Yes, Master

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Author Pov

Playing with the kids she smiled brightly while running behind them. The whole garden was filled with their giggles and laughs. Every orphan kid loves her as aside of the old woman she's the only one who made them feel this little abandoned place as their house.

"OK, now kids let's eat lunch. Aunty wouldn't come she said some guests are coming so you have to eat without her and I am also going to help her. Ok so promise me you wouldn't fight."

"OK Val. " They all yelled and ran inside to eat their lunch while Valerie's eyes instantly turned sad. Gulping down she made her way towards the kitchen where the preparation was going on.

"Oh, Val you came. " She nodded at her aunty and went to help her. Valerie didn't say anything but her auntie instantly understood her expressions.

"Don't worry darling. I heard that he's not coming this year as well. So be assured only Mr Valetino is coming." Valerie sighed in relief but again her heart drummed badly in her chest remembering that if it's not this year then it will be next year but soon he will become and will take her.

"Why are you even assuring her. She's his bitch today or Tomorrow she has to do her duties as his submissive. She should already accept this like we all did."

Rose exclaimed in an annoyed tone. While Maria also nodded with sadness in her eyes. They both were sad and tarnished inside as well but they had accepted their fate that was entangled with those Ruthless CEOs.

"Yes, Val. And you know you're the luckiest among us. You're dominant. Your master is none other than the most famous and richest bachelor."

Valerie didn't say anything but for her being with a man without marriage is far than being lucky. She knew the day Mr. Valentino saved her and possessed her body under his son's name she becomes his.

No matter how much she wanted to escape this. How much she wanted to deny that she didn't want to be with that man she can't do anything but to accept her cruel fate.

She was kept in this orphanage for the whole of her life. Her whole existence was indebted under her owners. They were the one who paid for her everything. Her studies. Her clothes. Her other basic expenditure.

Her whole existence was crushed under their debt and she can't do anything except to accept the cruel truth that today or tomorrow she will be his.

Her master. Her owner. Xavier Valentino.


"I am done with this rubbish. Father, I don't know why you every year eats my brain to meet that orphan bitch. We are paying for her right. She's living her life then what's the fucking problem just marry her to one of our men. Why are you dumping her on my head."

"You don't get to speak to me like this Xavier. I told you I already named her as yours the day I saved her from being sold. She and her other two friends are now under yours and your friend's possession. Your friends already liked her friends and they are ready to keep them. So you also have to accept and bring her here."

Mr Valentino said while Xavier harshly slammed the wine glass on the table feeling extremely annoyed at his fathers continuous pursuing. Just what that girl has that his father is being so reluctant.

"Father you know I already have a mistress and she's enough for me. I am fine with her. She's good in bed and I have no mood for another woman now. When I will have. I will gladly bring that cagna here for my entertainment."(-Bitch)

Mr Valentino shot him a glare. No matter how much of a ruthless and dangerous man Xavier is. He can never say no to his father when he got a threatening gaze from him.

"You're coming with me to that orphanage to see your next sutomessa today. She was supposed to be with you as soon as she turned 18 but because of your denial for 3 years, she has turned 21 this year. Now you have to bring her here. And no objections." (-Submissive)

"Also don't forget to kick that Liza out of your life. I never liked that puttana Get rid of her or feed her some money and kick her out. Now get ready we are leaving in an hour." (Whore)

Without saying anything Xavier went out. Even though whole power is now in hands of Xavier but he still respects his father and almost worships him. He never denied his father if he commands him.

Before he only forced Xavier to meet that girl but today he clearly commanded him with having no intention to hear no from him.

"Fanculo." He cursed entering the room and punching the wall. But soon his face turned hard when he felt two arms around his waist and head on his back. He already knew who is it. (Fuck)

"Daddy. You look so frustrated so let me relax you." Turning her around he slammed her on the wall earning a throaty moan from her.

"Let me give you a goodbye gift. Hmm, Mia puttana." Saying that he locked the door and ripped her almost no clothing. He didn't kiss or even pleasure her. He just wanted to get rid of frustration. (My whore)

Grabbing her hips he slammed her back on the wall and entered her with a rough and hard thrust earning a scream from her but she didn't stop him. She was used to handling these kinds of acts.

