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Warning- Mature Content Ahead

Valerie stayed laid on the bed with wide and shocked eyes. Her body was frozen and her heartbeat kept on accelerating at an uneven pace.

Child? Wife? No. Never! She desperately yelled in her head. All this time she had hope. A hope that she will be free from him. He will be bored of her soon and let her go. But now this.

Losing her every hope and even her mind she harshly pushed his shoulders taking him for a surprise. He wasn't expecting her sudden action. He thought that she will obey him just the way she used to.

But her sudden action took him for s surprise. He fell on the bed beside her giving her time to stand up and backed away from him. Xavier gritted his teeth standing up.

"No. No. No. You can't do this to me. You can't. Wife! Child! What are you even saying? I am just your mistress. I was supposed to be discarded just the way you did to your previous mistresses." She said desperately shaking her head.

Xavier stood up sighing heavily. He didn't expect her to go this barbaric but indeed he had an idea that she might not accept his decision easily.

"Please say your joking. Please." She said staring at him with her doe teary green eyes making him chuckle in disbelief at how desperately she was trying to make him leave her.

"Say whatever the hell you want to say. But this is the truth. 2 days. In 2 days you will marry me. And after that, we will have our child. Mine and yours." He said gently taking few steps towards her trembling and frozen figure.

"You should be happy angel. You are so lucky. Every mistress of mine dreamt to be more than just a body. And you're going to be then why are you crying?" She took a step back but whimpered out when he grabbed her waist roughly pulling her against his chest.

"Sh sh sh. Stop crying, my love. Shh." He cooed wiping her cheeks only for them to fell more from her eyes making him frustrated.

"I SAID FUCKING STOP CRYING." She flinched hard hearing his roar right on her face. She tried stepping back from him in fear but instead got embraced deeper by him.

"Look, Mia Angelo. There is no way out for you. So just like an obedient little kitten, you accept this. You're going to be my wife. Mother of my child either you like it or not. Because when Xavier Valentino wants something he gets it either by hook or by crook!"

She shivered in his arms as he spoke those words. "Please don't do this. I don't want this." She said crying harder against his chest.

Feeling tired she let her forehead fell against his chest. Xavier did nothing except pull her deeper in his arms caressing her hair.

"Don't worry you will accept it. Soon you will. Just give yourself some time. Because there is no refuge for you accept me. You have no one except me. So just accept me. And I promise you a beautiful life." He whispered making her held her trembling hands up and letting them fist his messy shirt.

"P-please." She whimpered feeling extremely hurt hearing his words. He chuckled picking her up and gently laying her down on the bed again.

Her fisted hands were still against his chest while her cries started becoming louder when he dug his head in her crook sniffing her alluring scent.

"Just let your body loosen up. Hmm. Just let it happen. There is no way out. Either way, you're going to be mine. You like it or not. Doesn't matter." She squeezed her eyes shut in helplessness as she felt him tugging against her dress.

Mature Content Ahead.

He slid his hand behind her and unzipped her dress before letting it fall off her shoulders revealing her beautiful light pink bra which complimented her skin highly. Watching her bare skin didn't fail to wake his beast up.

He leaned down letting his lips met her trembling and shaking shoulder. Nibbling on her skin he trailed wet kisses all over her shoulder reaching to her collarbone.

Her hands which were on his chest fell beside her on the bed in a tired manner. She lost the hope to stop him anymore. She knew right now she can't do anything and if she did it will only be bad for her.

His hand gave a harsh tug on her dress making her gasp out as he pulled it down her body till her waist. Her perky bosoms were free for his lustful eyes.

She flinched hard when he pulled both straps of the bra down freeing her beautiful swells. She jolted up feeling his lips on her bosoms as he kissed them gently.

He was weirdly gentle yet rough with his acts. But either way, he knew what he was doing. He wanted to have control over her body but he forgot that having control of the body is easy but not over the heart and soul.

He let his other hand massage her bosom while he sucked on her other one. She yelped out feeling him biting her swollen skin as he pulled her nipple taking it between his teeth.

Her lips parted making a cracked groaning sound feeling his hands roaming all over her body. While sucking and biting her swollen bosoms he roughly pushed the dress completely off her body.

She was left only in one cloth. Valerie arched her back letting out a huge groan when he started sucking her bosom harder while roughly squeezing the other.

Indeed her body was feeling pleasure but her heart and soul were bleeding with displeasure and pain.

