Yes, Master

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Author Pov

Valerie stared at the door where her Master and all other men disappeared. Even though Rose's words hurt her painfully but she still refused to lose the hope she had.

Even though she knew she might not be able to be free anytime soon from her ruthless owner. But then why her heart kept on saying otherwise. Why she wanted someone to save her when the power her owner holds can't be vetoed.

Soon the door got opened by the handsome Lucifer in the face of a human who came towards her. His face showed no emotions but she sensed the obvious anger in his eyes.

While Sinister followed by the others came out. Rafael and Damien had poker faces. While Sinister had a small smirk on his face. It seemed like he won something.

"Fucking hell Xavier. Pull yourself together. It's not that of a big deal." Rafael exclaimed taking a seat beside Rose who kept her eyes blankly at the table not even glancing at the man beside her.

Rafael looked at her and gritted his teeth in displeased. Rafael and Xavier both liked their women as being lovesick puppies for them. But for the first time in his life, Rafael felt a bolt at his ego.

His submissive. The girl he owns doesn't even like to shoot him one glance properly. He had her. He had her everything but still, he feels so empty. Her silent treatment. Nonchalant attitude. And the poker face gets on his nerves too much.

While Damien simply motioned Maria to come to him which she did silently. He pulled her on his laps burying his face in her crook. But he then noticed how stiff she was.

He couldn't help but frown. She had always been relaxed in his arms then what's happening with her now. He pulled his head up and stared at her whose eyes stared at the table. She seemed to be busy in her thoughts. Damien decided to ask her after reaching the mansion.

Xavier took a seat beside Valerie who stared at him with her innocent eyes. He slowly turned towards her only to find her looking at him. He was about to say something but stopped hearing Rafael's words.

"Did I say something bastard. No right. Then shut up. Even though I wanted this tender but if they are so blind to give this to some low life then what can I do. They are asking to be robbed then let them be." Xavier seethed making Damien rolled his eyes while Sinister grinned evilly.

"Your reminding me of a fox from the story 'Grapes are sour' one. When you couldn't get what you want you named it useless. Amazing way to call yourself precious when your nothing but an arrogant fool." Sinister mocked him making him curled his hand into a fist.

"Sinister," Damien warned the grinning guy who held his arms up in a surrendering manner.

Damien is the elder member of their circle. Then Xavier and Rafael. And the youngest among them is Sinister. Xavier and Rafael got the inheritance from their fathers as they were the only legitimate heirs.

While Damien and Sinister made themselves. Damien was taken into the care of the Storm family at the age of 1 year. He was raised by the old maid of the family. No one ever paid any attention to him. He was only taken to the Storm family as they had no son. Only two daughters.

But with time Storm family got bankrupt and Damien had to join the illegal business just to earn some money. And as years passed by he got the position of Mafia leader of one of the feared group of the country.

But as soon as he held the position of leader. He closed every illegal business and started to be a white Mafia. Who trade defence instruments and many other things but with a legal notice. But still, he never hesitates to kill an evil being.

He also started his own company and with his hard, he came to the peak of his success. After Xavier, he's the most feared yet successful among them. While on the other.

Sinister has been struggling to make his name without any help from his father or stepbrother. Well, it's not like they wanted to help him anyway. He built a small restaurant years ago and now the same restaurant is known as one of the expensive ones in the county.

He even opened few branches in other cities and countries. He recently opened his own company. And now he's trying to raise his company's name with all the hard work and struggles.

But that was the thing hitting Xavier hard. Seeing Sinister getting success after success hurts his ego. He didn't want to lose the position of being the superior in the group.

Even though only Damien can earn his position but he still didn't want Sinister to gain this much success. They all submitted their presentations to a specific company outside the country.

The tender was really important for all of them. But the company's management chose Sinister's presentation as the best and gave his Company the tender. Damien and Rafael didn't mind much as they wanted the tender but maybe they need to work on their presentations.

While Xavier was burning inside. It wasn't a matter that he lost. What angers him that he lost it to Sinister. The man he hates and wants to destroy him with his everything.

Sinister grinned in satisfaction. He loved it whenever he sees his stepbrother getting his ego smashed ruthlessly especially when it's by him.

His eyes went to the woman beside his stepbrother whose eyes were stuck on Xavier. He didn't like the way she was just staring at him like she wants to know what's the matter with him. He wanted her to look at him. To congratulate him.

