Yes, Master

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Valerie's throat tightened in anticipation. The same thirst she just got rid of with the help of the drink again came striking more painfully.

Her hands started trembling a little staring at him with fear stained eyes. The memory of the punishment she got from Xavier hit her hard making her gulp down afraid of what if Xavier saw them together.

Sinister did nothing except to watch her intently. The same girl who was doing things to his sanity for the past weeks. He had no idea why. But indeed she affects him beyond his liking.

He was sitting on the stool beside her wearing tight black ripped jeans with a dressed black shirt. The sleeves were rolled up revealing a snake tattoo on his one bulky arm. Even his one hand was covered with heavy tattoos.

He was holding a bottle of beer in his tattoed hand while the other was placed on the bar counter in front of them. The shirt was tugged inside the jeans leaving his bulky shoulders and muscles on display.

He frowned a little watching her clenching her hands into tight fists. He didn't miss the vibration her hands were making. What's wrong with her?

She seemed scared. Too scared. And the reason was him. She was alright till he decided to come and sit beside her. They stayed seated beside each other for some time when finally Sinister decided to break the silence.

"Where is your Master." He spat making her flinch visibly at how venomously he said the word Master.

"He shouldn't have left you all on your own. You're his responsibility." Sinister said and soon his hard expressions softened when Valerie turned to look at him.

Their eyes met once again leaving an electric current in both of their bodies. But within a second Valerie broke the eye contact and stood up from the stool.

Without uttering anything she tried walking away in hurry. She didn't want to face the rage of the monster named Xavier Valentino. But Sinister had other plans.

Before she could hurry away from him. His large hand clasped on her wrist making her gasp a little. Her head snapped towards him in shock.

"What's with you huh? Why your behaving like someone is behind your tail?" Sinister asked her making her shook her head.

"P-Please just let me go." She tried twisting her wrist but instead, Sinister turned his stool away from the bar counter completely facing towards her.

She yelped out feeling herself being pulled forward with a harsh tug. Her body got slammed against his sitting one. She had to clutch his shoulders so she wouldn't fell.

She tilted her head a little making eye contact with him. He was close. Too close. It reminded her of the time they met in the company.

Company. Master. God no. Her small bubble of imagination burst out when she realized their position. Her head moved here and there trying to see if her master came out or not.

She pushed his shoulders wanting to get away from him but instead he wrapped his free arm around her waist tugging her forward. Their chests got pressed against each other.

A small smirk appeared on Sinister's lips as he leaned his back on the stool's head. He chugged on his beer still not freeing her struggling figure from his hold.

"P-Please Sir let me go. Master will us. Please he will again hu--- Just let me go." She mentally cursed herself for almost blurting out that Xavier abuses her.

Sinister's eyes narrowed as an obvious suspicion entered his heart and for the first time, he felt a pang of pain against his chest when his eyes landed on something he didn't like even a bit.

A dark purplish mark against her pale flesh. The first time when he witnessed her shaking in fear in Xavier's office he understood right away there was something wrong.

But he didn't want to interfere just like he never did before in the matter of his mistresses. But right now he wanted to interfere he wanted to know the reason behind her fear.

Her beautiful bewitching eyes were playing with the stings of his heart. And the clear abuse in the shape of the mark on her neck was enough to make everything clear before his eyes.

Xavier is keeping this girl with him against her will.

He couldn't help but feel immense pain for the innocent girl who was deathly afraid. Heck, that bastard must have done something to her when he met her in the office last time.

Finally releasing her waist he stared at her as she instantly ran away from there. He didn't stop her or tried following her. He knew it's not the right time to do so at least not yet.

Sinister gulped the whole beer bottle down his throat closing his eyes as a burning sensation ripped through his veins. It wasn't the effect of the alcohol he just chugged down.

It was the emotion that crept into his heart after so many years.

It was the pain. The same he felt when he couldn't protect his one and only family. And now seeing Valerie standing at the same place. At the same spot. He felt an urge to protect her. To hide her. To show her that he's here for her.

But how. She will never trust him. Because of the fear she had for his brother. She will never let him in so easily. The manipulator had done a good job in breaking the girl.

He just sighed ordering another drink before staring at the place she disappeared from.

While on the other hand, Valerie without looking anywhere ran towards the room where her master asked her to stay. She entered the room and breathed heavily.

Her heart was thumping against her chest in fear. She looked around the room and sighed in relief when Xavier wasn't there. She slowly with her tired and trembling legs took a seat on the bed.

Her eyes were glistening with tears of sadness and anger. She slowly laid down on the bed letting few tears trailed down her eyes. Her hands formed into tight fists.

What her life had become? She can't even talk to anyone without fearing that he might end up hurting her again. His touch. His words. His claim. Even his mare thought disgusts her to her core.

She curled up in a ball hugging her body. She felt so cold. She felt so lonely. She felt so helpless. Why couldn't she live a normal life? What was her fault that a monster in the shape of her master was written in her fate.

It seems delightful thinking that how a billionaire handsome man had gone crazy over you. How he's willing to do anything to keep you with him. How he forced his touch on your body wanting you only for himself. All of this seems dreamy.

But the reality is bitter. There is nothing beautiful in it. It's the cruellest abuse when you being touched without your consent. His handsome face or his rich status can't hide the disgust that sprung in a girl's heart being touched against her will.

His possessive words. And obsessive actions only suffocates her. There is nothing beautiful in it. It's worst than anything.

And to think that she can ever feel something for him is bizarre. His mare presence only makes her wish for this nightmare in which he's starring as the main character would end up soon.

She knew soon she has to give herself to him and she also had made her mind that this time she wouldn't stop him. She just wants him to get done with all his obsession.

Fulfil his needs and be satisfied. And then finally let her go. She knew she might have to lose a lot of things dealing with the monster but can she change it. No, she can't.

Soon with hatred seeping in her veins for her master she slipped to her usual sleep filled with only dark walls that he succeeded in creating even in her dreamland.

Xavier finally came back after getting rid of his hardness. The blowjob wasn't even near the pleasure he got from the lap dance from his angel. He loved the view he got when he opened his eyes after the session with her.

But in the case of the prostitute. He only made a disgusted face. He wanted Valerie to be in her place. On her knees panting hard. Sweaty body and lustful eyes only for him.

But to his disappointment, it wasn't his little kitten. He instantly paid the girl and walked out to find his kitten. But before he could go he encountered his business partner.

Finally, after getting rid of the guy he walked towards the room where he left the girl. And as soon as he entered the room his lips curved into a small smile chuckling at her laying figure.

She was curled up in the centre of the king-sized bed. Her legs were near her chest. But soon he frowned dropping down his smile.

Tears. There were dried up tears on her cheeks. His jaw clenched up in anger.

She regretted. She regretted the little moment they had a while ago. And it was obvious from the tears on her cheeks.

He carefully laid down beside her staring at her sleepy face. The more he wanted to reach her the more she drifts away from him.

As much as he tries to make her believe that how much pleasure he can give her the result is always the same. She never acknowledges his efforts.

He was getting tired now. Her continuous attempts of pushing him away were making him crazier. The more he wants her the more she denies his presence.

Slowly palming her chubby cheek. He narrowed his eyes watching her visibly flinching even in her sleep. He slowly wiped her tears away caressing her cheek.

Maybe it was the time he needs to throw his last card.

Because now she had left him with no choice.

Something's aren't planned but they just had to happen.


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