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"Come here, baby." Xavier rolled his eyes when Chris called his girl and she came towards him like a loyal puppy. He instantly pulled her on his laps pulling her in a desperate kiss.

The girl didn't even flinch which made Xavier frown in curiosity. The girl seemed too comfortable with Chris which indeed surprised him. How can she behave like this guy didn't torture her all this time?

Chris was the worst man alive that Xavier knew. Xavier had relationships with a lot of people. Damien was considered a ruthless beast as well but he was never close to Xavier that much as compared to Rafael.

Rafael had been a great partner of Xavier holding a large sum of shares that's why both had better relations than Damien. Damien was more of Sinister's friend than Xavier while Rafael liked not making friends.

Chris never got along with anyone except Xavier as both the guys were ruthless sadist beasts. They love treating their women as toys. Chris was the worst kind in Xavier's circle.

Even Mr. Valentino had a disliking towards Chris but being the closest with Xavier no one ever dared to interfere in their matters. Xavier had witnessed Chris brutally treating women like they are some kind of object.

Xavier expected him to change a bit when he met his fiance. Yes, Chris got a girlfriend 2 years ago and Xavier had witnessed him being all crazy over her.

Xavier was sure that guy was smitten by her and will do anything to make her his. It was easy for Chris to fool the girl with his charms and money. Chris is one of the famous millionaires who easily get to know her details.

They both started dating but soon his possessiveness didn't sit well with the girl. She didn't like the way he always tried to control her. And then she got an opportunity to study abroad as she was only 19 at that time.

But that burnt the beast side of Chris. He gave up on the facade of being nice when she said she wants to break up and focus on her studies. He did only one thing. Took her away from everything.

Being the only daughter of a single mother he threatened her with her mother's life and forced her to come with him to another country. It's been 2 years now but his treatment towards her didn't change a bit.

She was still being treated like a rag doll. He liked showing others his dominance over her. He loves showing that she's only his.

Xavier had watched her being beaten up. Being assaulted by him. Forced by him again and again. Even once she accidentally fell on a floor with a man above her and Chris gave her the worst punishment.

Her studies. Her dreams. Everything got ruined by him. And he knew she will never love Chris no matter how much he tries. But now seeing her behaving happy and comfortable with his touch confused Xavier.

He knew Chris had been crazily obsessed with this girl and soon they both are going to get married. There is no way in hell Chris would let this girl go. But he can't understand why this girl is behaving like they are a happily engaged couple.

Pulling away Chris caressed her cheek pecking her lips. All Xavier could see in his eyes was madness and satisfaction. There was no love or adoration for her.

"I love you so much, baby." Xavier was about to roll his eyes as he already knew she wouldn't reply him but then.

"I love you too Chris." Xavier's head snapped towards her as he stared at her in pure shock. Did this girl just say those words?

Chris smiled and asked her to bring drinks for Xavier as he was in Chris mansion. As soon as Chris turned his attention towards Xavier he let out a small chuckle.

"What's with the look." Xavier raised his eyebrow.

"She said she loves you." Chris rolled his eyes.

"So?" He questioned nonchalantly.

"So I am like what the fuck. How this happened. Like how can she ends up loving you after all the shits you have done to her." Xavier said in pure shock making Chris let out a small laugh.

"Manipulation," Chris stated with a small smirk. Even Xavier couldn't deny how evil this bastard looked.

"Two months ago her mother passed away from cancer. She was alone too much alone. And these months all I did is to tell her that I am the only one she can lean on. I am the only one for her and I will never leave her. And it worked. Now she's living with me. Being an innocent loyal puppet of mine with her consent and that's all I ever wanted."

Hearing those words something alarmed Xavier as he leaned his back on the sofa. A small smirk slowly appeared on his lips.

"How much satisfaction you get hearing her confession." He asked Chris who sighed in content dramatically spreading his arms.

"No details can explain it. Whenever she utters those words I just feel like I won everything in life. I love her so damn much and now she will be with me in my grasp for my whole life. No one will separate us. I am so fucking happy." Chris exclaimed feeling proud at his evilness.

Xavier felt something in his heart. A need. A desire. A want to hear the same words from a particular person he addressed as his angel.

But can he expect that from her especially after all the shits he has done to her? Manipulation. Doesn't seem like a bad plan to him but for that, it's not easy to make her mentally vulnerable.

"How can you break someone without using violence." He questioned Chris who frowned in response.

"Words. Words are more powerful than weapons. They can't hurt you physically but will tear you mentally that you will lose the strength of even fight back physically." Xavier smirked at his words nodding his head in agreement.

Chris and Xavier had always been the biggest sadists but their ways were always different. Chris likes using physical force on his woman just to make her submit to him but Xavier likes it more painful.

He likes it when without any scratch on his woman she would beg for mercy. She would cry for comfort and he will be the only comfort that she could get.

