Yes, Master

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Author Pov

"How's she?" Sinister questioned the man who was busy piercing the needle of IV in the girl's hand who was laying on the king-sized bed motionless.

Sinister's eyes never left her figure. He was asking a question but his gaze was stuck on her. The doctor sighed before turning towards him.

"Weak. Too weak. She looks like she had lost a lot of weight recently. Her nutrition also seems not good. And because of the bruise on her ankle and her continuous pressure on it she had gotten a high fever."

Sinister sighed still keeping his eyes on the girl. She looked so pale. Paler than he had seen her before. And the doctor was indeed right. She was indeed looking too much weak.

"I had given her an injection and also I am leaving this prescription. Don't forget to give her medicines on time. You can ask me to come again if needed." Sinister nodded his head finally breaking his gaze away from Valerie's pale face.

"Don't tell anyone about her." The doctor smiled before handing him the prescription.

"I am not only your doctor dude I am your friend too. So be assured I wouldn't tell anyone when I already know how much in danger she is." Sinister sighed turning his gaze again towards her.

"Don't you think you wouldn't be able to hide her for long? Because this is Xavier Valentino we are talking about." Sinister chuckled before turning his head towards his friend.

"I know. But I can't let history repeat itself. Can't you see her condition? It will not be long when I have to face what happened in past again if I handed her to Xavier. That monster doesn't deserve someone this pure and innocent."

Sinister stopped for a second before turning his head towards the foggy window and sighing heavily as the events of the past played in front of his eyes.

"I wasn't able to protect her. But I will do anything to protect Valerie. Even if it means I have to protect her with my life I wouldn't back out." The doctor nodded his head before walking towards sinister and patting his shoulder.

"Do whatever gives you peace my friend. I am with you. And I will also try to protect her as much as I could. But always remember Xavier Valentino is worst than Sean Valentino. So don't ever forget that this time the person your going to fight with is three times worst than the previous one."

With that, he walked out of the room leaving Sinister in his thoughts. He sighed closing his eyes as again the same scenario of years back played in front of his eyes. The same agonizing and traumatizing scene from his dark past.

He turned his head towards the sleeping beauty and walked towards her. He gently took a seat beside her on the bed and scooted closer to her. He held his hand up and let his cold fingers touch her smooth cheek.

He knew how beautiful she is but she never got a chance to stare at her for this long. He caressed her pale cheeks softly before mumbling.

"Now your my responsibility. And I will do anything to protect you." He whispered and carefully laid beside her. Not even for once, his eyes left her beautiful face.


"Fucking hell. My head." The man said holding his bandaged head as he had to get treatment because of Valerie's powerful blow at his head with that steal-like stick.

He looked up when two men approached him with their heads down in fear. He narrowed his eyes at them and instantly understood what was going on.

"You didn't find her. Did you?" Both of them gulped hard and nodded their heads.

"I am sorry Mr Hunt. We searched everywhere but it seems like she had disappeared in a thin air." Rafael clenched his jaw before shooting them a dark glare.

One loud sound of the slap echoed in the hallway making everyone look down in fear as the man stumbled back because of the force. Rafael smacked his face with so much force that man saw darkness in front of his eyes for a second.


Even though his head was hurting but right now all that mattered to him was how to find that girl who has the guts to run away from a devil named Xavier.

"You bitches couldn't even be able to find a little girl who was injured as well." He seethed out making them gulp down.

"Call Aunt Lina. Why the hell she is on leave when Xavier is not here!" Rafael said in annoyance and the man instantly went to call Lina.

Just after half an hour, Lina rushed towards Rafael who was sitting on the sofa like a king with his arms and legs spread open while his eyes stayed on the floor with a hard glare.

"Mr Hunt." Rafael finally looked up with a glare making Lina gulp down in fear. He motioned his other men to leave them alone which they did.

"Aunt Lina why aren't you in the mansion when you know Xavier is not here. How can you leave your Master's mistress alone here." Rafael questioned making her look at him with a frown.

"No Mr Hunt I didn't take a leave. It was Mam who said Master has permitted me to have a day off." Lina said making Rafael sigh heavily.

"She lied to you! She was planning for an escape for days and today she took the chance. I got a call from Xavier in the morning asking me to check on Valerie. He said he's suspecting that Valerie is planning something and indeed he was right. I was a little late. And she successfully escaped."

Lina gasped covering her mouth with her palm in shock. She didn't expect Valerie to try to escape Xavier. She felt happy for a second but again She knew Xavier wouldn't let her go this easily. And it wouldn't be hard for him to find her.

"Aunt Lina. Tell me why would Valerie want to escape Xavier. All these years we all had different mistresses and still mine and Damien's mistresses are with us and are not even thinking about escaping. Then what had Xavier did to that girl that she decided to do something which wouldn't end well for her."

Lina gulped before looking at Rafael who raised his eyebrows waiting for her to tell him the truth.

"Master Xavier wasn't good with Valerie mam. The way he behaved with her he had never treated his previous mistresses this way. He had forced her into submission many times. He even carved his name on her body. I had seen it when I changed her bandage."

Rafael's lips parted in shock hearing about carving his name on her skin. He licked his lips in disbelief.

"Had he fucking lost his mind. Yes, we are sadists. We all are. But we know our limits." Lina sighed before continuing and blasting another bomb on Rafael.

"He had even planned to marry her after his return. Without her consent." This time Rafael stood up cursing loudly.

"What the fuck is wrong with that bastard?" He growled making Lina step back. He was shocked after hearing her words.

"Marriage with a mistress and that be without her consent. He had lost his mind. Uncle Sean was right. He had gone mad that he can't see how far he's going with all his obsession." Rafael bit his lip before looking at Lina.

"That's good she escaped. Don't tell him about her running away till he comes back. I will handle that piece of shit. I just have to inform Uncle Sean about it."

"Inform me what son?" Rafael's head snapped towards the man who entered the hallway with his intimidating aura.

"Uncle. Why did you come here? You could have asked me to meet you." Sean chuckled patting his shoulder before sitting on the sofa.

"No need to inform me. Also, you don't have to find that girl." Rafael frowned at his words.

"But uncle you know Xavier right. If he found that girl on his own it wouldn't end well for her." Sean chuckled shaking his head.

"He wouldn't be able to find her. I will make sure of it." Rafael's eyes widened slightly when the realization hit him.

"You helped her escape." Sean looked up with an evil smirk and nodded his head.

"I helped her without making it obvious. Even she doesn't know that but without my help she wouldn't have made out of this place and my son's life."

"But why," Rafael questioned as he wasn't getting why would Sean snatch his son's obsession away from him.

"Valerie is really an innocent and naive girl Rafael. There is no way for her to understand our world. She's like a fragile doll that can be crushed anytime. And I don't want someone so weak and helpless as my son's life partner. Plus because of her, my son has started losing his remaining senses as well. Her continuous resistance is making him mad. So it's better if she disappears right now. Otherwise future will be painful. Not only for her but for my son too."

Rafael sighed looking away. He also didn't want to let Xavier force a girl into marriage with him. But he also wasn't appreciating how Sean was making decisions for Xavier. But maybe Sean Valentino was right.

She should disappear from his life right now otherwise the flames of madness in him will end up burning both of them.

One promise of ruination. One promise to protect. Which one will be fulfilled?


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