Yes, Master

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Slowly peering her eyes open she blinked them multiple times to clear her sight. As soon as she looked at the sight in front of her, her stomach flipped upside down in fear and disgust.

Xavier. He was laying beside her shirtless. One arm was wrapped around her waist while the other was under his head. She looked down at herself and found her body being wrapped in a thin material of his shirt.

Last night he didn't stop after one time. He kept on going and even after her begging he didn't stop till she was passed out of exhaustion. Her lower body felt numb and she felt a weird pain in her neck as well.

Her eyes suddenly met with something which was enough to freeze her system. She stared at the reddish scar that was printed on his chest halting her breath in pure shock.


Her name was carved in his chest and there was no way for it to ever heal. It was scarred. And she knew her name will never fade away from his chest. She unconsciously touched her stomach remembering his marking on it.

"Do you like it?" She flinched letting out a heavy breath that she didn't notice she was holding in. Her eyes snapped up to him. He was now wide awake staring at her with his psychotic gaze.

"I wanted to show you last night but couldn't do so. But now see." He said pointing at the marked name making her look at it as well.

She gulped down in fear. Last night the whole room was dark and the only source of light was the side lamp which before removing his shirt Xavier broke it as well.

She was so much scared and in pain that she didn't even get a bit of time to notice her scarred name on his chest.

She flinched hard when he grabbed her small hand and forced her hand to touch his chest. She tried to control her body but couldn't and started trembling slightly.

He forcefully placed her trembling hand on his marked chest and hold it tightly on the spot before looking at her straightly in her eyes.

"See how much I love you. This is where you live angel. In my heart. No. You don't live in it but You are my heart." Saying it he leaned closer before slowly hovering above her and letting her tiny figure disappeared under him.

He placed both of his palms beside her head and leaned down to her neck before placing kisses all over the marks he left on her last night.

She hissed a little when he kissed above her collarbone. That was the same spot that was hurting from the time she opened her eyes.

"I think I went a little hard on you last night. I am sorry love." He said kissing the same spot again and again making her turn her face away in disgust.

Again his meaningless apologies and insincere concern. She was getting disgusted by his words. His behaviour. Mainly his presence day by day.

He suddenly let his heavy head fell in her neck as he buried his face deep in her crook making her breathe out heavily. He nuzzled his nose in her neck before whispering.

"I am going out of the city for two days." This got her attention as she got alerted. She felt him taking deep breaths in her crook sniffing her scent before continuing.

"I have an important project meeting which I can't afford to skip at any cost. Even though I want to be here with you but I just can't." Pulling his head up he stared at her face with his intense gaze.

His eyes moved all over her face before bringing his hand up and caressing her chubby cheek. It didn't fail to earn a flinch from her as she thought he might slap her.

"Shh don't worry I wouldn't hurt you. Hmm." He said pecking her nose. Her eyes again went to her name on his chest as she stared at it in pure fear.

Pecking her cheek for the last night he went to the bathroom. She slowly sat up on the bed leaning against the bed's headboard. She hissed out feeling an electric pain in her lower body.

She placed her hand on her stomach feeling a burning sensation there. Her eyes slightly widened when she remembered how he kept on shooting his fluid inside her last night. Not even for once, he pulled out instead he kept on filling her with his seeds. He had already started to work on his making her pregnant mission.

With her trembling hands she looked at the bathroom door before with her shaking hands she opened the drawer beside the bed. There was a sack of socks in the corner.

Pulling it out of the drawer she pulled one heavy sock out and pulled a small bottle out. Hurriedly taking a pill in her hand she securely hid the bottle inside the socks and closed the drawer.

Taking a glass of water she took the pill and swallowed it down her throat and let out a sigh of relief. It was birth control pills. She had gotten this bottle from Lina in the starting days. She was told that Xavier himself asked Lina to give it to her.

But she never really used them as he didn't touch her in the starting days. But the night he took her she had started using them even though Xavier never came inside her he always pulled out before discharging himself.

But last night he took her God knows how many times and each time he came inside her. She wasn't planning to tell him. But she will be damned if she let herself give birth to his child. Never.

Her mind ran to Liza's words and she was right. He has no intention of letting her go. He even announced that he doesn't consider her as his mistress anymore.

"Do you want more water?" She flinched turning her head towards him. He stared at her sighing heavily.

"Relax. Your holding a glass and the water in the jug is also finish. So if you want water I can bring it for you." He said but she shook her head looking down.

She couldn't look at him anymore. He was only in a towel around his torso and his chest which was marked with her name was on display. She couldn't see her name being carved in that man's chest.

