Yes, Master

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Author Pov

Valerie stared at the woman with wide pitiful eyes. Liza slowly looked up only to find the familiar face staring at her with sympathy in her bright green eyes.

She wanted to chuckle at the irony. How she ruined this woman. How she destroyed her for her selfish feelings and still this girl was giving her sympathy.

"V-Valerie." She whispered letting out a harsh cough. Valerie was frozen. She had no idea what to do. She wanted to help her but she knew there is no way she could help someone when she can't help herself.

"C-Come." Liza motioned her with her tied up hand asking her to come closer to her. Gulping down she walked towards the injured woman before kneeling down in front of her.

Her eyes widened more watching her condition from closer. She looked like blood had sucked out of her. Pale. Bruised. Broken.

"You shouldn't feel bad. I was ready to destroy you." Valerie said nothing but stared at her with pitiful eyes.

Liza's eyes went to Valerie's hand that was placed on her stomach. Even though it doesn't hurt much. But still, she didn't want to hurt her wound so she decided to sit on her knees.

"Your stomach. What happened?" Liza asked in confusion. Valerie frowned as well. All this time she was thinking that Xavier would have done this heartless thing to his every mistress too.

"Don't act like you don't know. After all, you must have his mark too." Liza's swollen eyes widened slightly in shock.

"He branded you with his name." She whispered while Valerie nodded with a frown.

"Why are you acting like you don't have one?" Liza shook her head.

"Because I don't." Valerie felt her body freezing up in shock.

"He has never done this to any of his previous mistresses Valerie." Colour drained out of her face as she silently stared at Liza. If he didn't do this to his previous mistresses then why her?

"Valerie. I know I am going to die soon. But take my advice." Liza said making Valerie to look at her with a frown.

"Runaway from him. Far away. Or all of this. The feelings he has started growing up for you. It will ruin you. This is nothing, Valerie. He has become worst than I used to know him. Leave him."

Valerie chuckled in sadness. "You have no idea how deeply I want to. But I can't. I know I have nowhere to go. To hide. He will find me with a snap of his fingers. I am helpless. But I know." She nodded her head repeatedly convincing herself.

"He will soon get tired of me. Just like he got bored of his previous mistresses. I am sure soon he will kick me out himself. I know it." Liza shook her head coughing a little.

"Your living in an illusion Valerie. Your own made delusional decision. He's not the Xavier I used to know. He has turned worst. He's obsessed. He has turned into a psycho! Whenever someone even takes your name he turned violent. He even punched Chris. The Chris! His closest friend when Chris said that you don't deserve this much attention from Xavier."

"Xavier became barbaric and doesn't care where he is? Who he is beating? All he cares about is to show the person that you're his. He's obsessed! He is crazily obsessed with you, Valerie. And this obsession will only turn him worst."

Valerie's breath hitched as she felt her body going numb. Her hands started trembling hearing her words. No! It can't be true right? He will leave her soon. Right?

"You can convince yourself as much as you want Valerie but soon you will see this with your own eyes. He wouldn't let you go. And he doesn't have to say it. His actions speak louder." Valerie flinched standing up from the floor.

"No! I am just a mistress nothing else. It's not an obsession. It's just obstinacy. Which will soon be fulfilled and he will let me go." Liza chuckled looking up with her bloodshot eyes.

"You're not a mistress Valerie. He doesn't see you as one. Just leave him. Runaway. He will --- Ahhhh." Valerie flinched stepping back in horror as soon as she heard Liza screaming out in pain.

Her electric chair has been turned on. Valerie looked around wanted to help her but there was nothing She could do. Her heartbeat accelerated as she breathed heavily.

"L-Liza." She started panicking when the electric chair kept on giving her shocks. Her screams echoed in the room making her tear up.

Her eyes widened watching life fading out of Lisa's eyes. She took a step forward to find something to stop the shocks but gasped out when a loud gunshot echoed in the room.

The electric chair turned off. She gasped out in horror watching blood oozing out of Liza's forehead. She covered her mouth letting the tears freely stream down her chubby cheeks.

