Yes, Master

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Valerie sighed wiping her wet hands with the tissues as she just finished washing the dishes. Today Lina took a leave saying that she was sick. So Valerie had to do the chores of the house.

It's been a week since that eventful night when he marked her. The pain had lessened and the wound is healing but it still was bandaged.

She still feels pain on it and wasn't able to do anything without feeling pain. She started working again 2 days ago. She was relieved that at least that heartless monster gave her few days to rest.

In this whole week, he didn't touch her. Well, not the way he did that night but he had changed his actions to be near her. He hugs and cuddles her whenever he feels like it.

There wasn't one night she didn't feel his arms around her body forcing her to snuggle against his body. She had to sleep in his strong arms even though she didn't want to but she had no choice either.

She walked out of the kitchen and with difficulty she let her body sit on the couch in the living room. She couldn't help but hissed a little feeling a stinging pain in her stomach.

She placed her head on the head of the couch and closed her eyes. And without noticing she fell into a deep slumber.

Long fingers caressed her chubby cheek making her breathe out heavily. Her eyes stared in his dark brown ones as she leaned closer to his warmth.

"You will be the death of me Valerie." He whispered dipping his sweating face in her crook as she held his rugged biceps. His lips trailed down her throat kissing her beautiful flesh.

Her throat made an unfamiliar sound as she let it out of her lips. Moan. She moaned but in pleasure. Her back arched letting him pull her deeper in his embrace.

Their naked body tangled together as he let his weight overpowered her pressing her soft dedicated body deeper into the soft mattress.

His body remained glued on hers before he let his large fingers caressed her flushed cheek. Forcing her face towards him he let his rough lips met her soft plump ones.

She moaned in his mouth letting him dominate her in every way. As soon as his hand went down to her naked stomach that was covered with sweat she couldn't help but moan loudly.

"Ah, S-Sinister."

Her eyes got slammed open as she unconsciously sat up on the sofa letting out a huge groan of pain. She felt a stinging pain on her bandaged wound.

She almost forgot about her injury till she felt the pain. The shock was too much. How can she dream about something like that? Her face turned beetroot. She couldn't help but feel an immense disgust for herself.

She palmed her flushed face remembering what she just dreamt about. God how could she even think about him?

"God I am such a pervert. How can I dream something like that? And that be for that man." She bit her lip disappointed at how she was thinking about him.

Shaking her head she reminded herself she shouldn't think about him in that way. No. She shouldn't even think about him. All her focus should be on her master and how she should avoid herself from getting punishment from that monster.

Wiping the sweat from her forehead she assured herself that he's nothing to her and she should never think about him in that way. Never.

Her head snapped up only to find that familiar man coming towards her. The vicious man perfectly matched the partner of her master. Chris.

"Hello, Bella. It's been a long time. I am sorry for what happened before. Liza brainwashed me I am sorry." Valerie slowly stood up keeping her hand on the side of her stomach.

She couldn't help but question in her mind. How can these people say sorry like it's a joke? They say sorry whenever they feel like and they never meant it.

Her eyes went to the young petite girl beside him. His arm was securely wrapped around her tiny waist attaching her body painfully tight against him.

"Right Bella meet my love. My fiance Alice. Alice meets Valerie Xavier's woman." Valerie nodded at the girl with a small hello keeping a blank face.

Her eyes momentary moved on the body of the girl as she inspected the bruised marks on her skin. Her neck was filled with dark hickeys and it was obvious no foundation or concealer can hide it. They were too deep and dark. It was like he had eaten her flesh.

Her wrist had grip marks. And there were fading beating bruises as well. The marks had almost faded away but still those hickeys and the wrist mark, as well as the light slap mark on her cheek, were fresh one.

Valerie felt pity for the smiling girl. She looked pale and lifeless yet she was trying to show how happy she is. She stared at the girl before gulping down.

"M-Master is not at home. You can wait. Till then do you want something to drink?" She questioned keeping her hand on her stomach as it was still hurting.

Chris completely ignored her pained expressions as he already knew Xavier had marked her. But Alice looked at her hand on her stomach in confusion.

"Sure I will take a coffee and love what you want." He said softly to Alice who looked at him. His eyes soften and sadness appeared in his gaze for a moment when he stared at the light mark on her cheek. It was almost like he was guilty.

"Just water." She mumbled making him nod his head. He kissed her cheek and was kept on staring at her while Valerie ignoring them went to the kitchen.

"Chris I should help her." Chris made an annoyed face before nodding his head and letting the girl go. He went to the couch sitting on it.

Valerie entered the kitchen and held the edge of the slab of the kitchen. She closed her eyes wanting to squeeze the wound as it was stinging too much.

"Are you alright?" She opened her eyes turning to the girl who smiled at her through her pale blue eyes.

"Yes thank you." Alice approached her and stared at her stomach.

"What happened to your stomach," Alice questioned making Valerie sighed heavily.

"I am fine. I am." Alice sighed nodding her head.

"He hit you didn't he. Don't mind these guys. Just do what he says. Chris used to beat me too but with time I understood it was just his love. He wanted me to be his because he loves me so much. We were in a relationship and I loved him so much that time too I was so selfish of trying to end this relationship."

Valerie's lips parted as she stared at the girl in disbelief. The man had manipulated her good. She shook her head before sighing.

"He still abuses you." She said gesturing to the slap mark on her cheek. Alice visibly flinched at her words. She gulped before chucking.

"He has anger issues. It was my fault. I shouldn't have angered him. He loves me I know." Valerie stared at her with a pitiful gaze. She thought her condition is pitiful but this woman had made her think about it again.

"You know one day you will start loving Xavier too. Then you will understand me. I mean I know he must be harsh sometimes but he will be there for you when no one will. Then you will understand that you have him and no one cares for you the way he do."

Valerie chuckled at her words before stirring the coffee in the cup. She looked at her shaking her head.

"I was born as an orphan Alice. I grew up keeping a view that I am a slave. A mistress of Xavier Valentino. My master. I had never considered him anything else other than my owner. He owns me and that's the only relation we have."

Alice suddenly felt a sudden pain in her chest as Valerie turned to her and smiled sadly.

"You accepted Chris maybe because you once loved him. But I never loved Master. I never even liked him. He's nothing but my owner. And I know my place. I know one day he will leave me too. So it will be better if you don't think I and Master will ever be something like you and Chris because."

She patted her shoulder. Before grabbing the coffee cup. And handing Alice the glass of water.

"I can never love a person who did nothing but violate me in the name of love." With that, she walked out of the kitchen followed by stunned Alice.

Valerie felt an air knocked out of her system watching the nightmare of her life sitting beside Chris with a stoic face. He looked angry but why?

She handed the cup to Chris who smiled at her thanking her. Alice sits beside Chris drowned deep in her thought.

Valerie couldn't help but gulp in nervousness as Xavier's eyes stared at her darkly. Why he seemed angry. Angry at her.

"Angel I want you to go and get ready your going to my office with me." He said making her look at him for a second before nodding her head.

She tried walking forward but stopped. She stepped back holding her head as she felt a throbbing pain in her head.

Xavier instantly worked up and stood up grabbing her waist and pulling her in his arms with a frown.

"Angel. What happened." He asked turning her body to face him.

Her hands clutched his clothed biceps. "M-Master I." She leaned her body forward letting herself stumble against him.

"Angel." He pulled her near him but in a second her body fell limped on his embrace and her world blacked out.

Why ruling my dreams? Be my reality.


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