Yes, Master

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Wrapping his arm around her waist he pulled her closer against his chest. She sucked on her breath closing her eyes in ecstasy.

His lips leaned towards her neck letting them kiss her beautiful exposed flesh. The light negligee was completely showing her goddess curves as she was fully flushed against his arms.

Her chest heaved up and down feeling his fingers gracing her covered back. Goosebumps appeared on her skin making him growl in arousal.

He dipped his head deeper in her neck before sucking on the same spot hardly making her arch her back. Her hands held his biceps feeling weak in her knees.

Suddenly her body was in the air but she was still completely attached to his body. He laid her down on the bed keeping the pace of his kisses consistent over her neck.

"Valerie. Your so damn beautiful." He moaned out pulling the only clothing off her body as she let him do it. She was drowned in the ocean of pleasure as his lips were sinfully marking her beautiful skin.

His eyes darken watching her only in thin laced undergarments. His hand cupped her womanhood making her let out a small moan of his name.

"Ah, Sinister."

"Fuck." Sinister snapped open his eyes breathing heavily. He looked around only to find himself in his room and no one near him.

He sat up on the bed leaning against the bed's headboard before gritting his teeth. His hands clenched feeling his hard-on.

He was painfully aroused and remembering the dream again and again it was becoming more painful for him.

"God damn it what's wrong with me." He questioned himself. He knew he found that girl extremely attractive and in some way, he wished to be the one beside her, not Xavier.

But he had no other option. He has no idea why She's kept on playing with his mind without making any effort. He shouldn't be feeling the things for her that are forbidden.

He's forbidden for her. And if Xavier got even a bit of information of what his stepbrother is feeling for his most precious submissive he wouldn't take long before coming at Sinister's neck and Valerie will suffer as well.

His mind in its own went to those electric green eyes. The colour of her eyes always makes him remember the beautiful forest. A lonely forest waiting for someone to explore it. Someone to cherish its beauty. Someone to care for it.

Shaking his head he decided to not let his mind play games more. He needs to accept that Valerie isn't his. So it will be better to stop fantasizing about her as well.

With that, he decided to take a shower to get rid of the hard-on that he never wanted to have in the first place.

On the other hand, Valerie slowly unfolded her eyes letting out a small moan feeling aching pain in her head. She pulled her hand to her head palming it.

She moved her head and instantly froze feeling fear overtaking her body as her eyes met those grey ones that were already throwing intense gaze at her.

"Angel your awake. Thank God." She tried sitting up but the pain in her head made her let out another moan. Xavier instantly helped her and let her back meet the bed's headboard.

She again opened her eyes adjusting her body as she stared at him with nothing but fear. Even though her eyes were empty but her heart was screaming only fear for him.

Her gaze fell on her laps making her gulp down as her throat was dried up badly. "W-water." Xavier instantly worked up grabbing the glass and jug from the side table and bringing it to her lips.

She tried to grab the glass but he refused it and made her drink it from his hand. Memories started appearing in her mind remembering all the cruel things he did to Liza. To her. She couldn't help but break away from him.

Without realising she tried scooting away from him further which didn't go unnoticed by him.

Xavier was kind of happy seeing her letting him help her. But as soon as she tried making the distance between them his smile faded away and grimace expressions appeared on his face.

He clenched his jaw in anger. He knew after the things he did to her she will fear him and that's what he wanted from her. Her fear. Then why suddenly he started disliking the way she was fearing him.

He didn't like the way she was trying to make a distance between them. He didn't like the way she was afraid of his touch. Even though he knew he was the reason but still he refused to let her off with this.

"I am sorry." Valerie's head snapped up only to find his head dipped down. She almost got shocked at his words. Almost.

"I know you didn't try to escape. I came to know everything through CCTV footage. I should have believed you. But Liza. She lied about everything. I am sorry. I am so so sorry angel." Valerie wanted to slap him. Yell at him for all the manipulative ways he was using.

But instead, she decided to keep quiet. What's the point of telling him that she already knows his plan. It's not like after that she will be free. She's stuck with him either way.

"Angel please look at me." She slowly looked up at him only to find his soft gaze on her. And fake tears. Wow what an actor. She stared at him blankly even though she was beyond baffled at how of a perfect actor he is.

His palm came in contact with her cheek as he caressed it softly. She flinched at his touch and that time one tear escaped his eyes. A fake one.

"God, what have I done to you. I am sorry. I was so angry that I just wanted to punish you. Please forgive me. You know me. I had promised you if it wasn't for that cagna who lied to me. All of this wouldn't have happened. I am so sorry Mio Angelo."

He threw his head on her laps clutching her thin nightwear as she only stared at him in disbelief.

"Please forgive me. Just one chance. Just give me one chance and I promise I will make it up to you. Please my angel don't be mad at me. Please. Don't be afraid of me." She sighed heavily pressing her back against the headboard.

Why was he even asking for a chance? It's not like she has an option. What's with all of this act. Oh yeah. Maybe if she didn't listen to their conversation and his plan. Maybe she would have believed that he was regretting his doings for real.

He's a monster. A monster with a pretty face.

"Master." She mumbled pulling his head up. Her one trembling palm was placed against his cheek as he looked up with his bloodshot eyes. She sighed looking at his soaked cheeks.

"Please angel just one last chance." She stared at him blankly trying to overcome the disbelief.

"Why are you even asking master. You don't need to ask me for a chance. I am yours to do as you wish." She whispered with difficulty. But her answer didn't fail to satisfy the beast.

Xavier smirked at her words and before she knew anything he leaned closer to her face pulling her lips in a rough kiss.

Valerie did nothing except close her eyes. Does she have any other choice? She let him ravage her lips before pulling away and resting his forehead against hers.

"I promise from now on your not my submissive but you're my queen. My angelic queen."

He said caressing her chubby cheeks. She internally chuckled at the word queen. He doesn't even know that there is a life away from money and luxury as well.

Only if he knew treating her as queen wasn't the thing she ever wanted. A little respect and freedom would have made her his slave. If only he knew.


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