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(Mr. Valentino full name is Sean Valentino. So don't be confused.)

Author Pov

Sinister rolled his eyes at the arrival of his father who took a seat in front of him with a small smile. Sinister looked away annoyed at how much of a disgusting smile that old hag was giving him.

"What the fuck is he doing here." He heard the annoying voice of his stepbrother who stepped inside the meeting room and instantly lashed out witnessing Sinister sitting there.

"Baking cake," Sinister replied sarcastically making Xavier grind his teeth annoyed at his sassy attitude.

"Shut up both of you. I gathered you both here for some reason. Stop bickering like an old married couple." Sinister and Xavier shot their father a disgusted look scrunching their noses at the word couple.

"Even if I were a gay I would rather die than be with him." Xavier snickered at Sinister's words.

"Feelings are mutual bitch." Sinister gritted his teeth ready to pounce on Xavier but stopped hearing their fathers warning.

"STOP. Listen to me. Both of your attention should be on me." Mr Valentino sighed heavily before motioning his lawyer to place the files in front of the brothers.

Sinister narrowed his eyes at the file before opening it. He knew there is going to be something fishy in it. This man is fucked up and surely gonna do something bad again.

While Xavier boringly grabbed the file and opened it. But soon he started reading the file all he could feel was the burning lava in his veins. Soon he slammed the file on the table with a loud thud.

"What the fuck is this." He seethed glaring at his father. Sinister also closed the file before shooting a blank look towards his father.

"My possession." Mr Valentino said with a small smirk making both Sinister and Xavier clenched their jaws.

Xavier stood up from his seat letting the chair fell on the floor while he slammed his palms on the table. But Mr Valentino seemed unaffected by his every angry action.

"She's fucking mine. How dare you." He seethed gritting his teeth. He couldn't stop himself from bursting out as soon as he read the file.

It was a file of Valerie Rose and Maria. They all were still under name of Valentino like an object. Damien and Rafael had already named both Rose and Maria as theirs by giving a handsome amount to Mr Valentino.

But only Valerie was left. As Xavier had no idea about any file that his father contains till now. He couldn't stop the lava burning inside him as soon as he read the words.

Possession of Sean Valentino. And Valerie's name was written in the end. And what left him more baffled was the sign at the end of the paper. They were Valerie's.

"Well, my son. I gifted Valerie to you thinking that maybe you would like to play with her for some time. But I never thought that little girl can be a reason for you to start taking your responsibilities as a joke. From the day she came, you have started losing every important project. Tenders and even started to skip meetings more than it's needed."

Sean exclaimed making Xavier angrier. "The fuck is wrong with you father. Why do you always have to ruin if something is happening well in my life? First, you made me leave Liza. Then you made me accept Valerie. I started liking her so I made her my mistress and now when I don't want to let her go you have come again with this nonsense."

Xavier raised his voice making Sean stand up as well. He glared at his son before turning to his other son who had no expressions. He was looking at the duo with a blank gaze.

"Why aren't you saying anything," Sean asked Sinister ignoring Xavier who also turned to his stepbrother.

"Well, I was waiting for you both to end your rubbish so I could ask you. Why the hell am I here for." He questioned with a blank gaze before standing up as well.

"I gave you that file for a reason. I want you to give Paris project to Xavier and in return. He will give you Valerie. You can do whatever you want with her. Sell her. Use her. Make her your mistress. Do the hell you want. No ones gonna stop you."

"THE HELL I WILL LET HIM HAVE HER. SHE FUCKING MINE." As soon as Sean completed his words Xavier's eyes widened. He growled at his father.


One hard smack landed on his cheek making his face turn sideways. Xavier clenched his jaw while sinister was frozen in his place. He had no interest in how many slaps Xavier will get.

All his senses were stuck on his father's words. Valerie. The same girl that had been making him crazy lately. The girl he can't get out of his mind. The girl who has started ruling his dreams lately.

That girl can be his.

