Yes, Master

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Author Pov

Xavier took Valerie back to the mansion. Valerie was confused as Xavier said they were going to some important place but maybe he just wanted to get out of that restaurant.

As soon as they entered the room she was pressed against the door by a giant man earning a small hiss from her. Because of his sudden act, she has to close her eyes but soon she snapped them open only to find her Master looking straightly in her eyes like a hawk.

"Why." She frowned at his sudden question. She said nothing making him lean his face closer to hers.

"Why you have this much effect on me. What are you? What are you doing to me." His rough palm met her soft chubby cheek making her gulp at the stare he was giving her.

If it was some other situation these words or his actions might be considered romantic but knowing this cruel man very well only thing Valerie felt was fear. Fear of what he will do to her. Because his eyes were showing clearly that he had a lot of plans.

His bulky arm smoothly wrapped around her tiny waist pulling her near his chest. Her hands on their own went to his chest tightly fisting his coat in fear.

They both didn't break eye contact. Valerie out of fear and Xavier was lost in her beautiful green orbs. His eyes moved all over her face taking her beautiful features in check.

She was indeed looking like an angel. His angel. The desires. The infatuation. The obsession. All of the things he was feeling were going far from his grasp now.

He wanted her. He wanted to claim her every inch. He wanted to mark every inch of her so the whole world would know who she belongs to.

"Answer me, Tesoro." Her breathing accelerated as he pulled her completely in his arms. His face went to her neck making her breathe out heavily. (-Darling)

"I-I don't know Master." She whispered making him chuckle in amusement. Pressing her completely against his chest he hugged her tiny figure tightly while keeping his chin on her shoulder.

Valerie's hands were still against his chest clutching his coat. She was standing stiff and frozen but Xavier didn't mind it. All he wanted was to enjoy her in his arms.

He had no idea why her mare touch at the restaurant was enough to calm him down. Nothing like this happened before with his previous mistresses.

No. It wasn't her touch. It was just her. As soon as he saw whose hand was placed on his he instantly calmed down. Why. He had no idea why. But it just her presence that gives him something his previous mistresses failed to do so.

Valerie waited and waited for him to do something more than just hugging her but nothing. He just stood there near the door holding her tightly in his arms like she will fade away any time.

His grip was too tight. It was hurting her but still, it was enough for her to not be able to move an inch. His breathing was fanning her bare neck giving her goosebumps.

He was affecting her. Yes, he had always affected her but not in a good sense. The only thing she could feel standing in his arms was fear. Not even for once she thought that he might just want to hug her till he let her body go.

Pulling away from her he placed his palms on her cheeks making her face him. Leaning down he placed a soft and short kiss on her plump lips taking her for a surprise.

"Go and change your clothes. I am tired." She nodded her head and went to the wardrobe. Taking her silk nightgown she went to the bathroom.

Xavier had instructed her to wear only nightgowns every night. He likes to see her almost naked beside him every morning. He loved her scent. He loved her being beside him. He loved her tiny frame being crushed in his giant arms.

He loved the infatuation he has for her.

Xavier went to another room to take a shower. He knew he will lose his control if he stayed in the same room where she was showering all naked. Alone in his bathroom.

The mare thought was enough to make him hard. Sighing heavily he took a shower. Took care of his hard-on. And went to his office. And the same woman was standing there he didn't want to meet but he had no other option.

"What you want Liza. I already told you if you want to get into Sinister's pants then I can't do anything. I hate him and he does the same." Liza chuckled at his words before walking towards him.

"Hmm, I see you just took a shower. Well, Mr. Valentino. I am not here to discuss Sinister. I want to talk to you." Xavier raised his eyebrows in confusion.

"I was thinking about you every day. I can't get you out of my mind. Your just -- Ah." She held her hand up to touch Xavier's wet hair but he caught her wrist in a painful grip making her gasp out.

"Don't you fucking dare to touch me cagna." He snarled twisting her arm making her yelp out in pain. Her back got pressed against his front making him grin at the painful expressions she had. (-Bitch)

"Listen bitch. And listen carefully. You're not even worth licking the dirt off my shoe. You should be grateful that I gave you the membership card of Sinister's restaurant. But puttana inutile rimane sempre una puttana inutile." (-Useless whore remains a useless whore.)