He banged her hard on the wall and even two times on the bed. But he was still not done. He kept on going and going for God knows how many rounds.

He stopped when he felt her body going unconscious. She fainted as her whole energy was drained. Scoffing at her unconscious pale face he pulled away and went to the bathroom.

He was indeed tired too but he wanted to clean himself also he has to get ready. Checking time it was already 3 hours went by. Cursing under his breath he remembered that his father told him to come in an hour.

And he wasted three hours in ruining his mistress. Calling his man he told him that he will be there in an hour which indeed disappointed his father but he was also a little relieved that his son, at last, will come.

After 30 minutes he got ready and then he saw Liza sitting there as she just woke up.

"Pack your bags. Mason will drop you to your new apartment and today onwards you don't know me and I don't know you. Don't worry I already sent a huge amount in your account so you wouldn't think I abandoned you." Her eyes got widened hearing his words.

"Daddy did I do something wrong. Please forgive me but I beg you please don't send me away. Please" Xavier rolled his eyes as he already knew this day will definitely come.

Sitting in front of her he grabbed the back of her head and pulled her closer to his face placing a soft lingering kiss on her cheek making her shudder at his touch. His soft and caring attitude always affects her.

Smirking at her closed eyes and given up actions. He went to her ear and whispered sensually.

"You're going to do what I am saying puttana. From now on I don't know you and you don't know me. You will never contact me or even think about me. I am freeing you and I already has a new cagna to entertain me. So you better pack your bags and get out."

Saying that he was about to pull back but she instantly hugged his neck burying her face in his crook while warm tears fell on his skin.

"Please don't do this. I love you I can't live without you. I will live with your new mistress but don't send me away. Please I love y--- Ahh"

She yelped when a hard slap met her face. He slapped her harshly grabbing her hair and making eye contact with her teary eyes with his furious grey orbs.

"I fucking said pack your fucking shit and get the fuck out of my house. I swear fucking cagna I will chop you alive if you again spit that love rubbish to me. You were nothing but a piece of mare entertainment to me."

Throwing her away roughly he yelled his man's name who came inside. Xavier commanded him to take Liza away before he comes back.

Xavier finally reached the orphanage and rolled his eyes as he had no interest in having an orphan girl as his submissive. He was the most powerful man in his circle and now because of his father he had to accept an orphan as his new submissive.

Xavier never had any interest in Liza as well but just because she was good in pleasuring and wasn't the girl who would throw tantrums he found her good for his sexual needs.

He felt no remorse in throwing her away because today or Tomorrow she had to let him go and he hates when women who only loves his money ends up saying that they love him.

Scoffing at her confession memory he walked towards the room where his father asked him to come. His men were escorting him inside but then he stopped when he heard a small gasp.

"God. Mill come back." He turned his head and met with a girl who was running down the stairs there was a small boy she was chasing. Her feet slipping on the third last stair making her yelp out in fear.

Xavier worked instantly and grabbed her waist pulling her in his arms securely saving her from the fall. He was about to curse her but stopped when his eyes met with an angelic face.

Her eyes were shut close in fear and hands were formed in fists clearly afraid of falling and bumping her head. He couldn't help but to felt himself feeling aroused at how angelic she was looking.

He felt himself getting hard when she steadily opened her beautiful green orbs meeting his mischievous and lustful gaze. They both stared in each other's eyes.

The girl tried to pull back from his arms but his grip tightens on her waist.

"What is your name Mia Angelo." She stared at him for a second not able to say anything. While Xavier's eyes hardened as he hates disobedience. His grip on her waist tightened in a painful way making her hiss. (- My Angel)

"Answer me principessa. " This time his voice was threatening and hard. Gulping down she stuttered out. It was a first time for her to be this close to any men. It was hard for her to breathe properly. (-Princess)

"V-Valerie. Can you p-please let me go." Chuckling at her he let her body go and she ran away from there without glancing back at him which was extremely amusing for him.

But an evil smirk appeared on his face. "Valerie. " He whispered her name turning around and walking inside the room where his father was waiting for him.

"We will meet again Mia Angelo."

From the truth, she wanted to run away stood right infront of her and now she left no escape.


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