Yes, Master

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Sliding his one arm under her knees and the other on her shoulders he effortlessly picked her up like she weighed nothing. She flinched a little letting her head fell on his shoulder.

Her lips brushed against his neck making him gulp down his desires. He had planned so much for this night but his body just had to betray him.

But he wasn't ready to ruin the night. He decided to let her sleep till they will reach their destination. He walked outside the club letting few eyes stalk his figure and the fragile woman in his arms.

He carefully entered his car still keeping her in his arms. She squirmed against his chest when he settled her on his laps taking a seat in the car.

And as soon as his hand landed on her bare thigh she flinched so hard that her eyes snapped open in fear. Xavier still didn't pull his hand back. He was a little disappointed when she woke up.

He wanted to stare at her adorable sleeping face till they will reach the place where he wanted to take her. But fortunately, she woke up by his mare touch.

She blinked multiple times as her eyes felt puffy because of all crying. She looked up only to find her head resting on her Master's shoulder. Her forehead was touching his jaw.

She tried pulling her head up but instead, he held the side of her head forcing her head to stay buried in his crook.

"Shh, it's fine. It's just me." That's the problem. She wanted to tell him. That all her concern is because it's just him. But she kept her mouth shut fearing to disobey him.

She knows better to save herself from being tortured for no reason. She knew he will eventually find a reason to hurt her but at least until she can save herself by obeying him then why not.

She obeyed him silently keeping her head on his shoulder. His one hand was resting on her thigh caressing her milky skin using his thumb.

The ride was completely silent. She stayed on his laps curled up in a ball

While he kept on staring outside of the window glancing at her tiny frame in his arms from time to time.

"Sir we are here." Xavier nodded before looking at Valerie whose eyes were stuck on something.

His hand on her thigh. He smirked sliding his hand to her inner thigh stiffening her even more. He heard her gulping down afraid of what he's up to.

And to Xavier's surprise, she didn't do anything to stop him. Weird. He found her too much obedience weird. But still a burning sensation of seeing her so submissive flared up his insides.

"You have no idea how many sinful things I want to do with you right now but I have to restrain myself. The night is still young My angel." She slowly pulled her head away from his shoulder as he completed his whisper.

She looked straightly into his eyes only to find lust and desire swirling in his dark gaze making her shiver. He pulled his hand away from her thigh making her almost sigh in relief.

"Now let's go." She stood up from his laps straightening her posture and dress before following him like a lost puppy.

Her eyes slightly gleamed with admiration watching a beautiful fountain outside the building. She was never in this kind of place before. It was too beautiful and enchanting.

The building was half made with glass. And she just stared at all the interior with wide eyes. Xavier threw a glance at her and a small smile appeared on his lips without him noticing.

Her reaction was cute for him. He knew she was hardly out to the world for the whole of her life. And he was sure she would love this restaurant.

"Mr. Valentino Welcome." Valerie stared at the beautiful woman almost the same age as her Master in awe. The woman was too beautiful and the makeover she had plus the dress made her look even more elegant.

"Sir your table is ready. And also the guests are here." Xavier nodded at the woman with a poker face before motioning Valerie to follow him.

The woman bowed at Valerie with a small smile which made her reciprocate it with a beautiful one. The woman didn't wait and escorted both of them to the room containing a giant table.

"Val." Valerie's eyes widened and a wide smile appeared on her lips when her eyes met with a familiar face.

"Maria." She tried walking towards the girl but Xavier grabbed her wrist shooting her a glare. She understood he didn't want her to run towards the girl.

But instead, she was engulfed in a tight hug making her step back a little because of the force. Xavier's hand fell off her wrist as she hugged the girl back tightly.

Xavier looked at the girl before that girl's Master in disbelief. He shot his so called friend a 'what the fuck' glare. The guy rolled his eyes at Xavier and turned towards the girl who was clinging to Valerie.

"I missed you so much. So so much. I can't even explain in words. You know Master said Rose is also coming. I can't wait to meet her." Maria exclaimed squeezing Valerie earning few giggles from her.

"Sweetheart now come back. Leave your sister. She needs to join us." Maria nodded her head pulling away from Valerie and dragging her to the table completely ignoring Xavier.

Xavier gritted his teeth at the disrespect he got from the girl before glaring at the man who only pulled the girl on his laps kissing her cheek.

"Master can I introduce you to Valerie," Maria questioned innocently.

"Of course sweetheart you can." She smiled pecking his cheek before looking at Valerie who had a smile all this time.

Maria looked quite happy with her Master. At least someone is happy among them. She didn't know how Rafael Rose's master has been treating her but she only wished that she would be happy just like Maria.

"Val this is my Master, Damien Storm and Master this is Valerie remember I told you about her. She's the eldest among us and always took care of us like a mother. I love her so much." Valerie chuckled at her words.

Damien nodded at Valerie who kept her eyes down just like Xavier instructed her to not look at another man except him.

Xavier smirked proudly at Valerie's obedience which didn't go unnoticed by Damien. He rolled his eyes at the guy he calls his business partner.

How much he despises this narcissistic man. All he knows is what he wants. Selfish. And a complete bastard that's what Damien describes him in his mind.

But still, it's none of his concern till he does something which becomes his concern. He's still a protector of this narcissistic man because of the promise he had made to his father.

"Angel wouldn't you introduce me to your sister." Maria pouted displeased at how sarcastically he called the word sister which Valerie noticed as well.

"Oh yes. Maria meet my Master Xavier Valentino. Master this is Maria my younger sister." Maria faked smiled at Xavier who shot a mocking look at Damien.

Damien knew Xavier hates when submissives look at the man who isn't their master but Damien's philosophy is different. For him let the woman do what they want after they there will be always some consequences if they go out of the limit set for them.

"Hello, Maria. Too bad my angel never mentioned you." He said smirking as sadness appeared in Maria's eyes making Valerie guilty.

"I never got a chance to. But I still missed you a lot." This made Maria smile widely. Xavier rolled his eyes at Valerie before sighing.

"Finally." He said looking at the couple that entered the room. Not really a couple though. Maria also hugged Rose who gave her a small smile.

Valerie wanted to hug Rose but not without Xavier's permission. She looked at Xavier who sighed nodding his head at her. She smiled before hugging the emotionless girl.

Rose had always been an emotionless blank girl. And who can blame her? Her dreadful past made her what she's right now.

"How are you man." Rafael is the only man in their circle who has a good relationship with Xavier. But still not that much friendly.

Rose took a seat beside Rafael just like Valerie was sitting beside Xavier. Only Maria had been trapped against a giant wolf named Damien who refused to let her go and kept her on his laps.

There was still one chair empty beside Damien. Maria's seat was also empty but there was still another seat between Damien and Rose which was empty.

Valerie looked at Rose whose eyes were already staring at her with a blank gaze. But she knew her gaze was a sign that she was worried for Valerie.

Valerie smiled assuring her that she's ok and also asked her if she's fine through her eyes which she shrugged off. Valerie could see that Rose had been going through something similar to her.

And that thought made her worried for Rose. She knew Rose was stronger than Valerie could ever be but still she didn't want her to go through the things she had been in past.

"I am sorry for being late. I got busy." Her body froze while her eyes widened slightly hearing the familiar voice.

"Here comes the fucker." Xavier's cursed under his breath which was only audible for Valerie to hear.

She kept her head down but she could feel the stares of the man who took a seat in front of her beside Rose and Damien.

"Welcome Sinister. We were waiting for you."

Wish you could hold me forever the way you did before. But I knew wishing for that, was too much.


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