Yes, Master

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"Ah." She hissed touching the wrapped bandage on her stomach. Her eyes didn't stop shedding tears remembering that eventful night again and again.

There wasn't even a minute when she didn't think about his touch. His assault. His abuse. The violence was too much for her fragile body to handle.

In the morning when she woke up she came face to face with her biggest nightmare but eventually, he left her after some time which indeed gave her relief but for how long. He will come back again.

When she went to the kitchen and was ready to work again. Lina stopped her and gave her a note left by Xavier. She couldn't help but tremble while grabbing the note. God knows what is written in it.

The old woman only gave the poor girl pitiful looks which Valerie in her misery didn't notice. Finally reading the letter her frown deepen instead of relaxing.

You will not work till your wound will be healed. So rest and wait for me.

Yours loving Master

Her heart contracted in fear as well as in disgust. Loving. If this is love then her belief in love had gotten off. She hates love with her everything if this is what people call love.

She was afraid of what is he planning. Why is he suddenly behaving like a human? She shook her head. No, that heartless monster can never be a human. Even calling him a monster is an insult to the monster as well.

With her steady steps she went to the room and the whole day she stayed sitting on the sofa beside the vast window. She didn't go to his room whole day.

The dark walls. The air. The bed. The bloody coloured curtains. Everything in his room suffocates her. She just wanted to rip everything that reminded her of how helpless she was. She wanted to burn his room.

But what will she gain from doing it? If not that room he will make more traumatic events for her in another one. Like he said she will never forget the things he did. Indeed she wasn't able to forget his every kind of assault. His abuse.

Lina brought lunch dinner and breakfast for her in the room but couldn't help and sigh in disappointment watching her eating like a bird. Not even a bird can eat this less.

It was almost like she was eating only to keep herself alive otherwise wouldn't have eaten anything. Whenever Lina tried to make her eat more she only refused it saying she has no appetite.

And who can have the heart to eat after being branded and raped? No normal girl can have an appetite to eat more when she knows the monster of her nightmares will appear again.

She stirred in her sleep jerking up. She placed her palm on her chest. She looked here and there and no one was there. She heard the same noise again.

With difficulty, she stood up from the sofa and took only one step when the door of the room got slammed open. She flinched watching her Master standing there with the fire burning in his eyes.

She clutched the side of the dress she was wearing in fear. He looks like he will kill anyone anytime. Her eyes widened slightly when he walked towards her like a raging beast.

She closed her eyes ready to feel any kind of assault or abuse but instead, his next action snapped her eyes open in shock.

His large arms wrapped around her body slamming her against his bulky one. Her eyes widened when he hugged her tightly pulling her body up. His grip made her tiptoe to balance with his tall body.

Her arms on their wrapped around his neck to keep her body up. Her body was completely engulfed in his arms letting her tiny figure disappear in his muscular arms.

She could hear him grinding his teeth as he roughly buried his face in her neck making her let out a shaky breath. She felt him taking sharp deep breaths. She couldn't understand what he was doing.

Her face soon scrunched up in discomfort. She was hardly standing on her toes. She had to tighten her grip around his neck to not pressurize her toes.

His grip was painfully tight on her. Xavier had no idea why and how did he end up doing what he was doing. He just wanted to relax himself. He just wanted her in his arms.

After an intense fight with Sinister, all he wanted was to come and tell himself that this woman is his. And will remain as his. All he wanted was to ensure himself that she was his and not anyone else's. She was there in his house being as his.

A loud gasp left from Valerie's lips when Xavier moved a bit forward and slammed her against the wall. The force impacted her wound which made her let out a loud yelp in pain.

Xavier was out of his mind. All his senses were blocked by Sinister's promising words. No. She can't be anyone else's. She's only mine.

Screaming this in his mind he pulled away from her neck and in a flash crashed his lips against hers. She let out a pained moan as soon as his rough lips landed on hers pulling her in a brutal kiss.

Her hands turned into fists as she grabbed his shirt tightly to surpass the pain his kiss was giving her. She felt him pushing her deeper against the wall and pressing his steel-like body against hers.

He turned his face slightly to the side to have proper access to her lips. His lips were ferociously claiming hers making her press her head against the hard wall.

Her feet were still standing on their toes as he gave her no time to straighten her position. She hissed feeling a burning sensation against her stomach.

His one arm slid around her waist and unconsciously he pressed her bandaged stomach. He didn't touch her wound but even the surrounding of the wound hurts badly when the injury is fresh.

And that's what he did. He didn't press her wound but squeezed her skin extremely near the wound. She let out a pained yelp as one tear unknowingly escaped her eye.

No matter how much she tries to make it look like she doesn't care about the things he does anymore but the human body feels what it feels. She has no control over her emotions. Especially when it comes to crying over the pain he gives her.

The lone tear slid down her cheek coming in contact with his. His eyes slowly unwrapped as he pulled away letting her breath out. Her face was turned aside a bit to breathe properly.

She was finally able to stand properly on her feet as he gave her a little space. She flinched slightly when he moved his finger wiping her tear away.

She slowly opened her freshly rained forest eyes meeting his dark cloudy ones. He leaned towards her leaving no space between them. The tip of his nose touched hers. He could feel how unevenly she was breathing.

Her small face got trapped between his big palms as he held her face by her cheeks. He didn't want her to look away. Their eyes stayed still staring at each other. Hers with fear and his with a dark obsession.

"Say that you're mine." He whispered in a raspy voice with his uneven breathing.

Valerie's eyes widened slightly as she gulped in fear. What was wrong with this man nowadays? First fake trying to gain her trust. Then asking her to love him. And now this.

She has no idea why he was behaving so desperate to make her say the things she doesn't want to. She knows she's his and he doesn't have to force her to say it.

But love. No. She will never love this heartless man in front of her. He doesn't deserve to be loved. Especially by the one who he tormented beyond anything.

"Say it, angel. I want to hear it. Say it." He growled lowly making her flinch a bit. He didn't let her face go. His pupils rapidly moved waiting for her to open her mouth and say it.

"I-I am y-yours." She let out with difficulty as her throat was restricted with the pain of letting those words out.

"Yes say it again. And this time without stuttering." She gulped before replying.

"I am yours." A psychotic wide smile appeared on his lips as he showed her his teeth. His expressions showed how satisfied he was.

She flinched hard when he pecked her lips multiple times making her lean against the wall in fear. How much she wished to be swallowed by the wall.

"I love you, angel. So much. Yes, you are mine. Now tell me. You belong to Xavier Valentino right. You're only his." He questioned making her stare at his psychotic gaze. He was looking like a mad man. He looked so crazy.

"Yes, Master." She whispered earning few giggles of satisfaction from him. He again pulled her against his chest tightly embracing her in his darkness.

She wasn't able to predict what was wrong with him. He was a psycho she knew. But why is he behaving this way? She's just his mistress. A mere woman in those several ones he had before. Then why is he behaving like this?

Does he behave like this way with his every mistress?

Several faces of love. He showed the ugliest one.


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