After getting a bit drunk he went back to the mansion. It was almost midnight and he had an idea of Valerie might be sleeping. He knew he had already drilled an indescribable fear in her for him that she wouldn't disobey him.

Entering his room with a bit hazy senses his eyes darken right away watching his angel sleeping on the sofa. She was indeed waiting for him.

A small smirk appeared on his lips as one plan travelled in his mind. Changing his expressions into dark ones he took few steps towards the side table of the bed and grabbed the glass from it.

Giving one glance at the sleeping soul he smashed it on the floor jolting her up from the sofa. She sat up abruptly blinking her eyes in horror.

She turned her head only to find him staring at her like a predator ready to rip his prey apart. Her chest heaved back and forth in anticipation.

"I said I am sorry didn't I." She stared at him in confusion when she gasped out. He grabbed the lamp and slammed it on the floor as well.

She stood up from the sofa with trembling legs staring at him with pure horror.


"Shhh keep quiet and listen to me." He said in a calm low tone taking slow yet dangerous steps towards her.

She stood on the spot in shock and fear as he approached her. The only thing that could be heard in the room was the noise his shoes were making while stepping on the broken glass.

"Sit come on." He forced her to sit on the sofa again and kneeled in front of her. Her eyes widened when she witnessed a sharp glass in his hand.

To her horror, he clutched the glass in his hand so hard that blood started oozing out of his hand. She wanted to grab his hand and stop him but instead, she was frozen in fear and shock.

Her head snapped towards him only to find bloodshot evil eyes staring at her like a psycho. His gaze scared her to her core. The way he was looking at her. It wasn't his usual sinister or lustful gaze. It was different.

An obsessive psychotic one.

He looked like a devil who was ready to suck her soul out.

"I said I am sorry I was fooled by Liza. Then why are you doing this? Why aren't you talking to me? For the past two days, I took care of you like a loving master then why are ignoring me like this."

He let the glass fell on the floor opening his bloody palm. She forwarded her trembling hands to hold his hand but flinched back when he raised his hand shaking his head.

"Words angel. Words." She licked her dry lips.

"I wasn't ignoring you M-Master I am sorry if I ---" He placed his bloody finger on her lips hushing her.

"Shh don't apologize. It's not your fault. I am the jerk here. It's all my fault I shouldn't have touched you that way even if you tried running away I shouldn't have done it." She clenched her jaw at his acting skills but soon froze.

He moved his bloody palm on her cheek before spreading his blood all over her cheek making her clutch the sofa material in terror.

"You know I love you right. You know that even though you're an orphan I don't care. You know that all matters to me is you and only you right." She stared at him in complete horror.

He was looking crazy and his words were playing with her sanity. She suddenly heard a voice in her head repeating his words.

You're an orphan but I don't care.

She shook off the voice. It doesn't matter. Why would it make a difference? He still is a monster.

"All I want is you to be mine with you everything. I can give you everything you want. I know the way I touched you it must be painful right. The way I ran my hands over you. The way my lips kissed your flesh."

She started trembling badly remembering the night he ruined her brutally. Xavier wrapped his bloody arm around her shoulder slowly pulling her shivering body in his arms.

"The way I became your first. The way I tasted you. The way you were so tight around me. Everything. You made me feel what I never felt angel. And I want to feel that again and again. Trust me you have me. No one else."

Valerie felt his words repeating in her head again and again. Her breathing started getting slower. Her hands unconsciously went to his chest as she clutched his shirt desperate to breathe out.

"Your orphanage doesn't even care if you're alive. Your so-called friends are living their lives perfectly. No one cares for you except me. I can give you anything. You will get the whole world just accept me, angel. Because I am the only one for you. You can only be save with me."

He said caressing her hair while feeling her trembling vigorously in his arms. He knew what he was doing and the smirk dancing on his lips was the satisfied proof.

"S-Stop." She mumbled only for him to tighten his grip on her. She gasped out feeling him placing a gentle kiss on her neck.

"Only I can do this. I am the only one for you angel. Accept it. Just accept your fate. Your destiny. Which is me and just me."

With that, he felt her body being limped in his arms. Pulling away he picked her body up and laid her down on the bed. Her face, neck and even her hands were covered with his blood.

Kneeling beside her he licked her cheek. She was still shivering but it didn't affect him. She just blacked out of shock. His words affected her more than he expected.

Suddenly he threw his head back laughing out like a manic when he remembered the words he said to her. He didn't lie when he said he will treat her like a queen if she accepts him.

She will be his queen only if she will accept everything he will ask her to do.

Love? Yes, he loves her. He loves her in his own way. He doesn't care what kind of messed up feelings he has for her. Because for him, whatever he feels for her is love.

Maybe an obsession. Then he can easily say that.

He's obsessively in love with her.

Wanna kill a person. What's the fun in digging a body when you can suck a soul.


Something not so romantic yet extremely psychotic is coming up. So beware and read the warnings again. I told you the male lead is one fucked up piece so don't blame me.

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