In a flash, he moved up to her face and slammed his lips against hers making her gasp out loud. She clutched the bed sheets tightly as he kissed her like a ferocious beast.

Moving his lips roughly against her plump ones he made sure to suck on them harder. She yelped out when he bit her lower lip harshly earning a chance to slip his tongue in her mouth.

Her nails dug inside her hands as he fisted them hard. He was turning into the same beast she knew. His gentle touch turned into a rough one.

Without breaking the kiss he let his hands work and remove the only clothing she had left on her body. Completely leaving her bare he went to her neck breaking the breathless kiss.

She breathed out while he didn't waste a second before going down and kissing her flesh roughly. While nibbling on her skin he skilfully removed his shirt throwing it across the room.

The way he was touching her reminded him of the first time he took her. It was almost like everything has been happening the same way it happened that night.

Her exact trembling body. Whimpers. Shivering. Groaning and moaning. Everything gave him an unexplainable pleasure while to her it was nothing but torture.

Freeing her neck from his sucking he made sure to leave his marks all over her skin before pulling himself away from her and standing up. She stayed laying on the bed completely bare for his lustful eyes to devour her.

He removed the last cloth on his body as well letting himself fully be naked in front of her. She didn't open her eyes and he didn't mind it's not like she was willing to do so. But does it matter to him? No!

Crawling between her legs her breath hitched feeling him rubbing himself against her bare womanhood. He slid his hand between her legs opening them wide open to have access.

"Open your eyes." He whispered making her flinch as he rubbed her clit using his thumb. She had no strength to look at him so she opened her eyes but didn't look at him instead moved her eyes away.

She let out a small yelp feeling him sliding his finger inside her. Her hands tighten holding the sheets as he started moving his finger at a slow pace.

"Look at me." He growled brushing his lips against hers. She yelped out snapping her eyes to meet his when he inserted another finger in her.

Moving his fingers roughly he attached his lips against hers still staring in her eyes while she didn't dare to close her eyes and stared at him.

She arched her back when he increased his pace. Her eyes started dropping down because of the climax she was reaching.

"I dare you to close your eyes." Finally reaching her climax she released herself but didn't dare to close her eyes instead blinked multiple times to let the tears fell down her eyes.

His eyes moved to her cheeks watching tears sliding down. Removing his fingers he let the tip of his crotch inside her making her gasp out in fear.

"Look at me." She unfolded her wet eyelashes blinking them so she could match his gaze. Both of them stared at each other. For a minute she forgot who that person was. His eyes held so many emotions. For a second she thought he might be gentle but.

"Ahhh." She screamed out in pain when he slammed himself completely letting his crotch buried deep inside her. Muffling her screams he roughly slammed his lips against hers.

He didn't even give a proper time to let her adjust. He started moving at a slow pace while kissing her roughly. Her hands held his shoulders at that time she had no other option than him to hold onto.

Her nails dug in his flesh as he started increasing his pace. His one hand slide down to her core before rubbing his fingers against it. He groaned in pleasure feeling her sensitivity against his.

"Fuck your so beautiful." He growled increasing his pace and rubbing her clit roughly. Within a second arching her back, she came. As soon as she came he started slamming himself deeper.

He gave a slow yet long thrust making her body go upward at his powerful thrusts. She came once again. And Xavier couldn't help but love how sensitive she was.

Her walls clenched around his crotch as he moved in and out of her with an animalistic pace. All she could do is to let her tears fall while moaning loudly at his thrusts.

Breaking the kiss he moved down and started sucking her neck making sure to leave more marks.

"Ahh." She arched her back screaming out when he went deeper with his hard thrusts hitting right on her g spot. It hurts her but she didn't do anything except to let him ravish her till he wants.

"Fuck." He cursed gritting his teeth as he increased his pace to an impossible speed and finally spilt his seeds inside her. More tears escaped her eyes as she felt him shooting his fluid inside her.

He indeed was trying to make her pregnant. Still being inside her he dropped his head in her crook breathing heavily.

Valerie thought that he was done but no. He wasn't. She gasped out when he wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her up making her hold on to his shoulders. And sit on his laps.

She moaned out loud when he started moving his hips letting himself again buried deep inside her. And he didn't let her sleep all night neither he did.

He was making sure to leave his seeds deep inside her without her consent. But only if he knew what the girl in his arms was planning.

Enjoy till it lasts. Because not everything happens according to what we have planned.


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