But nothing. She didn't even for once glance in his way. His insides raged up and he has no idea why. She's not his. Then why is he behaving so possessive?

Soon his hands curled up into tight fists when he witnessed her small hand sliding towards Xavier's big one which was turned into a fist.

Xavier's jaw was clenched while his angry gaze was stuck on the table. He was beyond raging. How come he let the little shit get away with all of this? He was mocking him and Xavier had no words to fire back.

He soon felt a soft touch on his clenched hand that was placed on the table. His eyes snapped towards his hand and then at the woman who held it. He couldn't help but be shocked at her willingness to touch him first.

This was the first time when she actually touched him without him forcing or any other reason. His hand on its own got unclenched.

A small smile eventually made its way towards his lips as he placed his other hand on hers that was placed on his. He gave a little squeeze before leaning to her face and placing a small kiss on her forehead.

The shock was a small word to describe what Rafael and Damien felt. Rafael blinked multiple times to believe that he was seeing a genuine smile on Xavier's lips. No smirk. No mocking smile. No evilness. Just a small smile. A genuine one.

Damien stared at the man who had the heart eyes for the girl who held his hand. It seemed like all his anger faded away only with a small touch of hers. Damien looked at the girl on his laps whose eyes stared at the couple in front of them with a soft gaze.

She was obviously happy for them. Or maybe happy for her sister. Damien pecked her puffed cheek making her flinch a little which didn't fail to surprise Damien. Why she was behaving so different all of a sudden? She was never afraid of his touch before.

While Rafael looked at his little emotionless witch whose eyes blankly stared at the scene with nothing but a tired gaze. He placed his face on his palm placing his elbow on the table.

"Mio Fiore. Show some emotions or I will think your planning to kill Xavier with your eyes." She turned her poker face towards him. (-My Flower)

"What do you want me to do Master." She questioned emotionlessly making him chuckle.

"Say 'Xavier I am so fucking happy for you. Your dick face finally got some worthy in your life. Be happy asshole' Go ahead." Rafael said sarcastically. He was sure she wouldn't disrespect Xavier but well only if he knew.

"Xavier I am so fucking happy for you. Your dick face finally got some worthy in your life. Be happy asshole. That's what Master asked me to tell you." Rose said loudly to Xavier while keeping a poker face.

Xavier looked at Rafael with dropped jaw and shocked eyes. "What the fuck man." He exclaimed looking at the frozen guy who was still processing what happened.

Did she really said all of this? What the hell. He stared at her with a horrified gaze while she only stared at the table with emotionless eyes. Maria pressed her lips stopping herself from laughing.

While Sinister snickered watching Rose in amusement. Damien smirked at Rafael with a 'Serves you right' face. Valerie also stared at Rose with shocked eyes.

"I-I am sorry dude. I was playing with her. I didn't know this ice witch will say it. I am sorry." Rafael apologized making Xavier glared at him.

"Mood ruiner," Xavier mumbled before turning to Valerie who also looked at him with her innocent gaze.

"Let's go Mio Angelo. We have somewhere else to go." Valerie nodded getting up. (- My Angel)

They all met each other and went out. Valerie didn't for once glance at Sinister this time which didn't fail to anger him. Why is she avoiding him all of a sudden? But he said nothing. And who is he to even question her. No one.

Valerie followed Xavier who walked towards his car but stopped as soon as someone blocked his way. She heard him groaning in annoyance.

Valerie glanced at the woman who had a small seductive smile on her lips. She was wearing blood-red lipstick. With a tight bun and tight black dress reaching to her knees revealing her aesthetic curves.

She looked like a goddess and Valerie couldn't help but admire her beauty. But obviously Xavier didn't seem to like the sudden presence of the beauty in front of him.

"You're again here for him. Don't you." Xavier asked her with a bored gaze. The woman shook her head taking a step closer.

"No. I heard you're coming here. I wanted to talk to you. So I decided to come here." The woman said making Xavier chuckled.

"I know what you want Cagna. I will call you soon. But right now we have to go." With that, he grabbed Valerie's wrist dragging her but not before the woman said. (-Bitch)

"Wait a minute. So this is the new submissive. What a beauty I must say." The woman commented making Xavier roll his eyes. He again started dragging Valerie.

Before they could enter the car. They heard the woman shouting for the last time.

"We will meet soon. Don't forget me little one. I am Liza."

Wish her soft touch could melt his heart. But the future proved him to be heartless.


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