She felt her head spinning at the horrifying sight in front of her. "Mia Angelo." She flinched turning around only to find the monster with an angelic face staring at her with a smirk.

"You shouldn't have come here, love." He said manically before stepping towards her. She was frozen in her spot.

Standing extremely close he held his hand up which was holding a gun. He traced the edge of the gun against her jaw making her tremble uncontrollably.

"Look, my angel. This is what happens when someone tries to provoke you to disobey me. This bitch deserved it." He whispered snaking his veiny arm around her tiny waist roughly pulling her against his chest.

Her trembling body got completely engulfed in his arms making her close her eyes in fear. More tears escaped her eyes. Xavier chuckled wiping her wet cheeks using his gun.

"Shhh save them. Your gonna need them soon." Saying that he grabbed her wrist and harshly started dragging her behind him. Her heart started beating vigorously in fear.

She watched him opening the door with his fingerprint before dragging her towards his room. The room was fully dark making her tremble more as he pushed her inside making her stumble forward.

She watched him throwing the gun on the sofa and removing his coat. He locked the door and looked at her with his dark eyes.

She was beyond scared!

"Leave me? She was asking you to run away from me. But will you?" She flinched when he started unbuttoning his shirt making her tremble badly.

"Tell me, love. Will you leave me?" Her breathing turned uneven as he stalked towards her trembling figure.

She opened her mouth to say something but nothing. Nothing was coming out of her lips. She started stepping back in fear.

He removed his belt and threw it across the room as he kept on walking towards her. She gasped out falling on the bed. Her legs stumbled on the edge of the bed and her body fell on it.

She instantly sat up but gasped out leaning her head back as he hovered above her in a second. His one hand was placed on the bed beside her body while the other touched her tear-stained face.

"You can't leave me, Valerie. Not now. Not ever. You will remain as mine. Whether you like it or not. You're mine." He growled leaning his body against hers.

He placed his one knee on the bed as he leaned down to her body. Her body trembled violently in fear. He was looking insane.

He grabbed her jaw snapping her eyes up. Her teary forest eyes stared in his dark grey ones. Their faces were only inches away as he leaned impossibly closer.

"Anyone who tried to take you away from me will face only one destination. And that is. Death." She flinched hearing his dangerous tone.

Leaving her jaw he placed his other palm on the bed beside her as well leaning against her body. In fear, she unconsciously leaned back keeping her balance on her elbows.

"You're mine. And I am never letting you go. You're my desire! My obstinacy! My possession! I don't care about anything anymore. But I am never letting you go. Or let you leave me. You will soon love me! You will accept me!"

Harshly spitting those venomous words out he kept on leaning down his body closer to hers making her lean back. Her back came in contact with the soft mattress.

Xavier didn't stop and let his body hover above hers. His face leaned extremely closer to hers making her tremble badly under him. His body proportion was so vast and muscular that her tiny body got disappeared under him.

He buried his face in her crook making her whimper out. He sniffed her alluring scent making her breathe out in fear.

"Here." She flinched when she felt him placing his palm on her flat stomach. Her trembling hands clutched the bed sheets fearing for what he was planning.

"Here my child will be soon. Our child. Valentino's heir." Her eyes widened. Her breath stopped. The life drained out of her system when she heard his words.

"You will become a mother of my child. You will remain as mine. You will become my wife. My obedient submissive and innocent wife. You're never getting away from me angel. Because like I told you."

More tears spilt out of her eyes feeling him making small traces all over her covered stomach. Her body started shivering badly when he kissed her pale flesh.

"I love you, Mia Angelo. And only death can make me leave you. You're mine. Till death do us apart!"

The delusional world indeed gives hope. But reality knows how to break it.


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Well, I am still debating on my decision so can't say anything right now. Don't try to pressure me by requesting to not make it paid as I didn't make a proper decision yet.

I have already written the next 2 chapters as well only editing is left so I have decided to upload them soon. And for free.

The next chapter will be up soon. Keep reporting that book. I still pray for it to bring down but I think it wouldn't happen so I have to make my own decision.

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