Yes, Master

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Valerie stared at the woman bewildered at her sudden words. What is wrong with this woman. That's the only thing that appeared in her mind.

Even though she dislikes Xavier. She doesn't want to be with him. She hates his touch. But still.

She's not that of an idiot to escape from a monster like him.

She knows the consequences well. She knows that there is no way he wouldn't be able to find her. Moreover, only a stupid woman would believe this woman who is practically her Master's ex and still wants to be with him.

Valerie never thought of escaping why. Because she already knew there will be no success even if she tried. There was no way Xavier would let her go or wouldn't be able to find her.

She's nothing against him. He's a well known respectful billionaire and her. Just an unknown person who doesn't even the people of her orphanage would have to remember.

How much time will it take him to find her? A day. Or one hour. Without the help of a well-known name like Xavier, she knew there is no way she would be able to run away from him and would stay free without getting caught.

She roughly pulled her arm out of Liza's grip stepping back. Liza looked at her in surprise. She wasn't expecting Valerie to not give in.

"You're getting it, wrong Mam. I am happy with Ma-- Xavier. I don't want to leave him. You must have been mistaken. I have to go now. It was nice to meet you." With that, she nodded at Liza and hurried away from a wicked beauty.

Liza chuckled staring at Valerie. She didn't expect this. In short no one had. Who would want to let an opportunity to get what you want go? Well, simply Valerie did.

Because she knows better than to get at the wrong side of a man that owns her.

Liza smirked at Valerie's figure that roamed around the people trying to find a place where she could hide without anyone noticing her. But too bad a young man approached her.

A playboy specifically. Valerie flinched moving away from the man who tapped her shoulder. The guy smiled at her. Not at all innocent one.

"Ciao bella what are you doing here alone." Valerie wanted to scream on his face 'digging my grave by letting you speak to me' but she decided otherwise. (- Hello Beautiful.)

Without giving him any answer she bowed a little before turning around to go. She seemed too disrespectful but she obviously preferred being disrespectful instead of disobeying Xavier.

But to her bad luck. The man refused to let her go. He blocked her way making her look at him with wide eyes. But he only smirked at her.

"Dove stai scappando? Bella. It's rude to ignore someone who is trying to talk to you." He said stepping closer to her making her step back in fear. (-Where are you running off Beautiful)

"I-I. I need to go please sir." She again tried to walk past him but instead, he again blocked her way making her step back at how close he stood.

She looked around only to find everyone busy in their conversations, sucking faces or dancing. No one even cared about how this man was practically forcing her attention on him.

Her heart started beating badly she wanted to cry out loud. She felt so helpless. She just wanted this party to end so she could go back to her room. All of this environment was suffocating her and that woman Liza.

She fears what she would do with her. Because it was clear that she wasn't going to let Valerie go easily.

"Signore, sono con qualcun altro" She whispered stepping back with her weak legs coming in contact with a chair behind her. She looked up only to find him standing there looking at her with a small smile. (-Sir, I am with someone else)

"Don't worry I was just playing with you. I know you here with Xavier. I am his friend. He asked me to bring you to the backyard. He had a surprise for you. Come." He said motioning her to follow him.

She stared at him for few minutes. A minute ago he was all over her and now. The guy understood and let out a small laugh.

"Don't worry if I wanted to touch you I would have already done. Your Xavier's not anyone else's." He said with a serious face this time.

She finally gulped nodding her head. She turned around only to find Liza sitting near the bar with a drink in her hand and looking straightly at terrified Valerie.

Valerie looked away as soon as she shot her usual wicked smile. She followed the man to the back yard keeping a good amount of distance.

As soon as they reached the back yard he turned around with a small smirk making her step back in realization.

There was no one in the backyard. Only darkness and him, her alone. She took few steps back in fear while he only smirked at her.

"Sembri terrorizzata Bella. Be assured this is nothing against what you will face soon." (-You look terrified Beautiful)

With his words, she tried running away but before she could even move an inch she felt a hard thud against her head making her eyes rolled back and fell towards.

She was engulfed in the arms of the same man who tricked her as he chuckled viciously before picking her half-unconscious figure and bringing her to God knows where.

Master. Letting out a small whisper she let the darkness fill her senses.

Darkness. That was the only thing she could see as soon as she opened her eyes. No, it wasn't the darkness in her eyes but it was the only thing present in the room.

No matter how much she blinked her eyes every time she comes to contact with only darkness. Holding her aching head she pulled her body up sitting on the broken cement floor.

Her eyes moved all over the place and the only source of the light was a small hole from which the light of the moon was enlightening the room.

She was petrified. Liza. The man. She was tricked. How could she be so naive to follow that man? She knew she was afraid of what if Xavier had sent that man to bring her to him. She was afraid of disobeying him.

But now what. Will he come and save her. Will he be able to know where she is. Will he. All the questions were messing with her already aching head.

She touched her head only to find a small bump on the back of her head. Someone smashed something on her head hard. Her head was swollen. And the pain was too much.

