Yes, Master

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Xavier entered the room where his father was sitting on the ground and was smiling happily looking at the feast that was arranged on the table in front of him.

Mr. Valentino always loved the food from the orphanage. The taste of the food never failed to make him feel this place like home.

His eyes finally fell on his son and his smile widened seeing him there. He motioned Xavier to sit in front of him. Xavier hesitated as he never ate anything sitting on the floor but again there were heavy carpet and comfortable pillow on which he finally sat down.

"Hello, Young master. I am Jane. The caretaker of this orphanage." Xavier did nothing only nodded with a straight face not interested in all of this.

He was busy in the thoughts of that beautiful yet intriguing girl he just met a few minutes ago. Turning his eyes towards his father. He felt an urge to ask his father for that girl.

He wanted to have that green-eyed girl. He wanted her. But again his father has already chosen another girl as his submissive and he can't do anything else.

"Where is my favourite dessert. You know I can't finish my feast without Val's hand made dessert." Mr. Valentino said with an excited tone making Jane chuckled.

"She left the dessert in the freezer as she had to look after the kids. But don't worry I will just bring it for you right away." Jane was about to walk away but stopped when Mr. Valentino said something which didn't fail to anxious her.

"Tell her to bring the dessert herself. My son is here. He needs to see his woman before he takes her with him."

Jane couldn't help but gulp. She already had heard how merciless and a great playboy Xavier is. He had already changed countless mistresses and Valerie.

She's just an innocent woman. Who deserves better. She doesn't deserve a man like him. So ruthless. Selfish. Manipulator. And a womanizer.

But do she have any choice? No, she doesn't.

Sighing heavily she nodded her head with a heavy heart before walking towards the kitchen.

She found Valerie decorating her dessert with dry fruit while Rose and Maria was busy making drinks for the guests.

All of their attention went to Jane who smiled sadly at Valerie snatching her relaxed expression.

"He's here my daughter. And he wants to meet you. Come with the dessert they are waiting." Valerie's breath hitched while Maria bit her lip feeling extremely sad for Valerie. Why Rose looked away with her usual cold face.

Even though Xavier and his brother have the most power in their hands as compared to Maria and Rose owners but still they already had heard many stories of how ruthless men Xavier and his brother are. How much of a womanizer Xavier is and how cruel they all are including Rose and Maria masters.

Maria placed a hand on Valerie's shoulder giving her an encouraging smile. While Rose just sighed before continuing her work.

And what can we expect from a girl like Rose who had forgotten what to feel a long time ago? Her emotions had died a long time ago. And she had understood one thing.

Just live this life as long as you have after all this only has to end one day.

Valerie gulped before taking the tray in her slightly trembling hands. She assured herself that everything will be okay. He might reject her. Maybe he already has someone he liked.

Jane smiled at her before walking in front of her accompanied by Valerie. They both reached the room and finally, her eyes landed on the man. Her owner. Her master.


"Father. I was thinking that if I like someone else from those girls can I have that girl instead of the one you chose for me." Xavier said trying to sugarcoat his father but only got a straightforward answer.

"No." Xavier sighed. He already knew his father would never say yes. But again he can simply force that girl to be with him. I mean what he hasn't had. Money. Handsome face. Perfection is what people describe him as.

Every girl would die to be with him. And he knew when he will fulfil her every wish she will eventually be ready to be with him. To be his side mistress.

But soon his planning of kidnapping that green-eyed girl fade away when he heard a crack of the door opening. He lazily looked at the girl with his cold eyes but left stunned.

Don't tell me. She's the girl father had chosen for me.

He thought in astonishment. But then his organs flared up realizing that he doesn't need to kidnap anyone she will walk towards him and no one will stop him to have her.

Her eyes were first down but then finally she looked up and met with his grey orbs. He can see she was also surprised.

"Valerie. It's been a long time I last met you. How are you." Mr Valentino exclaimed earning her attention. She looked at the old man and smiled a little setting Xavier's body on fire.

Dang, that smile. He admired her beautiful smile but then felt a pang of possessiveness in his chest but that should be only for me. Only me. No one else's.

He thought as his dreamy eyes turned into glaring ones. Valerie replied to him. "Yes, sir it is." She placed the tray on the table. Xavier's eyes didn't move from her for even a second.

But what irritated him was her continuous tries to avoid him. He wanted to see her beautiful orbs but instead seeing her avoiding his eyes made him annoyed.

She finally extended her hand to give him a small bowl in which she filled the dessert. It was a mixed fruit. Cake and custard truffle. She placed the plate in front of him and was about to bring her hand back but instead he grabbed her wrist startling her.

Mr. Valentino looked at him in curiosity and mischievous eyes. While Jane felt nervous for Valerie. Xavier didn't let her wrist go and turned to his father.

"I want to talk to her privately." Mr. Valentino smirked at his son nodding his head. Without wasting a second he pulled her up and started dragging her.

Valerie didn't do anything She knew disobeying him wouldn't do any better for her so she simply obeyed him. He finally reached an empty room and closed the door.

Her eyes were on the floor while he leaned against the closed door. "Did you know that it was me?" She shook her head making him a little annoyed.

"Use your pretty voice angel." She gulped at his cold yet threatening tone.

"No. I didn't know. I have never seen you before." He nodded his head before stuffing his hands in his pockets.

"Be ready. Pack only necessary things. Everything you will find in my house. Tomorrow you're coming to my house."

He can see her breathing getting heavy. She didn't want this but poor her. It was always decided that she has to be his. And now he wants her and she can't do anything.

He walked closer to her and without touching her he leaned to her ear. His breath came in contact with her pale cold ear as he whispered.

"Remember angel. I am your master. Your owner. Better get ready to accept your future with me. Because I think I might take a long time with you. Longer than my other women. So be ready to live your life with me."

With that, he smirked seeing her breathing getting heavier. How naive. He didn't even touch her yet and she already seems to pass out anytime.

Stepping back he threw her last glance and walked out of the room closing the door.

As soon as he exits the door she fell on her knees feeling tears gracing her pale cheeks. She knew. She knew for him she's nothing but a mare thing. Only an object which he can use as long as he wants.

She's just a tool of pleasure for him. She's just a mistress of him who he needs just for his bed nothing else. For him, she's not a human. She's not a respectful woman. Her wishes matters nothing to him.

Rose entered the room and was left stunned to see Valerie on the floor. She instantly kneeled in front of her placing her hand on her damped cheek pulling her head up.

Her cold and emotionless eyes soften a little seeing Valerie's defeated and helpless gaze. Valerie instantly hugged Rose crying on her shoulder.

"I don't want this Rose. I don't. Why not someone saves me. I don't want this. I don't want to be with that man. He only wants my body." She said sobbing in pain. Pain that her soul was feeling.

Rose sighed helplessly before caressing Valerie's back. She said nothing. She knew there was nothing she or anyone could do. So what's the use of giving her false hope.

After some time Valerie started calming down. Now Maria and Jane were also there as Mr Valentino and Xavier were already left. Rose pulled Valerie back and stared in her green eyes with her blue ones.

She said just a few words. But the weight of those words was heavier than a thousand mountains which didn't fail to crush the souls of Maria, Valerie and somehow hers own.

"This is our fate. Accept it. You can't change it. Because if you will try you will only bring pain to yourself."

The meaning of those words she failed to understand which didn't fail to show her the reality in them.


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