Yes, Master

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Valerie coughed harshly while sitting on the bed. Her eyes felt like they were on fire. Her body was aching badly along with her head. She wanted to close her eyes and run away from this nightmare.

But her body and senses were betraying her again and again. She wasn't able to sleep or to rest even a bit. Her mind kept on playing the flashback of her ruination like a broken tape recorder.

Every time she closed her eyes his evil gaze looking at her with nothing but lust comes infront of her. Her heart couldn't handle the pain of being stabbed by him again and again. It was almost like he succeeded in printing his mark in her mind.

He succeeded in becoming the only thought of her mind. She was helpless. No matter how much she tries to divert her attention all she could think was about the things he did to her. To her body. To her heart. To her soul.

Grabbing the jug from the side table she sighed heavily watching it fully empty. With all her strength she stood up and started walking towards the kitchen which was downstairs.

Even though her legs were trembling and her whole body was aching badly she still refused to sit and let her mind repeat the horrible nightmare she met a while ago.

It's not like she has any other way to get out of this. How much she wish it was just for one night but she knew it wouldn't be. From now on he will touch her the way he wants. And she's too helpless to say no to him. Not only helpless but afraid too.

She didn't want to imagine what might he ends up doing if he would be angry. The things he did to her he said in the end that he was gentle but what if he becomes rough. She didn't want to imagine it.

Sighing in relief as she reached the end of the stairs and was about to walk towards the kitchen. But her head thumped badly making her hold it in pain.

She took steps back and held the wall on the other side of the staircase. She was about to take a step ahead when she heard.

"Pensi davvero di poter sostituire Valerie. Mio Angelo. Pensi davvero di essere capace di prendere il suo posto." He spat out with a small chuckle. (-You really think you can replace Valerie. My angel. You really think you're capable of taking her place.)

Her body froze at the spot hearing the same vicious voice of her cruel master. She turned her body to the side a little and found him in the office smirking at the girl standing in front of him.

They couldn't see her as Valerie's body was completely hidden behind the wall. Her breath hitched hearing his next words.

"Yes, bitch I used you. You never knew my real plan. Eri solo un'esca in questo piano. Il vero piano lo conoscevamo solo io e Chris." (-You were just bait in this plan. The real plan only Chris and I knew.)

"I wanted you to scare Valerie which you did. Good job. I knew after meeting you she will try to reach me as soon as possible and then Chris appeared. You kidnapped her and you were the one who brought her in the basement with the help of Chris. You were the one who told Chris that she was trying to escape. You. You. And you."

She witnessed Liza tearing up. For a moment she felt sympathy for her but it fades away as soon as it came. Why should she pity the woman who didn't think twice before throwing her in the same cage as the vicious beast? Not thinking of how much damage he could cause her.

"And then you were the one who lied. You framed Valerie. You made me lose my senses and I forced Valerie. Why because you wanted to be with me. You did all this just to get rid of her but after watching the videos of CCTV cameras I came to know Valerie was innocent and Chris was fooled by You as well. So I will apologize to her. Ask for her forgiveness that you ruined everything. la stupida Liza." (-The stupid Liza)

Xavier laughed throwing his head back feeling proud of how his plan went the way he wanted.

Valerie shook her head watching him laughing like a psycho man. She didn't expect much from him but it was still hard for her to believe that how can someone be this heartless

"Non tu. Mi hai promesso. Te." Liza stuttered out through her teary eyes earning a chuckle from Chris. (-No. You. You promised me. You.)

"It wasn't a promise bitch. It was just empty words. And when you believe someone you never knew this is what you get in the end." He smirked evilly cracking his fingers.

"Now let's punish you for framing my angel."

With that, she saw everything how badly he has beaten her. As soon as Liza fell unconscious Valerie without thinking twice walked faster towards the room. She didn't care how badly her body was aching. How badly her head was hurting.

All she could think about were the things he did to Liza. So cruel. So heartless. She didn't know people like him exist. Rose was right. She was always right. People outside are cruellest than we think. Everything is not about rainbows and unicorns.

And Valerie finally realized it. She knew she couldn't be able to run away from him. And now she knew better to accept this painful reality of her before it becomes more painful for her.

Reaching the bed She instantly laid down covering herself with the blanket. No tears nothing. All she could think was why couldn't she be in the hands of a man who at least know how to respect someone.

She knew that the plan was Liza's and Chris somehow was involved in it but she never in million years thought that Xavier was a mastermind behind all of this.

He's a great actor. The way he showed anger. The way he behaved all seemed like he was betrayed by her but the truth is. All the drama was scripted by him. Liza and Chris were only pawns in it. And she. A prey.

She clutched the blanket dropping her heavy eyelashes. She couldn't handle it anymore. Her body gave up and the last thing she remembered was hearing the crack of the door opening.

Xavier stretched his arms making a cracking noise. "Damn I feel so energetic. Will she be awake. I hope so." He grinned before walking towards the room.

Entering the room he chuckled watching her curled up in a ball under the blanket. But soon his smile fades away when he witnessed her trembling badly.

Without another thought, he walked towards her. He touched her forehead and cursed under his breath. Her body was on fire.

He gritted his teeth in anger watching her hair wet and her hands cold as ice while the rest of her body was burning in fever. She got fever from showering under ice water.

Against his will, he called his personal doctor and got her checked. He was angry at her for showering in an ice water. The weather was already cold outside and this stunt made her sick.

"Mr Valentino I would prefer you to not stress her much and try to give her light nutrition food. She needs a good diet and also a lot of care. She seems mentally stressed and physically tired so I would prefer you if you would take care of her health and avoid any sexual contact for at least few days."

Xavier glared at the doctor but nonetheless nodded his head. He snorted displeased at the last sentence of avoiding sexual contact but well if her health is at stake he can at least do this for her.

The doctor injected her and left. Xavier sighed rubbing his face furiously. He didn't want to show anger when she will wake up. He knew this new start of their lives wouldn't be easy for her to accept.

But watching her risking her life angered him. He didn't like her being so careless. Calming himself he slid himself under the blanket and laid beside her.

He chuckled watching no bedsheets. He smirked knowing very well that she must have removed them. Removing the strand of her hair from her face he played with her hair.

"No matter how much you want to forget what happened Mio Angelo. I will make sure to remind you again and again. I am your owner. And you're mine. And I will make sure for you to accept me whether with your will or not."

Mumbling those words he dug his face in her burning crook and sighed in content as her beautiful scent inserted in his nostrils. Snuggling in her embrace he let his arms wrapped around her petite figure.

The night he slept peacefully after snatching the peace of the poor soul in his arms.

Be a dream in my nightmare. Free me from the dark side of it.


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