Yes, Master

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(Xavier Pov will be treated as a present one. I would try to make the grammar based on present events not like the past ones I had used in the previous chapters. Enjoy.)

Xavier Pov (His Pov is creepy as hell so be aware.)

"Ugghhh" I punch the mirror in my bathroom multiple times screaming out. I am feeling like shit. This wasn't the plan. I didn't plan the events to get twist like this.

I didn't plan to force her. To carve my name on her body. I never want to ruin her beautiful skin then why. It's all her fault. Can't she just shut her mouth and obey me without another word.

I just wanted to hear those words from her. I thought maybe scaring her and giving her those choices will make her submit to me and she will eventually say those words I am dying to hear.

But no. That stubborn bitch just had to ruin everything. My fist is full of blood because of all the frustrated punches I had given to my poor mirror.

But I don't care. All my senses were stuck with her. They are just mere empty words. Can't she just spell them to satisfy me? But no she just wants to test me in everything.

Opening the tap of the water I let my blood rinse off my hand. I felt no pain. Nothing. Instead, I felt more detested when she refused to repeat after me.

"I don't love you. I hate you. I hate you."

"Fucking shut up." I hiss as those words echo in my head once again. Why is this affecting me so damn much? I Xavier Valentino never had believed in this rubbish then why am I so mad at her for not loving me.

Slamming my bloody hand on the counter I glare at my reflection in the mirror for God knows how long. I felt no pleasure when I fucked her. Yes, I did love it when I started touching her but when she uttered those distasteful words I couldn't feel anything except rage.

I never behaved this desperate before then why now. Grabbing the first aid I roughly wrap the bandage on my wound. I am feeling nothing while doing it. All I am hearing is her hateful words.

Exiting the bathroom I ruffle my wet hair using the towel as I just took a shower. My eyes narrow at the sight of her laying on my bed with her naked body being covered with a blanket.

I already bandaged her stomach and felt more rage seeing a disgusting reddish mark on her beautiful skin. That scar will never leave her body. I am satisfied too after all that scar will always remind her of me. Her owner. Her master. Only me.

But it's almost like a mark on a moon. I didn't plan to mark her but well I think she loves it when I becomes hard with her. She likes it rough right then fine from now onwards she will only see my devil side.

I am done with being soft. Done with making fake apologies all the time. It does not affect her after all. Fuck this love. Fuck this submission shit. Fuck this breaking her.

All I want is her. And I will have her again and again with or without her consent. I don't care.

Walking towards her I pull the blanket away from her body and lean down to check the wound. It's not bleeding good. I was rough too rough I knew it. But it's her fault she should have thought before opening her mouth.

Biting my lower lip I trace my cold fingers on her beautiful skin. Her face is so pale and restless. Maybe I am becoming successful in breaking her. But I don't care anymore. I will do whatever I want to do with her. She breaks or not I don't give a shit anymore.

Grabbing my shirt from the sofa I make her wear it. Damn, she looks so hot in my shirt and my scent mixing with hers. Shit, I don't want to do it while she's unconscious though. I am not that evil now. Am I.

I chuckle at that thought. Not evil. Come on I am worst than Lucifer himself. And I don't care.

Grabbing my phone I instantly roll my eyes watching my father's name flickering on it. This old man is bugging me too much these days what's his problem now.

"What you want." I hear him sighing at my disrespect making me roll my eyes once again.

"What's wrong with you Xavier. Your behaviour is becoming worse day by day. Plus your secretary told me that you didn't attend the office for the last 3 days. Have you lost your mind? There are a lot of things you need to handle Xavier and because of your irresponsible behaviour, we are losing a lot of tenders. Sinister yesterday again won another important tender and you didn't even attend the meeting. It's really an irresponsible behaviour Xavier."

I clench my jaw hearing him. That little shit again won another tender that's supposed to be mine. Shit. In making devil plans for Valerie I forgot about the meeting.

"Stop fucking comparing me with that bitch. You don't have to fucking worry. It's just two tenders. I will work harder for the next one. But stop fucking taking that son of a bitch name every now and then."

"I DARE YOU TO SAY A WORD AGAINST HIS MOTHER XAVIER." He growls making me clench my fists in anger. Fucking bastard how his ass burnt in the fire when I said a word against that bitch but he never said a word when people insulted my mother.

"Sinister is my son. Even if you like it or not. And the woman you're calling a bitch was the love of my life. Don't you dare to insult her?"

"Then go worship your bitch father. And stop fucking eating my brain. If you ever called me again telling me how much of a great man sinister is and how useless I am then I swear to kill that bastard. Go to your dead bitch."

With that, I hang up. Fucking bastard. No matter how much I care about him. After all, he gave me a world but I hate this bastard at the same time. And that bitch too. That bitch and her son ruined our family.

I throw my phone on the ground before roughly grabbing my office suit. I don't want to go but I have to. I can't let that son of a bitch keep on winning. I have to show him that a peasant can never be a king.

I walk out after getting ready but instantly stop watching my Lil kitten sitting on the bed. Her hand was placed on her stomach where my name is craved. While her face is scrunched up in pain.

The anger and lava that was burning in me fade away. My shirt looks so damn beautiful on her. Her milky skin looks so ethereal in my black shirt that is quite oversized for her.

"You woke up." Her head snaps up only to meet my blank gaze. I am still mad but not at her. But my bitch of a father.

I chuckle watching her tremble as I start to walk towards her. She is so fragile. And I love it when she is scared. It gives me weird pleasure. Well, I am a sadist. Aren't I.

I gently pick her up in a bridal style making her hiss as my action definitely affect her wound. Slowly I place her on my laps letting myself be seated on the sofa.

She is completely naked only my shirt is covering her upper body with no undergarments. Her head is dip down. My scared kitten.

She gasps a bit when I wrap my arms around her and pull her completely in my arms. I hug her gently digging my head in the side of her neck. She smells aesthetic. So addicting. So beautiful.

"Hug me back," I whisper in a cold tone and she being my obedient angel wraps her arms around me hissing a bit as it pressured her wound.

I give a light tug on her waist engulfing her deeply in my embrace. My anger. My madness. Everything fades away in a minute.

Her scent is so addicting. Her mere presence is like a drug. I think I finally found a girl I ever wish to have. She is mine. And will remain as mine till death do us apart.

I nuzzle in her crook closing my eyes. I can't do this. I don't want to let her go. I want her. I want her to be mine till I am alive. She will remain as my woman. She can't leave me. I wouldn't let her.

I am the devil. This is my hell and I am crazily obsessed with this angel that I have trapped.

Even the devil was defeated once only if he knew his own actions will be his miserable downfall.


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