Yes, Master

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Hello Everyone

So I have decided something.

As you guys already know my book "Damon's Possession" is being copied by someone and the person neither is trying to talk or to take the book down. The level of being shameless is just infinity.

Well the main purpose of writing this note is to inform you guys about my final decision.

First I want all of you to follow me on Book net. The link is available in my bio. Also if you can't open with a link. Search for Marwa M or simply write any of my story you will find it.

Don't assume first read further.

I am not making the book paid yet. As I really wanted to leave this book free. But well indeed we can't predict future so yeah I didn't expect this to happen.

So I have decided that I am going to wait till next week. The next update is in next week so till the next update if that copy writer took the book down or app deleted it then I wouldn't make it paid but.

If the book remain there and she kept on updating without any fear and shame then I have no other option but to make my other book paid as I can't afford letting people ride success on my hard work.

Maybe for others it's easy to copy and make fun of the person by showing no shame or fear. But for me it's really disheartening because I have given that book a lot of effort and time.

Damon's Possession might not be a best book but it still means a lot to me so yeah it's upsetting. Really upsetting watching my hard work being used and the app.

I wanna laugh at people who waste their money on mangatoon. It is useless and does nothing against the serious matter of plagiarism. I have emailed the support team of manga toon twice. I have reported many times even gave them evidences but nothing. Instead they are approving her updates and rejecting my Damon's Possession ones. Which is obvious they don't care about plagiarism.

But I do care coz it's my hard work. So I have decided.

That within a week till the next update of Chp-32. If the app didn't take the book down or the copy writer herself didn't delete it. I am going to update chap-34 on Book net and make it as a paid book.

So the copyrights will be in hands of the app. Book net is a powerful platform and they have a power to take the book down if someone like this shameless girl try copying my book.

I know many of you can't afford it so I would only say pray for that book to be deleted or app took it down other wise I am helpless.

The rest I will only say. Those whose going to again ask me which app and and which book. Here it is.

App is Manga toon

Novel is Dark Romance by Slave of almighty.

The person has copied word to word my Damon's Possession and app is doing nothing even after all the reporting and mails I have send them.

So I hope after reading this you guys know. I wouldn't remove the chapters till next week but yeah till next update if the book didn't disappear then I will make Yes, Master a paid book on Book net.

I am sorry guys but I am helpless and being an author I can't afford watching my hard work being used without my knowledge.




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