Yes, Master

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Valerie Pov

I sighed heavily before filling the glass with Cold water. I don't know why but for some reasons I am feeling like something's going to happen. Something bad.

I didn't want to let this bad feeling empower my senses but it was indeed overpowering more than it was needed. From the moment I got a call from Master telling me that there's going to be a party tonight in the mansion I kept on having a bad feeling.

I don't know what to do anymore. So I simply decided to bury myself in work. All the time I felt eyes on me and this wasn't the first time.

Every day I felt like someone is watching my every move. I knew that Master had few cameras in the mansion but they are only in the places where I have no work.

But I still feel like I have been watched all the time. Even once I tried finding by looking around but nothing. It's too creepy. I felt so uncomfortable with that feeling.

I still remember how I sometimes wake up from sleep thinking that someone is near me. But I always come into contact with an empty room.

My everyday sleep being ruined and the only thing I could do is to feel uncomfortable. But thank goodness I can at least eat lunch better than what I always get in breakfast.

Master always leave a little food in breakfast and I can only eat after him. I don't like bothering Lina for more food so simply eat whatever he leaves for me. Lunch is something I can eat as much as I want as I only had to send master a lunch Box.

While Dinner I always had to eat before Master according to his new instructions. He says he wants me near him as soon as he finishes his dinner.

Sighing heavily I remember something more like someone. Sinister Valentino. For the past days, I met him I couldn't get my mind of the stares he gave me. His touch. His gaze everything screams danger yet I don't feel scared.

Why. I don't know. He's dangerous for me. Even his presence near me can get me in a horrible situation as Master hates him. And the way he showed his jealousy in the office I couldn't get myself from disobeying him anymore.

I want Master's brother to think of me as submissive and wouldn't come near me. Even though I feel attracted towards him which I shouldn't but I still want him to stay far away from me. I just can't afford more.

One small gasp left from my lips feeling my back being slammed against a hard chest. My heart pumped badly against my chest in fear sniffing the same scent which never failed to terrorized me.

"Angelo. What are you thinking so deep." I felt him brushing his lips against my bare neck. I was wearing a V-shaped white shirt with black jeans. My collarbone and neck were on display.

My hands formed into tight fists as I gripped the glass harder. So uncomfortable. That's the only thing I could feel sensing his body being attached against mine and lips on my skin.

"N-nothing Master. I was thinking of the party." I lied trying to sound honest as much as I could. He hummed before turning me around in his arms.

I released the glass and turned around keeping my eyes down. I didn't want to anger him by looking in his eyes. I thought he might just start his assault like every day.

But instead, I felt two fingers under my chin making me look at him. His eyes. How much they always scare me. Same evilness. And devilish plans.

"I bought a beautiful gown for you and I want you to wear that. Hmm and remember to keep your hair down tonight." I gulped nodding my head.

Something's wrong. There was something different about his gaze today. He looked like he's trying to hide something. I know I might be overreacting but it's just I can't trust this man even a bit.

I always feel like if he can kiss my skin he can peel that off anytime as well. If he can call me an angel then he can show me my place of being his slave too. If he can be polite he can also show me how harsh he can be.

"Remember Angel my every promise and words. Hmm." I looked at him in confusion but he only smirked before pulling me in his arms and letting his lips travel all over my skin.

While all I did was stand there rigid and letting him do what he desires. It wasn't like I have any say or choice in it.

After wearing a gown I was welcomed by the make-up artists Master appointed for me. Even though I told him I can manage my make-up but he simply brushed it off saying he wants me to wear proper makeup not just a touch-up.

After getting ready I was escorted out of the room and then saw Master standing near the hall looking at his watch. He seemed to be waiting for someone. But who.

He removed his gaze from the entrance and turned his head towards my direction making my breath hitched. He looked devilishly handsome but the look in his evil eyes didn't fail to scare me.

He was wearing a black suit without any tie. Buttons of his shirt were opened from above and the coat was too tight that it didn't fail to flex his muscular body. And didn't fail to make me coward back in fear.

He looks so huge as compared to me. I felt like a small bunny in front of a giant wolf. And the wolf whose eyes never failed to make me believe that he's ready to jump on me any time and will rip me apart.

As soon as he reached me he wrapped one arm around my waist flushing me against his chest. My green eyes went towards his grey ones. They were only gleaming with a desire I fear the most.

"sei così fottutamente bella" I gulped at his thick Italian accent and tone before looking away. His eyes stared at me for more than it was needed. I felt like hours have been passed but his eyes didn't faze away. (-You're looking so fucking beautiful.)

"I am gonna ruin you so bad Valerie." He whispered making me gulp down. I wanted to say what left to be ruined in my life but decided otherwise.

"Let's go otherwise I might cancel the party." He whispered gripping my waist harder and pecking my lips.

We both reached the party only to find people gathered already. Master met his business partners and many other persons while introducing me to them.

And to my surprise, he didn't call me his submissive. He introduced me as his girlfriend and I know why. He can't share about me being his submissive with anyone except his friends as the news of them having submissives can ruin their reputations.

Suddenly his phone started ringing and he bent down to my level before whispering in my ear.

"I have to attend this call. Stay here don't go anywhere." I looked at him nodding my head.

"Yes, Master." He pecked my forehead before walking away. I frowned watching him exiting the party. Why would he leave the mansion? But again brushing off the bad feeling I looked around.

I was about to take a drink but stopped hearing a voice calling my name.

"Valerie." I turned around only to find that beautiful woman again. The same woman I met on the restaurant day. Liza.

"What are you doing all alone here. Where is Xavier." She questioned making me step back from her a little as she completely invaded my personal space.

"Mas--- I mean he went to attend an important call." Suddenly my arm was grabbed by her hand as she jerked my body towards her. I looked at her with wide eyes.

"I know you don't want this Valerie and I can help you. You know where he went. He has gone to bring his father and will return almost after an hour. You have time little one." She whispered making me gasp out.

I tried to get my arm out of her grip but she was too stronger. She chuckled before staring into my eyes.

"I can help you escape him, Valerie. You just have to trust me."

Beauty with an ugly heart. She showed the real meaning of it.


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