Yes, Master

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Slowly peering her eyes open she let out a small whimper feeling ache all over her body. Her legs were numb while her body felt extremely tired.

She moved her weak hand and rubbed her palm on her eyes trying to settle her eyesight. Finally clearing her vision she looked around the room. It was nowhere Xavier's mansion's room.

It was bright. The walls were painted with white colour while the furniture was brown. It looked decent yet beautiful. While Xavier's house was full of dark colours. It was filled with only black and red colours which never failed to frighten her.

Gathering her strength she hardly sat up on the bed letting her back against the beds headboard still staring at her surroundings. Then it hit her.

Sinister. He saved her. Is she in his house? Where is he? Several questions started messing with her head as she looked around in curiosity. Biting her lip she removed the blanket and sighed out watching her right ankle wrapped up in a heavy bandage.

She slowly placed her feet on the cold floor. Her head snapped up in fear when the door of the room cracked open. Her eyes met with familiar enchanting brown ones.

Sinister didn't even notice when he slept on the bed beside her till he woke up in the mid of the night. He removed the IV from her hand and again stared at her for some time finding himself as a creep.

Finally shaking his fantasizing thoughts he walked out of the room covering her with a heavy blanket. He didn't sleep afterwards. It was normal for him. Once he woke up he just couldn't bring himself to sleep again.

When he saw the sunlight hitting his emotionless face he decided to check up on her. And was left surprised seeing her already awake and sitting on the bed.

He clenched his jaw feeling a little anger as he witnessed her getting ready to stand up. Is she ok in the head? He questioned mentally shaking his head in disappointment. Her ankle had twisted badly and it had swollen her whole foot. She can't walk too much.

"What do you think you're doing?" She flinched hearing his deep husky voice. His voice seemed like he just woke up but only if she knew.

"I-I. B-Bathroom." She whispered but Sinister still heard her. He sighed before walking towards her.

"Your ankle is still hurt. The doctor has forbidden you from moving too much." She gulped shaking her head.

"N-No i-its ok I--- Ah." She tried speaking but end up squealing in surprise when she was engulfed in a hard embrace.

Hearing her nervous voice Sinister rolled his eyes. He effortlessly bent down and wrapped his arms around her picking her up in a bridal style making her hold his shoulders in fear.

He threw one glance at her and hardly stopped himself from chuckling out watching her wide green spheres and shocked face.

Cute. He mentally mumbled before cursing himself. Shut the fuck up. He cursed his mind before entering the bathroom making her gulp.

"I-I can do ---" She instantly shut up and leaned back a little when he turned his head towards her making eye contact with her bright green eyes.

"Relax I wouldn't do anything." He whispered only for her grip on his shoulders to tighten as she was too nervous at how close they were.

He gently placed her on the counter. It wasn't too high as her feet were still touching the floor a little. She can easily jump off it without hurting her ankle. Sinister opened the drawer near her head and took out a new pack of tooth brush and also brought a towel for her. There were some clothes already hung on the wall.

"Here you can brush and wash up. But remember to not take a shower it's not good for your ankle." She nodded without any objection.

Sinister stared at her face for few minutes before leaning down to her level making her lean back a little. He wanted to talk to her about something but soon his body froze.

His eyes fell on something which didn't fail to fuel his anger. He clenched his jaw and hands when he stared at a dark bite mark on her neck near her collarbone.

Last night he didn't notice as all he watched the whole night was her beautiful face. He felt no need to scan her body as he felt no lust while watching her sleeping. Instead, he felt an urge to bring the same brightness on her face again which she used to have before meeting Xavier.

Valerie unconsciously clutched the sides of the counter watching him staring at something in pure anger. He was almost glaring at her even though he wasn't looking at her face.

"When you will be done call me I am outside." Saying that he stormed out of the bathroom. Valerie flinched a little when he slammed the door of the bathroom shut with a loud sound.

She couldn't help but feel scared of him when his stance suddenly changed he looked like a beast ready to kill someone.

Sinister knew if he stayed close to her he might end up doing something which will make him regret it afterwards. He has anger issues but he will be damned if he hurt her. She's too innocent to see his beast side.

Sinister finally calmed himself even though he was still burning in anger watching that bastard's assault on her body. Why didn't he notice her neck covered with his assault before?

That bite mark was the most obvious one indeed but there were still few more marks on her collarbone. The bite mark was too monstrous. It was almost like he wanted to rip her flesh.

He heard a soft voice calling for him making him take a deep breath before opening the door and entering the bathroom. He stopped breathing for a second.

She was wearing the clothes he gave her. He had no woman clothes so he gave her his hoodie and shorts. Her hair were wet while the hoodie was too big for her fragile body. He couldn't help but chuckle at how she kept on pulling the sleeves up but they kept on rolling down hiding her small hands.

Cute. Again mumbling to himself he walked towards her and gently picked her up making her again hold his shoulders for support. He unknowingly pulled her body more against his wanting to feel her soft frame against his hard one.

"Why are your hair wet? Did you take a shower even after I told you to not?" She instantly snapped her head up a little only for her to meet his dark gaze emotionlessly staring at her.

"N-no I didn't take a shower just washed my hair. I was feeling itching in my head that's why." He hummed in response as he was satisfied with her answer before gently settling her on the edge of the bed. Her feet were touching the floor.

She gasped a little when he kneeled in front of her. "W-What are you---" Sinister placed his finger on her hushing her.

"Shhh listen to me. I want you to listen to my words carefully ok." She stared at him for some time before nodding her head.

Sinister gently grabbed her small hand that was hidden under the oversized hoodie's sleeve. He started gently rolling the end of the sleeve up making her stare at him in surprise.

"When I first met you I liked you a lot, Valerie. You were a normal girl to me. A little normal girl who used to live in an orphanage. The first time I saw you was the day I visited the orphanage to donate. That day was really important to me. I wasn't expecting anything except to donate and meet the kids. I always love playing with kids. That was the first time I saw you. You were talking with a little girl."

There was a small smile on Sinister's lips as he grabbed her other hand and started rolling its sleeve too. She just stared at him stunned hearing his confession. He knew her and here she thought only she had watched him all these years visiting orphanage.

"You reminded me of someone. The innocence and careful attitude of yours. The gentle behaviour. Everything reminded me of someone." Sinister suddenly paused placing her hand on her lap before looking up.

There were a lot of things he wanted to tell her. Confess to her but he stopped himself. No. He can't do this to her when she's already so messed up. She needs time to recover from all the trauma first. And he might never get a chance to confess her.

"Years ago I failed to protect the one I love the most. I lost the light of my life. I have seen the reason for my breathing losing her breath in front of me. It was painful. Too painful." He said making Valerie unconsciously place her soft hand on his.

Sinister looked up and smiled a little before grabbing her hand and giving it a little squeeze. He sighed heavily pulling serious expressions on his face.

"I couldn't protect her. But I don't want to repeat it. I want to protect you, Valerie. I want you to trust me. Give me your consent. Let me be your guardian. I will fight with Xavier for you. And I promise."

He stared deeply into her eyes. His brown gaze held a strong determination as he stated his next words.

"I will protect you. Till my last breath, I will protect you with my everything."

Was it a ray of light igniting her night or was it just sparkle before a destructive explosion.


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