He hissed in her ear making her clench her jaw in anger. She wasn't angry at the disrespectful words he used for her. She was used to him calling her with more disgusting words than these.

But she was angry at him for calling her useless. She did everything he asked her to. But Sinister was never that easy man to be fooled. As soon as Liza tried to seduce Sinister only thing he did was to block her membership card and banned her from his restaurant.

He even gave her a threat that he will sue her for invading his personal space as well as file a restraining order if she didn't stop. And that threat was enough for her to backed down from this mission of seducing Sinister.

"Ah, daddy I did. I did everything you ask me. But he ah" Her words cut short letting out a pained yelp when Xavier twisted her arm even more.

"I don't want your lame excuses. Shut up and get lost. Your of no use. And never show your face again. I was actually thinking of giving you a chance but no. Your just a useless shit." Giving a hard tug to her body he let her go.

Liza fell on the floor with a hard thud making her hiss in pain. She looked up at him as he walked towards his office seat and settled himself on it.

Liza was beyond happy hearing him that he wanted to give her a chance. This was the first time that she felt something for the man who was nothing but her dominant. Her owner.

She had been in a relationship many times. She was even in a relationship with Sinister who was despite being her submissive wanted to go further in their relationship. He saw her as more than just a body but love and money indeed blind you.

When Liza met Xavier she was instantly head over heels for him. She wanted him and they both slept the same night they met. It was just another nightstand for Xavier but Liza wanted more.

Sinister came to know about it and broke the relationship with her. And that took Xavier to a victorious sky. He wanted to hurt Sinister more so he took Liza into a submissive and dominant relationship.

Liza being blinded by his money as well as the attraction she had for him. She accepted it. But she never thought that in all of this lust game. She will end up falling for him. She fell in love with the man who never treated her more than just a body.

The day he threw her out like garbage she understood that she was never able to make any place in his heart but she wasn't ready to lose him. She started going to his Company. To everywhere just to get him to talk to her. She stalked him like a psycho.

She was also beaten. Cursed and insulted by him many times but her blinded love refused to have any self-respect. Then one day Xavier acknowledged her and asked her to seduce Sinister.

She had no idea why he was asking her something like this. But she did everything he asked her blindly as all she wanted was to be near him. And now listening to him that he wanted to give her a chance. She was on the ninth cloud.

She didn't mind if Valerie would stay as his submissive as well. All she wanted was for him to be with her. To not let her go. To do anything with her but not throw her away.

Ignoring her pain she walked towards his sitting figure. His head was leaned against the head of the chair. His arms were spread on the chair's handles while his eyes were closed.

Taking a chance she spread her legs and sat upon his laps making him groan as her hips got pressed against his manhood. He slowly pulled his head up and stared at her with a glare.

The woman was beyond desperate than he ever had before. All his mistresses had never come back after his last warning. But this woman was too stubborn.

"Liza." He warned when she rubbed her lower body against his. Lap dance has always been a weakness of Xavier. He turns on very easily with lap dance but right now all he wanted was Valerie to be in this desperate woman's place.

"Daddy. I can make you feel better. Tell me daddy I will do anything. Anything for you to give me a chance. I swear." She whispered seductively moving her hips making him groan a little.

His hand went to her scattered hair as he pulled them down so roughly that she felt like her scalp will burst out any time. But she refused to feel the pain.

"Anything." He growled near her jaw making her shiver.

"Yes." She whimpered out earning a small smirk that graced his luscious lips.

"Then be ready tomorrow. You have to do something for me."

He whispered pushing her body away from his laps making her fell on the floor. Forgetting all pain she smiled widely hearing his words. She happily exited his mansion.

While a small smirk didn't leave his lips for even a once. Now it was a time for him to claim what was his.

Not every love brings roses and sweets. Some prefer thorns and poison.


The Italian that I am using in the book is from Google translate so maybe there will be some errors.


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