with it.

"Hello, Valerie. We meet again." Her head snapped towards the voice only to come in contact with the same enchanting brown eyes.

Sinister Valentino.


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