Yes, Master

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Warning: Violence Ahead.

Author Pov

"Tell me, Mio Angelo. Where should I carve my name? Here." He whispered pressing the knob of the knife on the side of her stomach making her hold back her breathing in fear.

"Or here." He traced the sharp edge of the knife on her bare body reaching a little up from her swollen bosom. She tightened her fists and squeezed her eyes in fear.

She wasn't able to let out a bit of a breath in fear. She was petrified feeling him pressing the sharp cold object on her bare body. Her eyes started getting teary but she was glad that he couldn't see her eyes as they were blindfolded.

The pressure of the knife on her skin wasn't too much but it was still enough to make her fear the upcoming unfortunate events for her.

"No." He said pulling the knife completely away from her body. She let out a shaky breath realising that she was holding her breathing afraid of his next movement.

She heard him placing his both palms beside her head and coming up towards her face. His face was only inches away from hers as she felt his breathing hitting her lips continuously.

She knew that knife was still in his hand but with the way his face hovered above hers she had no idea what he was planning next.

"I don't want to ruin the beautiful skin my Angel have." He mumbled brushing his lips against her swollen ones. She clutched the pillow above her head as she still had her arms above.

She felt his hand caressing her chubby cheek before leaning down and kissing it. She hissed when he took her cheek between his teeth and lightly bit it.

He increased the pressure of his biting making her wince a bit. Leaving her skin he placed soft kisses all over the reddish spot because of his bite.

Going aside he kissed her tiny nose and did the same with her other cheek. Her breathing with time kept on increasing in fear. She wasn't able to hold back the fear her heart was screaming.

She knew the knife was still in his hand for a reason. And the way he was touching her scared her. He was way too gentle.

"Let's do this. I am giving you a choice love." He whispered nibbling on her neck. He wrapped his free arm around her waist and pulled her up a bit making her arch her back.

His lips were busy kissing her collarbone while his other hand went to her underwear. Using the sharp object in his hand he ripped the sides of the material and easily removed it from her body leaving her completely bare for his sinful eyes.

His fingers gently traced down to her stomach making her breathe out in anticipation. He moved his body up coming face to face with her.

His lips parted watching sweat dripping down her forehead making her look aesthetic. Her body jolted up when his fingers landed on her core making her lean her head back a bit.

His face was extremely near her. His lips were touching the side of her lips making her aware of his presence. She clutched her hands when his fingers started moving at a very slow pace on her core.

Even though her heart and mind were against this. The only thing her heartfelt was disgust at his touch. But her body was feeling what a human body will feel. And addition even if she wants to push him away she knows better than to disobey this monster.

She gasped out feeling him increasing his pace. Her face went upwards in surprise letting a loud gasp out when he increased the movement of his fingers.

His lips met her jawline as she moved her head up because of the sensation. Even though his fingers were doing their work his eyes stayed still on her. Watching her every movement.

Watching her arching her back. Throwing her head back at his touch. The sweat dripping down her body. And the beautiful soft noises she was making. Everything. He wanted to watch her doing all this.

Soon her breathing started accelerating as she felt a knot in her stomach. He smirked completely aware of the fact that she was going to cum anytime soon.

And he withdrew his hand. Her chest heaved up and down rapidly. She was too close but he didn't give her the release. Her legs trembled in need but she kept her lips sealed.

She felt immense hate in her heart because of the way her body gave in. But did she have any option? No, she didn't.

Xavier wiped his fingers with the bedsheets before tracing her trembling thighs with his cold fingers. He waited and waited for her voice to come out but nothing.

He frowned as his smirk faded away. Why wasn't she begging him for a release? Why was she so quiet. What's with this girl.

Licking his lips he went to her ear nibbling on her earlobe he whispered. "What do you want Angel. Do you want your Master to give you a release?" He whispered shamelessly making her gulp down.

"Whatever Master wants. He can do." She said making him almost freeze up in shock. Did she just reject his offer to give her a release?

He had never witnessed someone like her. Her body was begging for a release but her tongue was saying something else. She didn't refuse in clear words but it was almost like she didn't care for what he does with her.

Clenching his jaw his grip on the knife tightened. A psychotic angry smirk appeared on his lips as he leaned down and this time.

"Ah." She shrieked out in pain when he slammed his fingers in her making her almost tear up at how much force he used.

