Yes, Master

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Author Pov

He puffed a bunch of smoke out of his lips with a small smirk playing on it while his sinful eyes were staring at the girl laying in front of him. On his bed. Having his claim. Finally.

He was only in his sweatpants along with his wet hair as he just took a fresh shower. The night. It was ended just a few hours ago and he had no doubt in saying it.

It was the best night of his life.

He claimed what he always wanted to. His infatuation was going crazy thinking about her curves again and again. How his fingers touched her. Got buried deep inside her.

How his lips touched every inch of her burning flesh. How he bit every corner leaving his bruises on her skin. And his sadist mind loved every bit of it.

He loved feeling her under his mercy. He loved how vulnerable and dependent she looked when she gave him her consent. He knew her consent was forced but did he mind it. No. Never.

He was tired of waiting and the way she wasn't even trying to let him in it was obvious only force could get him to have his way to her. And it eventually happened.

He had her. He became her first. He became the only man who touched her. Who had her. And he will make sure to be last as well.

He thought that maybe after having her and filling his desires. Maybe just maybe his obsession would cool down but instead watching her writhing under him. Watching her fully on his mercy burnt his desires higher.

Submissive being extremely vulnerable is what Xavier had always loved. He loved being the dominant one and controlling his submissive. He was never a fan of women being dominant instead he loves when they beg. Either for mercy or more.

And ofcourse Valerie didn't beg him for more. She just laid there let him do what he desired not even once she uttered a word. She let him have his way with her in every way he wanted.

Even though her eyes betrayed her. Her emotions but she still didn't let her mind or heart betray her. It's not easy for the body to not feel pleasure but the only thing she felt in her heart was disgust.

Throwing the cigarette away he walked towards her sleeping figure. She looked paler than before and why not. It was the best night for him but not for her but does it matter. No. For him, it didn't.

She was here for his pleasure and it's not like he didn't make her release herself several times. And that was enough for him to think what he did wasn't wrong. Not at all.

He pulled the sheets to her neck staring at her. His eyes darken as once again sinful desires clouded his mind watching her painted neck with his marks.

He loved it. He loved how his marks looked so beautiful on her skin. Only his marks.

He traced his cold finger on her jawline which also had light marks granted by him. She flinched in her sleep letting out a small whimper which didn't add any mercy in his eyes. Instead, it only raised his desires.

He leaned down letting his intoxicated breath met her dry bruised lips. Even her lips were swollen badly because of his assault.

He was about to attach his lips not caring about how damage he already had done to the poor soul. But before he could do he heard a soft knock on the door making his jaw clenched in anger.

Closing his eyes he took deep breaths still keeping his face extremely closer to her. Finally relaxing he opened his eyes only to find her head turned away this time.

She must have felt uncomfortable because of his stinky breathing. He threw one last glance at her before pulling his body up and glaring at the door.

He threw the waste of ashtray in the dustbin and started walking outside. He threw oversized white shirt over his body and opened the knob of the door. As soon as he exited the door he came face to face with Chris who smirked at him.

"Couldn't You fucking wait till the morning. You just had to ruin my best night." Chris chuckled shaking his head before rolling his eyes.

"Puoi continuare I tuoi desideri lussuriosi più tardi, ma in questo momento la tua cagna mi sta dando sui nervi. Tratta con lei. La puttana del cazzo è così irritante" Xavier huffed out in annoyance before walking towards his office. (-You can continue your lustful desires later but right now your bitch is getting on my fucking nerves. Deal with her. Fucking bitch is so irritating.)


She squeezed her eyes before fluttering them open letting out a pained whimper. Her whole body felt like it got crushed under a mountain.

Her legs felt numb while several parts of her body ached feeling a burning sensation on her skin. She clutched her stomach in pain as another wave of pain hit her body.

Her body seemed paralyzed at that moment. Her swollen bloodshot eyes stared at the ceiling blankly. She didn't feel the pain of her body. She didn't feel the pain of her soul bleeding. She didn't feel the pain her stabbed heart felt.

She was numb. Empty. Her eyes blankly stayed glued on the luxurious ceiling. All the memories of a few hours ago torture came crashing on her as she did feel several knives attacking her fibres but refused to acknowledge it.

Removing the thin cover away from her body she carefully sat up on the bed. Her face scrunched up in terrible pain as soon as she lifted her aching body on her trembling legs.

She stumbled a little as the lamp on the side table fell on the table in a laying position. But she ignored the cut she got on her hand. It was nothing against what her whole body was feeling.

She limped towards the bathroom. His luxurious bathroom but didn't forget to bring her warm clothes along with her. She didn't want to take chances. What if he came back and she would be only in a towel. No. She wouldn't be able to survive another painful torture. At least in a same night.

She was grateful to him for leaving her alone. She didn't feel disappointed and why would she even be. It's not like she had any feelings towards him.

As soon as the cold water touch her skin she whimpered out as her warm body got drenched in cold icy water. She didn't even turn the water on a warm level she let the ice-cold water drench her.

Her bruises ached badly while the cut on her hand added more pain but she still felt nothing. The cold water turned her body more numb than before.

She closed her eyes letting transparent tears washed away along with the cold water. Her legs eventually gave up and she slowly let herself be seated on the cold tiled floor.

