Yes, Master

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"No one cares for you except me. Just accept me and you will be treated like a queen."

Accept me. Accept me. Accept me.

She snapped open her eyes with a horrified gasp. She couldn't believe that his efforts of playing with her mind have started to work.

He was all over her senses and his words like a mantra kept on playing in her mind. How can someone be so cruel? How can he treat someone like this when she has done nothing to him.

Being his mistress was never her choice. She was like a dress that had a tag of Xavier on her from the day she was rescued by Mr Valentino.

She questions day and night that why that man even saved her and her friends when all he was going to do is to throw them in the hands of these monsters.

Leaning her back on the bed's headboard she sighed heavily. Her eyes moved all over the room trying to find the source of her discomfort and terror but he wasn't there.

She almost sighed in relief but instead, her breathing got caught in her throat hearing the door of the bathroom cracked opening. Her eyes remained stuck on the bed fisting her hands in fear.

Xavier was surprised to see her already awake. He was only in his robe as he just took a fresh shower. His eyes moved all over her body remembering how he changed her clothes when she blacked out.

Few drops of his blood fell on her clothes as well as on her neck so he decided to clean the blood. Grabbing a wet towel he cleaned the blood and removed her bloody dress replacing it with a light silk negligee.

He always loved seeing her in light nightwear even he bought a lot of negligees for her a few days ago. He loves when her petite figure get crushed in his arms and because of the light nightwear he can easily feel her curves.

Watching her trembling hands he walked towards her without caring about her trembling figure. Reaching her he took a seat in front of her.

Grabbing her clenched fist he pulled it towards his lips. Her eyes got widened feeling him kissing her fisted hand.

"Angelo look at me." She slowly looked up only to find his intense gaze on her. He was staring at her without blinking. The way he was looking shuddered her as it was not a good sign.

"I am sorry. I was drunk and I don't even remember what kind of rubbish I had said to you. Just don't mind ok." He said innocently making her instantly nod.

Xavier smiled almost smirked seeing her trembling in fear. Slowly he grabbing her both arms and pulled her a little closer. Valerie gulped but said nothing just kept her eyes down.

"Come here." He said patting his thigh making her clenched her jaw. The fear and terror was too much.

Against her will, with her trembling legs, she sat upon his laps making him grin in satisfaction. Her obedience sometimes makes his surprised at how can someone listen to him without another word.

Wrapping his arm around her tiny waist he dug his face in her crook making her gulped down. She knew there is no way she could escape him so better just accept it.

His fingers played with the straps of her negligee as he smoothly pulled them down her shoulders. She shuddered when his cold fingers met her warm body.

Leaning more closer he let his lips travel on her milky smooth skin making her shut her eyes right away. His lips trailed down to her revealed shoulder kissing her flesh.

He was weirdly too soft today. He indeed was gentle when he took her the first time but it was still rough for a virgin. And this time she felt him holding her and touching way too softer than before.

"Today I will show you how much I love you." He whispered making her grind her teeth. She felt rage in her. Love. Is this love. No. It can never be love.

How can he name his toxic feelings for her as love? But can she tell him this? No. Even though she wants she just can't. She has no strength to do so. No matter how much she hates this man but the fear he has engraved in her was much bigger than the little confidence she ever had.

Squeezing her shut eyes together tightly she felt a tug on her waist pressing her front against the hard chest. His other travelled upwards on her back pulling her negligee completely down.

He slowly removed the clothing from her upper body revealing a skin coloured bra that was complimenting her body in every way.

His eyes darken in pure lust as he kissed her jawline before whispering. "Your so damn beautiful." She winced feeling him biting her flesh. But it wasn't something new. He had done worst than what he had done to her the first night.

She was exposed in front of him and even though it wasn't the first she still felt uncomfortable feeling his burning glare examining her body.

A gasp left her lips as she wss slammed against the bed with the body of her master hovering above her in a second. His breathing started accelerating as it was getting hard for him to control.

Soon the negligee was completely pulled off her body by Xavier who threw it on the floor. She was only in her inner garments making him held the side of her waist.

He palmed her ribcage and gave a slight squeeze on it making her gasp out right away. His action took her by surprise.

He smirked watching sweat dripping down her body making him proud at how she was responding to his touch even though somewhere in his fucked up mind he knew it was only fear but he refused to take it as her excitement.

Peeling himself off her he stood beside the bed watching her almost naked body submerged in the bedsheets. He removed his robe throwing it away he was only in his boxers.

He smirked grabbing her negligee from the floor and ripping it savagely. Valerie still didn't open her eyes instead she clutched the bedsheets in fear of what he was up to.

"Hands above your head Angel." Valerie's eyes finally snapped up to him only to find him staring at her blankly. He was waiting for her to obey him. And being an extremely obedient mistress she did unintentionally.

An evil smirk was plastered on his lips and never wavered away for even a second. Gripping her both tiny wrists in his one hand he wrapped the tie around her wrists.

"Don't you dare to pull your hands down otherwise consequences wouldn't be nice?" He whispered leaning to her face.

Unhooking her bra he removed it and instead of throwing it away, he wrapped it around her eyes completely snatching her vision to see anything.

Valerie's heart was drumming in her ear. She was petrified of the things he was planning to with her. She had no idea of what was coming for her or what her cruel master had decided for her.

Hovering over her once again he attached his lips against hers making her jump in surprise. The kiss was rough dominating and full of desperation. She wanted to support but remembering his warning she didn't move her hands.

Moving his lips furiously against hers he felt her trying to kiss him back but in vain. He knew she was doing it just to obey him but he didn't care. All he wanted was to feel her.

His hand skilfully went down her stomach making traces all over. She gasped out in the kiss when he pressed the side of her waist.

Taking an opportunity he thrust his tongue in her mouth exploring every inch. Valerie had stopped kissing him back as he wasn't able to keep up the pace.

Finally breaking the kiss he kissed her nose cheeks and pecked her lips multiple times before sliding his other hand to her hair. He grabbed the handful of her hairs and pulled them down making her hiss at his action.

His lips travelled down to her jawline till his lustful gaze met with her beautiful neck. Kissing softly on her neck he changed the pace and turned his kisses into rough sucking making her silently whimper.

Suddenly she heard him touching the side table once again and this time she felt something cold on her stomach. She almost screamed out in fear when she realized what it was.

A Knife.

Her breathing got caught in her throat as she felt him making traces all over her bare stomach. His lips were still busy sucking on her bosoms. While his other hand was busy squeezing her other bosom.

Tears filled her eyes when she heard his next words.

"I want to see how my name will look on your beautiful skin."

Sometimes the pain of wounds becomes smaller than the scars on the soul.


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