Yes, Master

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Sinister took a seat in front of the same girl who he met just a few hours ago. He knew already that she will attend this meeting as today all of them had an important matter to discuss.

He stared at her bowed head with his hawk eyes. He didn't miss the smirk on Xavier's lips seeing Valerie obeying his words like a loyal puppy. And Sinister hated it.

He hated the control Xavier had on Valerie. And he don't know why. Soon his train of thoughts got interrupted by Damien's voice.

"So my buddy. Again no girl. For how many years you have decided to stay single." Damien questioned resting his chin on Maria's shoulder who just stared at her Master.

"If you're asking me to have a submissive then kindly shut up." Damien chuckled along with Rafael while Sinister rolled his eyes.

Xavier turned his head only to find Valerie looking too stiff. He frowned when his eyes fell on her trembling hands that were clutching her dress.

He unconsciously dragged his hand towards hers and grabbed it. She got startled and instantly let her dress go from her tight grip.

Her eyes snapped towards him when he took her trembling hand in his big one intertwining their fingers. He stared into her eyes with confusion. He had no idea why she was trembling so much.

Leaning to her ear he whispered. "Relax angel. No one gonna hurt you. I wouldn't let them." Xavier's whisper didn't do well instead her heart raced loudly remembering that dreadful day when she got the punishment from him.

She decided to relax her nerves. She knew if she kept on trembling this much it might be obvious to him that she already had an interaction with his stepbrother and the consequences of hiding terrorized her.

Suddenly Xavier's eyes landed on the card that Sinister threw in front of him. He rolled his eyes in annoyance as he knew what his stepbrother gonna say next.

"Do you think My restaurant is a food shop for your disposed whores." Sinister seethed making Damien pull away from Maria and stare at the glaring duo.

"How dare you give VIP membership to your mistress. Do you think it's some kind of disgusting joke your playing? I didn't give you the membership card so you could gift it to that desperate bitch."

Rafael frowned at why Sinister was so much angry. It was the first time Sinister talked to Xavier with this hard tone and the topic wasn't that delicate.

"Relax Sinister." Sinister continuously glared at Xavier who reciprocated it with the same intensity.

"Relax my ass. This restaurant is one of the expensive ones that can found in the city and you want me to not say anything to him when he without charging her the money gifted the card I gave him and the cherry on top that bitch has the guts to seduce me and trying to get into my pants. And it's all because of him. Just to dispose of that bitch he's trying to dump her on my head. You guys already know how much I hate Liza."

Valerie gulped hearing the cruel words he used for Xavier's previous mistress. Instead of being angry, Xavier chuckled pulling Valerie's intertwined hand on his laps.

"We all know why your ass is burning so much. Because it's not about the card. It's about the betrayal she gave you years ago. Isn't it." Sinister clenched his jaw glaring at smirking Xavier.

"Betrayal. Your funny Xavier. People get betrayed by the one they trust. They love. Not from the casual fuck. She was just a woman who got me interacted and I decided to keep her but what makes me pity you is."

Sinister smirked watching Xavier jaw clenching and the obvious anger appearing on his features.

"You licked what I spit out." Valerie hissed inaudibly when Xavier's grip tightened on hers. She tried controlling herself from pulling away but his grip was too tight.

"Damn it Xavier let the girl's hand go. You will break it." Hearing Damien's words Xavier instantly let her hand go making her pull it towards her chest.

Sinister's eyes soften seeing the redness all over her small pale hand. She rubbed her hand trying to soothe the pain.

"I think we had enough for the night. Let's go and discuss the matter in our usual room and let the girls spent their time here." Rafael suggested and all of them agreed.

Xavier turned towards the girl who was still rubbing her hand. He gently grabbed her hand making her flinch hard. He kissed her hand before looking at her.

"I am going angel. Don't do something which would get on my nerves. I am already very burnt up tonight I have no patience to handle your disobedience now. Understood."

"Yes, Master." She mumbled making him hum in response. Kissing her forehead for the last time he walked out with others.

Sinister didn't miss the glance Valerie threw at him and he couldn't help but stare at her as well before walking out. Damien simply kissed Maria's cheek and asked her to wait for him.

While Rafael did something different from everyone. Grabbing Rose's arm he pulled her up and within a second slammed his lips on hers.

Rose did nothing except to stand there like a statue with an emotionless face. Her eyes stared at the wall blankly while she let her Master abuse her lips.

Pulling away he grabbed her jaw squeezing it a little. "I will be back soon. Don't dare to do something which would get on my nerves." She just stared at him with her usually stoic face making him sigh in frustration.

Leaving her with a push he stormed out of the room leaving the girls alone. Maria instantly grabbed Valerie hand caressing it. Rose took a seat as well staring at them blankly.

"It's fine Maria it's not that bad." She said making Maria sigh out.

"I noticed how your Masters treat you two. I can't even imagine Damien Master to even touch me that way. Look at your hand it will leave a mark."

"Leave it Maria I am fine. I am happy that your Master treats you good." Valerie turned towards Rose whose eyes were soft now and her expressions were light too.

"How do you tolerate his assault without cringing. Getting uncomfortable and crying." Valerie whispered the last word making Rose sigh heavily.

"If you think I don't get uncomfortable. I don't cringe. Or I don't want to push and curse him then your too wrong Valerie. But what's the use of doing it. It's not like someone will come for me. And will save me."

Both Maria and Valerie looked down hearing her bitter words. Bitter but true.

"Let him do what he wants. It's not like we have any strings attached. Once his hunger will be satisfied he will eventually let me go. After all that old hag had already sold us and we can't do anything but to behave like we are their properties because even if we try it's of no use."

Rose has always been brutally honest. She doesn't like playing with words or giving hopes when there is no way that hope could be turned into a reality. Rose noticed Valerie's expressions.

"You still didn't let him touch you right." Valerie looked at her surprised while Maria looked at Valerie too.

"No. I just couldn't bring myself to let him. And it's not like he cares. Because today or tomorrow I have to give myself to him." Rose sighed heavily.

"I wish I could say that a charming Prince as a knight in shining armour will come and save you. But the reality is quite different. At least for us, it's not beautiful or magical."

All they sighed sadly looking at the table. Wish they could say that one day someone will save them. But indeed truth is bitter. Bitter than they wanted it to be.

Wish my fate had decided something good for me. Because seeing you out of my reach makes me believe that indeed fate is cruel.


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