Yes, Master

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Sitting on a sofa like a king he emptied the glass full of beer in one go. The bitter taste of an unhealthy drink burned his throat but he didn't even blink while staring at the fragile soul laying on the bed. His bed.

There was an IV attached to her one hand while she was sleeping because of the heavy dosage of the medicines. When she blacked out in his arms he instantly rushed to call the doctor.

For a minute hearing Alice's words he felt something beating rapidly against his chest. Pregnant. That's what Alice exclaimed watching Valerie's condition and for a minute he wanted her guess to be a reality.

But the anger that had cool down watching her blacking out in his arms again grew up when he heard the doctors words.

"There is nothing serious. But the stitches of her wound got ripped open because of excessive moving. And it caused infection in her wound but there is nothing to worry much about. I already stitched her wound again and also I would advise you to not let her work till her wound would be healed."

Xavier weirdly felt disappointed. Was he really thinking about the possibilities of her being pregnant with his child? Does he wish her to carry his heir? A mistress?

But no. She's not a mistress for him anymore. She's more than that. She has become his obstinacy. The stubborn desire that kept on raising in him watching her resist him continuously.

Even though she doesn't stop him from doing whatever he wishes with her but the reality is still the same. She's just obeying him so he could be satisfied as soon as possible and could free her.

"You accepted Chris maybe because you once loved him. But I never loved Master. I never even liked him. He's nothing but my owner. And I know my place. I know one day he will leave me too. So it will be better if you don't think I and Master will ever be something like you and Chris."

Those words again echoed in his head as he clutched the glass in his hand tightly. He came earlier to surprise her. He wanted to spend the whole day with her.

But as soon as he reached the kitchen to meet her he heard the girls talking and in curiosity, he heard Alice asking Valerie to accept Xavier because soon she will start loving him which flared up his insides.

But after hearing her reply he couldn't help but get angry. He was flaming with anger at how easily without any stuttering she said she doesn't love him and will never.

And that was true. After seeing her enduring the pain instead of saying those few words he had understood those words maybe just empty ones for him But they are something for her.

But he didn't like the way she said she doesn't even love him. Fucking hell what does she wants? What he doesn't have? Money. Looks. Reputation. Everything. He has everything want a girl would die for then what the hell she wants?


The glass in his hand got crushed in his palm letting the sharp pieces pierced through his skin but he kept a blank face with bloodshot swollen eyes glaring at her figure.

He opened his palm and chuckled watching blood oozing out of his hand. The glass got shattered on the floor making him look at the shattered sharp pieces with a psychotic gaze.

He leaned down grabbing a piece of glass in his bloodied hand before staring at it intensively. His eyes slowly travelled towards the girl making his lips curved up in an evil smirk.

He was only in sweatpants as he likes to sleep half-naked. He walked towards her figure before leaning his face closer to hers.

"You will love me. You have to. And if you think I will ever let you go then your so wrong Mia Angelo." He whispered letting his alcoholic breath hit her lips.

His eyes went to her stomach which was covered with the blanket making him grin. Grabbing the duvet he pulled it off her body letting her bandaged stomach on display for his devilish eyes.

He gently caressed her bandaged stomach before crouching down beside the bed on the floor. He pouted in a drunken state looking at her sleeping figure.

"Damn I regret marking you so bad. It must have hurt so bad right. You know let's make it equal." He said turning his eyes towards a sharp piece in his hand before grinning like a psychopath.

He pulled his bloodied hand towards his chest groaning a bit he let the sharp piece pierced through his skin.

He branded himself!

Sweat started dripping down his forehead as he kept on piercing the glass through his skin letting the alphabets of her name print on his pale skin.

Valerie. Writing her name on his chest he huffed out finally letting the bloodied glass fell on the floor. His upper body was full of blood. His red bloodshot grey eyes met with the bloodied name he carved on his chest.

He threw his head back laughing a little feeling immensely satisfied at how her name looked beautiful on his skin with all blood around it. Well beautiful for him.

He grabbed the towel from the bed and placed it on the wound before looking at the girl who still didn't made any noise.

"Just like you're mine. I am also yours angel. And now you have marked me as well." He snickered feeling proud at his sick actions.

He stood up with blood still dripping down his chest and walked towards the bathroom. He wiped the blood and finally bandaged his freshly made wound which will surely leave a lifetime scar. And he had no problem with that.

Coming back he sighed watching the floor full of glass pieces and his blood. With a heavy heart, he cleaned the mess he made and after some time he came to the bed lying beside her.

"Don't worry angel you will love me. Soon." He whispered before burying his face in her unusual warm crook and let the sleep took over him.

One Month Later.

This month was unusual yet creepy for Valerie. When she woke up the next day she remembered witnessing him watching her sleep like a creep. And it wasn't the first time he did that.

She couldn't help but get shocked watching his chest bandaged as well. But she didn't dare to ask him yet Xavier told her that he will show her when he will be fully healed.

After that, he had forbidden her strictly to do any work. It's been a month and he didn't let her touch any work. And she didn't protest and obeyed him without another word.

But what concerns her was his changing attitude. He had started touching her more than usual. It's almost like he has started treating her more than just a toy and a mistress.

It might have been sweet but instead, it only creeps her out. How can someone feel relaxed when all he does is to show her how much of a psycho he is?

Whenever she wakes up he's always there watching her with obsession holding in his gaze. Whenever she comes to bed to sleep every night he couldn't help but touch her till he gets satisfied.

He didn't have sex with her but he did have oral sex keeping both of them fully naked. He knew the sex can pressure her wound and her wound will not be able to take it so he never proceeded as he didn't want her to reopen her wound.

Every day he calls her from the office and asks her what the things she did or doing giving her no personal space at all.

She feels suffocated. His over possessiveness and way too much clingy behaviour suffocate her. Yet Xavier didn't care. All he wanted was to be near her.

Valerie sighed heavily before walking towards his office. Today he asked her to arrange his office table as he worked late at night and his office was a mess.

It's been one day that Valerie had started working a little. Still, there were a lot of things Xavier had to forbid her from doing as her wound wasn't fully healed but still it was a lot better than before.

She entered the office and started cleaning his table. Suddenly she heard something. Her head snapped towards the bookshelf in one corner.

Why it sounded like it was coming from there? In fear, she walked towards it and touched the bookshelf. A loud gasp left her lips when the bookshelf moved and she was stumbled inside the place.

She turned around only to find the bookshelf closing on its own. She slammed her palms against the rough steel wall that had blocked her way.

"God, what have I done. Hello is there someone? Lina, help me. Lina." She yelled out rapidly slamming her palms on the wall but nothing.

Suddenly she heard a whimpering sound. Her heartbeat accelerated in fear as she turned around. Just a few steps and a horrified gasp left from her lips.

There was a woman tied with chains all over her body. She was sitting on the steel chair and from the chair, it looked like an electric shot one. She walked a little closer only to find rough bruises and blood all over her body. Her eyes widened when she realized who it was.


A deal with a devil is equal to inviting hell before death.


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