This was her second time and she was still tight enough for him to not have easy access. Her wall tightened against his fingers. His lips came crashing against hers while he started slamming his fingers in her with a monstrous pace.

He heard her whimpering in the kiss and he knew that she didn't adjust to his fingers but did he care. No, he didn't. He just wanted to let out his anger on her for refusing him.

Her back arched when she felt a weird sensation in her pit. Their chest collided with each other. Xavier didn't show any mercy and increased the pace making her release herself in a minute.

He finally let her lips go from a ferocious kiss making her breathe out hungrily. The intercourse was crazy. His way of making her release was way too rough and she didn't want to even imagine how rough will he be during the real intercourse.

Her chest heaved up and down rapidly as she hungrily swallowed a large amount of air. While Xavier was breathing normally keeping his psychotic gaze plastered on her flustered figure.

"Choose Angel. One: I will carve my name using this knife on your beautiful skin and in a way that it will leave a lifetime scar. Two: You have to say this."

He paused leaning down to her face brushing his lips against hers. As soon as her breathing calmed down a bit he blasted a bomb on her with those choices. She waited for him to speak and finally hearing his next words she felt numb and beyond shook.

"Say that You love me." She laid frozen on the bed with him hovering over her in shock. She wasn't able to comprehend what kind of bullshit he was spouting this time.

Love him. She will die but will never use those pure words for him. She doesn't love. Doesn't even like him. He's a monster. A psychopath like him doesn't deserve to be loved. He's destined only to be hated.

Watching her laid motionless and silent Xavier clenched his jaw in anger. His frown deepens watching her saying nothing. He was expecting her to say those words he wanted to hear so badly from her lips after those venomous choices.

From the moment he came back from Chris. All he could think about how those words will sound coming from Valerie's lips. He wanted her to say these words when he's touching her.

It doesn't matter if she meant it or not all he wanted was to hear those words from her lips for now. Because he had a confidence that soon he will make her feel these words as well.

"Say it Valerie One or Two." He again whispered demanding an answer. Both options were like a painful slap for her. One will give her physical pain. And two will leave her mentally disturbed.

But she will be damned if she ever let him hear these words from her lips. Never. She will never say them. Not to him.

"O-One." Xavier's nose flared up in anger hearing her meek whisper. His grip on the knife tightened as he stared at her blindfolded and sweaty face.

He couldn't believe how stubborn she can be. But was it stubbornness? Or the unexplained hatred towards him. She hates the thought of even saying those words to him.

"Say that You love me. NOW." He growled making her flinch. She wasn't expecting him to shout at her like this. She could feel his harsh breathing on her chin. But she refused to back out. She kept her mouth shut.

Xavier punched the pillow beside her head making her jolt up in terror. "FUCKING SAY THAT YOU LOVE ME. SAY IT." He again roared right on her face making her press her head deeper in the cushion.

"Valerie." His tone was dangerously warning one when she said nothing. Valerie had enough so she said what she wanted to say.

"I don't love you. I will never love you. I hate you. I hate you. I ---Ahhhh." Out of her mind, she raised her voice letting out those words but her words got replaced with her scream.

Xavier lost his senses hearing the word 'hate' for him from her lips. He leaned down and instantly dug the edge of the knife in her flesh making her scream out.

"I dare you to move your hands. I fucking dare you." He growled when Valerie struggled to remove the tie and move her arms down but hearing his words her arms got frozen in the place. He sounded crazy.

A cracked sob left from her lips feeling a sharp pain on her stomach near the ribcage. Gritting his teeth he carved 'X.V' on her flesh in anger.

Tears streamed down her eyes rapidly while sobs didn't stop leaving her lips. It didn't take him much time but still, she could feel her blood touching her bare body.

Suddenly she felt her eyes dripping down and once again another scream ripped out of her lips when he pressed the newly wound he made using his palm.

More blood oozed out of her body as she sobbed out loudly. "Feel it. This is what you deserve after all the fucking shit you said to me." Her mind started dizzy up and her eyes started dropping.

She heard his last words before she felt him hovering over her body and making her body jolt upwards as he entered her with one rough thrust. And without wasting any time he thrusted inside her in an animalistic pace.

"You will love me. You will fucking love me. You're mine. You're mine. I own you. You have to love me."

With that everything blacked out but he didn't stop. He didn't even after feeling her motionless body laid under him.

If this was the definition of love then every villain was indeed in love with his prey.


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