She felt him walking towards her and taking a seat in front of her. Xavier stared at her for some time before gently grabbing her chin forcing her to look at him.

He sighed intently when her beautiful green orbs met his dark ones. How much he loves her eyes. Sliding his hand up a bit he caressed her cheek.

"Two days. Just two days more." She frowned in confusion making him chuckle. But soon an evil smirk appeared on his lips making her gulp in fear.

"When I will come back. I will arrange our wedding. We will be married. Just two days more." Her breathing halted as she stared at him with wide eyes.

"M-Master I---" Xavier palmed her lips covering half of her tiny face with his big palm. His soft and loving expressions turned into dark and angry ones as he leaned to her face. Her eyes started tearing up staring in his dark ones.

"You want to marry me or not. It doesn't matter Valerie. You have to marry me. And you will marry me. You have no choice." Seething on her face he removed his palm and grabbed her chin in a tight grip.

He roughly jerked her face forward attaching his lips against hers. He didn't kiss her instead gave a hard and long peck making her shut her eyes at how hard it was.

Pulling away he didn't let her face go and said. "Start getting ready mentally and physically because next time this small peck will not be your only punishment."

Standing up from the bed he looked down at her sitting figure who was already looking down at her laps letting the tears wet the bedsheets.

"I am giving you proper two days. When I will come back. I want an obedient kitten of mine back. I want no resistance from my wife. No crying. Accept me. These two days no misbehaviour or trying to do something which will only put you in danger so better obey me. And accept me. I will be back soon. Now rest more. Lina will give you a painkiller and also bring your breakfast."

With that, he kissed her forehead and went to the wardrobe. She heard him packing his clothes while she just stared at her hands blankly yet the tears weren't stopping.

She placed the glass on the side table and wiped her tears before laying down again and covering her face with the blanket. No. She wouldn't let him rule her life this time. She wouldn't.

With that, she closed her eyes and let herself have a little sleep before she does what she has planned.

Xavier had already gone on his trip while Valerie had given Lina a day lying to her that Xavier wanted her to have a day off.

She checked all over the house and there were a lot of guards. And that will make it harder her to do what she has planned but she had no other choice.

She had no passport so even after escaping she wouldn't be able to go out of the city. She knew she had to hide within the city but the place where he could never reach her. And the orphanage was a big no.

She carefully went to the backyard. The only place where there was no guard. She climbed up the wall with the help of the chair and jumped off it.

A small yelp left from when her one foot got twisted painfully. Ignoring the pain she walked towards the main gate. The only way of her escape. But two guards were guarding making her gulp in fear.

She knew it was now or never. Carefully she tiptoed towards the wall that was the only way she could escape without surpassing the main gate.

But to her bad luck, there was no way she could climb up. But again gathering her strength she used the cracks of the wall to place her feet in them and climbing up.

Even though she got scratched multiple times but she didn't give up and finally she jumped off it.

"LOOK SHE'S ESCAPING." She gasped in horror when she heard one of the guards shouting. She ran faster with her twisted ankle.

But soon her elbow was grabbed by a rough hand pulling her back. Without looking back she smacked the person so hard that a loud growl left from his throat.

"Shit woman calm the fuck down." She didn't stop and kept on clawing at him even though the voice was familiar to her.

Growling he tried to grab her but she finally got released and started running away. She grabbed the hard and heavy stick that was on the road before swinging it and slamming it against the person's head.

He fell on his knees groaning. He tried to stop her but she ran away. Guards came there too but they preferred helping the man instead of going after the girl.

She had no idea where she was running to but she kept on going just to get away from that place. From that devil. From his hell.

She gasped out taking multiple steps back when a car suddenly appeared in front of her. She didn't even notice she was running on the road as it was too empty.

She blinked her eyes because of the headlights. She heard the door of the car opening and closing sound. She tried stepping back but finally her body given up.

Before she could fell she was engulfed in the large arms. She looked up with her half-opened eyes and instantly her heartbeat accelerated when she met those brown eyes once again which were filled with pure concern.


She couldn't help but feel a wave of relief going through her veins letting her whole weight fell in his arms.

Sinister instantly picked her up and stared at her in concern. She weighted nothing for him. She was like a baby he was carrying.

"Valerie what happened." He questioned while her eyes started dropping down.

"H-Help me. T-Take me away from h-him. P-please." Whispering those words she blacked out in his arms.

He stared at her face for some time before taking her to his house. He gritted his teeth watching her looking weaker than before.

He had no idea what was the matter. But he knew one thing. He will do anything to give her what she wants. And if she wants to be away from Xavier.

He will make sure of it. She will be far away from him.

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