Yes, Master

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Author Pov

Xavier stared at the girl working in the kitchen through his laptop. His lips were curved into an evil smirk radiating only his devilish plans for that innocent soul.

Xavier had inserted cameras all over his mansion. He had few cameras before but now his new obsession of watching her every move forced him to hide cameras in every corner of the house.

He weirdly felt satisfied watching her moving here and there and doing nothing but household chores. He even had watched her a lot of time helping Lina in dusting and washing clothes which weren't her chores.

Xavier had given her work of cooking breakfast lunch and dinner for him only. But right now watching her doing more than that was needed, made his insides burn higher in desire thinking how can someone be so pure even in this century.

Xavier had always been with long legs chicks who wanted to be with him only for money and they all were already in a relationship of submissive and dominant before.

But this girl gives him a weird yet satisfying power over her. The way she obeys him without another word. The way she always seems uncomfortable with his touch. The way she fears him.

All of these gives him insatiable pleasure. He knew the feelings he had for her were toxic. But does it matter? No. Because he's ready to submerge her innocence in his toxic pleasure soon.

She will love his touch. She will obey him like an obedient slave. She will. She has to.

He tapped on the pause button and that made the video stop on her face. He zoomed it and traced his rough fingers over the screen. Her eyes were stuck on the pot she was washing.

His eyes held the power of breaking the screen if it was even possible. He was staring at the screen with many emotions swirling in his grey eyes. He was feeling desperate. He wanted her. He wanted her badly.

He sighed heavily removing his psychotic gaze from the paused screen and pulled his phone out. He dialled the number of the person who he knew will be the only one who will help him reach his goal.

His goal. Valerie's submission.


"Congratulations. I heard you got the tender." The old man said only to earn an emotionless face from the man sitting in front of him who he supposedly calls his son.

"Stop beating around the bush and tell me why are you here," Sinister said making Mr. Valentino sighed heavily.

"Sinister for how long your gonna keep on blaming me for something that wasn't my fault." This angered the bulky man. He slammed the file on the table before turning to his so-called father.

"Why the fuck you came here. Just fucking tell me." Sinister sneered making Mr. Valentino slammed his palms on the table.

"Lower your voice kid. I am still your father." Sinister chuckled which turned into a small laugh.

"I prefer sperm donor. Now if you don't have anything important to say you can see yourself out. Get out." Mr. Valentino sighed rubbing his temple at his son's disrespect.

Mr. Valentino always had a huge disliking towards disrespect. He can't tolerate disrespect and Xavier knows it well and never really disrespected his father before.

But Sinister's matter has always been different. He never got any favour from his father. He was abused humiliated and also disrespected by the same man who exclaimed to be his father. Then how can he expect to have respect when he never gave it to others.

Sinister was and is what he made himself. He worked and earned everything on his own, not like Xavier who got everything on a silver plate. He wasn't inherited anything like Xavier.

And Sinister knew at the end of the day he will always be the famous illegitimate child of this man and Xavier will always be the superior one in his eyes.

"I just wanted to invite you to the party. Xavier recently got a good project and finally, his company completed it and it was a success. I thought you both should celebrate together he succeeded and you got the tender. So I thought both brothers will ---" His words cut short with Sinister's angry get a calm voice.

"With all due respect Father. Shut the fuck up." Mr. Valentino gritted his teeth trying to intimate Sinister but in return Sinister only glared at him.

"Xavier is not my fucking brother or I am his. We are nothing but related to the scum of this world. He might have some respect for you but I don't. I don't even want your presence near me. I am not coming now get out."

Mr. Valentino snickered placing his back on the chair with a small smirk and how much Sinister hates his evil expressions. He knew something bad. Really bad is coming.

"You don't care about what I can do right. I might just go and tell everyone about your mother's and mine romantic story. Hmm." Sinister gritted his teeth clenching his hands.

"No matter what's the truth is my son. In the end, everything will be what I want everyone to think of it as. You don't want your mother's name to tarnish now and after that, I am sure you wouldn't be able to make this much progress. Will you."

Sinister felt like pulling the gun out and just emptying the 6 bullets in his head. This man knew how much his mother's matter is sensitive to him but no he will never stop using it. Indeed he's a scum of the world.

"I am not coming. I have a lot of work to do plus the party is in Xavier's mansion and I am sure we wouldn't be able to handle each other without starting a fight. And I don't want any bad news for me right now. I can't risk my company's or mine reputation to be in danger."

Mr. Valentino sighed thinking about his words and it wasn't a lie. Xavier always finds a way to fight or insult Sinister but right now Sinister isn't the Sinister, Xavier could mess with.

Mr. Valentino finally gave up and looked at his son for some time. He knew he hurt him by using his mother's matter but he had left him no other option.

"Fine don't come to the party but I want you to meet me on Saturday afternoon at lunch. I want to talk to you about something." Sinister nodded his head and finally, his father walked out of his office making him sigh as well as glare at the door in anger.

"Fucking Bastardo." He mumbled before furiously typing on the laptop.

But only if he had gone to that party then he might have been someone's saviour. Only if he had.


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