She can be his only if he gives up on that project. The project is a jackpot for every company. Even Damien desired to win that project but to Sinister's luck, the company chose his presentation.

Xavier had left a bad impression on the Paris company as he didn't attend the meeting. The presentation was good but he didn't care to come which disrespected Paris's heads. So they selected Sinister's company.

The project is really important for sinister but now. Hearing his father's words he had no idea of what to do now. His offer indeed messed up his sanity.

Valerie. He wants her. Badly. But the project. He can't lose it as well. His eyes slightly expanded when Xavier pulled his gun out and aimed at his father.

"The fuck is wrong with you." Sinister roared trying to approach him but Xavier shot him a warning glare pointing the gun at him.

"Don't you fucking dare come between us." He seethed before turning to his father who was still looking at him calmly.

"That girl is mine. She's not some kind of goods that you can travel here and there. You gave her to me. She's mine. And you can't get her away from me." Sinister stared at his stepbrother with a bit of shock. Even Sean seemed shocked at his son's words.

He was looking like a psycho. A crazy man. Sinister couldn't help but become stunned at how crazy his stepbrother looked for Valerie. Even Mr. Valentino found this something new. Xavier had never behaved like this when it comes to changing his mistresses.

Once twice he made Liza sleep with his business partners and she without another word did. But the thought of someone else touching Valerie burnt him. No. No one except him can touch her. He was her first and he will be her last as well.

"If you try to snatch my angel from me I swear I will kill you, him and everyone that will come between me and her. She's fucking mine. And tell me the fucking amount I will pay but you will name her as mine. Only mine."

"And what if I want her." Xavier's head snapped towards sinister who spoke making him tighten his grip on the gun. He turned his hand and now his gun was pointed at his stepbrother who was looking at him with a smirk.

"Tell me bro what if I want her. After all only one sign, the project yours and she's mine." Xavier pulled the trigger and shot at the wall just inches away from Sinister's head.

Sinister showed no reaction instead he was standing there smirking watching Xavier writhing in anger. He never thought that anything can affect this heartless monster. But indeed unexpected things happen.

"Next bullet will be in your head, you bastard. She's mine. You can only dream about her." Sinister chuckled at his words.

"Oh, brother you have no idea what I dream about her." Xavier jumped on him leaving a hard punch on Sinister's face making him stumble back a bit. Sinister laughed before returning the punch with the same intensity. Xavier groaned before again pouncing on Sinister.

But before they could do so Sean ordered their bodyguards who held them back. Sean was beyond shook after witnessing his plan backfiring.

He knew Sinister's interest in Valerie. He had seen Sinister and Valerie in the club and was left stunned seeing his son taking interest in his other son's mistress.

He thought Xavier wouldn't mind giving Valerie away now but he never in million years thought that little girl can fuck his son's sanity. He had gone crazy over that girl.

And he could see that there was no way he could get Valerie away from Xavier and give her to Sinister. For a second he thought of letting the plan go and giving Valerie fully to Xavier but after hearing Sinister's words he left more baffled.

His words made him believe that he was ready to give up on the project for her. That's mean Xavier can make his company more successful through that project.

But again Xavier's madness over Valerie stopped him from saying yes to Sinister. Now he was regretting making this plan in the first place.

He shouldn't have touched this matter.

"You will only have her over my dead body bitch." Xavier said snatching his arms from his bodyguards and putting the gun in the back of his pants.

"You will see Xavier. She will be mine. Soon." Sinister made a venomous promise before stomping off the meeting room.

Xavier grabbed the files and ripped them throwing them at his father's face before coming face to face with him.

"She's mine. And only death can apart us. Try to snatch her away from me again I wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger."

With that, he also walked out of the room leaving shocked and stunned Sean Valentino who deeply regretted making this plan. Because he knew he had started a big war.

Because of the way Sinister promised and Xavier behaved crazily. Neither of them going to give up without a huge loss.

Lava burning in me will cool down only after having you in my arms.


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