With her trembling legs she stood up moving her hands to find any support and to her luck, her hands landed on a hard wall. She stood up leaning her back against it.

She sighed heavily only to be jumped up in fright hearing a bang on the door. It got slammed open with a man standing there. Her eyes widened watching the person.

"Master." She almost smiled in relief but froze when his bloodshot eyes met hers. Her breathing got stopped as well as her world witnessing the emotions in his brown orbs.

Anger. Too much anger. He looked in rage. She tried taking a step forward but instead, Xavier took fast long steps towards her trembling figure.

She flinched badly when he slammed his one palm on the wall. She looked up only to find his jaw clenched and gritting his teeth.

"I want to hurt you so bad right now. So fucking bad." She stared at him in confusion. He was angry. Angry at her. But why. What she did. She was kidnapped then why is he angry at her.


"Shut up." She jumped in fear when he whispered harshly. He leaned down to her level gritting his teeth.

"Not a fucking word. Especially after you did." What she did. She had no idea what he was saying.

She tried speaking but got interrupted when someone entered the room. Valerie's eyes widened watching the same man who had a wicked smile.

"You should thank me for bringing her back Xavier otherwise she would have run away till now." Her eyes widened at his words. Runaway. What. She never tried to.

"Thanks, Chris for catching her before she could escape me." Valerie shook her head trying to say something but instead, Xavier grabbed her wrist started dragging her out.

"Master listen to me. He ---"

"Fucking shut the fuck up bitch. I should have never left you. Never trusted you. You disobey me. You broke my trust." He said harshly pulling her with him.

Her legs tangled together many times. She lost her balance so many times but the beast had no mercy on her. Tears started streaming down her eyes as she saw the same monster she had witnessed in the office. But this time it was way scarier than before.

She was dragged up to the mansion. Then she realized she was in the basement. His grip was solid enough to break her bones.

"Master p-please I didn't try to escape that man ---" Before she could complete her words she was pushed inside the room with a rough force.

Her body came in contact with the floor as her teary eyes looked up to the beast who had no mercy in his actions.

"Liar. Keep lying. Liza already told me she offered you an offer and you accepted it. She told me how you tried escaping but how foolish you can be. That bitch wanted to humiliate me and by accepting her offer you made me a joke infront of her and my friend. You really think you can run away from me Valerie. HOW DARE YOU."

She crawled back in fear crying out. She shook her head as her trembling increased.

"I didn't. I didn't please believe me. That man asked me to follow him. He said you asked him to bring me to you. I swear I didn't. Please." Xavier laughed unbuttoning his shirt.

"He's my friend you fucking cagna. He would never betray me. Stop blaming others." Valerie understood there was no way he would believe her.

"Stand up. NOW." She flinched and slowly stood up taking heavy breaths. Her hands trembled badly as she tried her best to not fell on the floor.

She gasped out in terror when his bulky arm was wrapped around her waist roughly pulling her against his hard chest. Her hands landed on his biceps.

"Do you remember the promise we made Valerie? A promise when I stopped touching you." She sobbed out when he grabbed her jaw in a tight grip pulling her head up.

"Answer me. WHAT WAS THE FUCKING PROMISE. FUCKING ANSWER ME." He yelled right on her face making her clutch his biceps in fear. He was the only support she could hold at that time.

Her mind ran to that day and then remembering the promise her heart fell in her gut.

"Promise me you will never leave me and I promise you I will never touch you till you will be ready."

"Yes, Master. I promise."

Her teary eyes met his as another sob left her lips. She tried shaking her head but his grip on her jaw didn't let her.

"I didn't Master. Please believe me." He ignored her begging and gripped her waist tighter.

"Choose Angelo. The easy or hard way. You let me have you with your consent and you will have the best night of your life. Or simply say no and I will fuck your senses out the whole night that you wouldn't feel your legs again."

She cried harder closing her eyes. Her head was already aching from all the events. And now this. No. She didn't want her only virtue to be wasted like this.

There was no fault of hers then why. Why doesn't he believe her when he knows she never lied. Her trembling hands came in front of his face as she joined them.

"Please, believe me, Master. Please I beg you." Xavier chuckled grabbing her hands and he did something which left her terrorized.

He pushed her body backwards only for her to fell on the bed making her gasp out in horror. Without wasting any second he removed his shirt and hover over her.

"Choose Valerie. You have 5 seconds otherwise I will choose for you and that will be only the hard way. And trust me you wouldn't like me to be rough with you." He whispered nibbling on her skin.

His head was dug in her neck making her tremble more. Her eyes was shut down as she breathed out in defeat. A cracked sob left her throat. She knew there was no way out of this. Wasn't this the reason she was here from the start?

"4.....3.....2......" He kept on whispering in her neck but before he could continue he heard.

"I-I accept. Y-You have my c-consent."

That was enough for the beast to unleash and do what he wanted. To give her the night she would never forget her whole life.

A night darker than darkest. The night a soul was killed and the only hope of her was snatched.

Sometimes you don't need to have a fault to be punished. It's just a wicked game of fate.


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