Her arms wrapped around her knees pulling it near her chest. She cried and cried. Her sobs got mixed with the noise of water hitting the floor. The water washed away the evidence of her ripped away dignity.

The blood of her dignity drowned in the water making her clutch her legs. The bruises were all over her body. Her legs. Thighs. Stomach. Everywhere. He indeed destroyed her just the way she expected him.

After a while of crying and letting her pain out in her loneliness without any embrace that could give her warmth of comfort, she changed her clothes and walked out.

Her hair were wet and she didn't care about drying them. Her eyes fell on the bloodied sheets. Another evidence of that dreadful night. Removing the sheets she threw them in the laundry where her clothes were.

She wanted to wash it away. She wanted to remove every piece of evidence that could remind her of that horrifying night but she had no heart to wash the evidence of her ripped away innocence.

And how can she forget that night when the monster, cause of her every misery will be after her eyes every second.

She didn't have any energy to spread new sheets so she just sat upon the bed leaning her back against the bed's headboard. Her head was spinning she felt the heat radiating out of her body.

She closed her eyes feeling her throat dried up feeling the extreme need for water to end the thirst. She tried moving her body but gave up. She was too weak for it.

On the other hand, after talking to Chris for some time they finally saw the woman entering his office with a bright smile like she had won everything.

A small smirk appeared on Xavier's lips as she ran towards him wanting to hug him but Chris held her elbow roughly jerking her back making her stumble back on her feet.

She looked at Xavier in confusion. "Dadd---"

"Shhh keep your mouth shut," Xavier said interrupting her making her confused. She pulled her arm away from smirking Chris and looked at Xavier with a frown.

"Pensi davvero di poter sostituire Valerie. Mio Angelo. Pensi davvero di essere capace di prendere il suo posto." He spat out with a small chuckle. (-You really think you can replace Valerie. My angel. You really think you're capable of taking her place.)

Liza gulped hard as her hands started shaking. The realization started drowning in her body that she got played by him. He used her.

"Yes, bitch I used you. You never knew my real plan. Eri solo un'esca in questo piano. Il vero piano lo conoscevamo solo io e Chris." Chris chuckled behind her shaking his head. (-You were just a bait in this plan. The real plan only Chris and I knew.)

"I wanted you to scare Valerie which you did. Good job. I knew after meeting you she will try to reach to me as soon as possible and then Chris appeared. You kidnapped her and you were the one who brought her in the basement with the help of Chris. You were the one who told Chris that she was trying to escape. You. You. And you."

Liza stayed frozen in her place as both wicked men snickered out at her horrified expressions.

"And then you were the one who lied. You framed Valerie. You made me lose my senses and I forced Valerie. Why because you wanted to be with me. You did all this just to get rid of her but after watching the videos of CCTV cameras I came to know Valerie was innocent and Chris was fooled by You as well. So I will apologize to her. Ask for her forgiveness that you ruined everything. la stupida Liza." (-The stupid Liza)

Xavier laughed throwing his head back feeling proud of how his plan went the way he wanted. The manipulation was just on another level. He manipulated Liza and it was now Valerie's turn to be manipulated by him.

"Non tu. Mi hai promesso. Te." Liza stuttered out through her teary eyes earning a chuckle from Chris. (-No. You. You promised me. You.)

"It wasn't a promise bitch. It was just empty words. And when you believe someone you never knew this is what you get in the end." He smirked evilly cracking his fingers.

"Now let's punish you for framing my angel." He smirked before taking fast big steps towards her. She cried out falling on the floor when a hard smack landed on her pale cheek.

He grabbed her hair making her gasp out as he roughly pulled her on her feet. Chris did nothing except watch the scene like it's nothing new.

"La puttana del cazzo pensava di potermi riportare indietro. Puttana." He slammed her face on the table making her scream out in pain. She fell holding his legs. (-Fucking bitch thought she can get me back. Whore.)

"I-I beg you let me g-go. I will n-never come in front o-of you. Pl--- Ahh." Two hard smack landed on her both cheeks in a row making her head spin as she witnessed her eyesight darkening because of the force.

"That you should have thought before roaming around me like a little slut you are. You could have been saved only if you didn't try to jump in my life again." Saying that he slammed her head on the edge of the table so hard that she blacked out right away.

"cagna debole," Chris muttered making Xavier snicker in agreement. (- Weak Bitch)

"Take her to the basement. I will give her a slow painful death. After all, she framed my angel and made me force her." He said making a sad pout. Chris laughed shaking his head before throwing unconscious Liza over his shoulder and walking towards the basement.

Xavier smirked at his perfect victory. He knew one way he got open access to Valerie now he can touch her anytime he wants and on the other hand, he can tell her this false sob story and easily can manipulate that innocent angel.

Damn perfect plan. But only if the girl standing outside of the room didn't hear and saw everything that happened inside then maybe it would have been easy.

Let him play. Let him have what he wants. After all, every nightmare has a bright day after maybe one day her bright day appears. Maybe.


Don't ask for details. I had no mood for writing mature content that contains violence so yeah I didn't write it but tried my best to explain it through his and her pov.

Next will be updated soon. Do like and give feedback. Do follow me here and on Instagram the link you can find on my bio.

I Purple You ;)

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