Yes, Master

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Author Pov.

Valerie was sitting on the bed while Maria was sitting beside her softly caressing her back trying to calm her.

While Jane sighed before zipping up Valerie’s suitcase. Rose was also present in the room standing in front of a window keeping an eye on the kids playing outside.

“Val my daughter, I am sorry I can’t do anything for you.” Maria and Valerie shook their heads at their aunt while Rose only rolled her eyes.

“No aunt you did everything for us. It had been decided for a long time and even though I don’t want to I can’t run away from this either. I am his and I can’t change this.”

Jane hugged Valerie while Maria smiled at her sadly. They both bid goodbyes to Valerie and now it was Rose turn.

“They are here,” Rose said as she saw a car and driver waiting for Valerie outside. Valerie gulped heavily before turning to the rock-like girl.

She knew Rose will never come to her so she went to her and hugged her for the last time. Rose sighed before patting her back softly.

“When are your masters coming.” This question made Maria tremble in fear while Rose only looked away coldly.

“Tomorrow Rafael Hunt Rose’s Master is coming and after a week Damien Storm, Maria’s Master will come.” Jane said making all the girl’s shudder in fear except Rose who only rolled her eyes.

“You should go now,” Rose mumbled at Valerie who nodded her head before grabbing her bag and walking towards the exit door.

She met the kids for the last time as she had no idea when she will be able to meet them again or will her master let her meet them again.

Finally, sitting in the car she stared at the place where she spent 21 years of her life. The same place she used to call her house.

Reaching to a huge house more like mansion she went inside and was greeted by an old woman. She smiled at Valerie softly but pity was clear in her eyes.

Which Valerie hated. She knew her condition is nothing but pitiful but then why all of those pitiful gazes enraged her.

Her green eyes met with a beautiful furniture room. It was bigger than half of the orphanage. The old lady asked her if she wants something but she politely refused it.

“Wait. Can I know your name?” Valerie asked politely which didn’t fail to surprise the old lady.

“I am Lina Mam.” Valerie’s eyes widened when she heard her.

“Oh no please don’t call me mam your way older than me. Please call me Valerie or Val if you like.” Lina smiled at her but before she could answer both women went stiff hearing the cold deep voice.

“She’s a maid, not a member Mia Angelo. She’s bound to call you mam and she will or she knows the consequences.” Xavier’s deep and threatening voice made both women shiver in fear.

“Now what are waiting for cagna. GET OUT.” Valerie flinched at Xavier’s loud voice. Lina instantly bowed to them and ran outside leaving them alone. (Bitch)

Valerie couldn’t believe how can he behave and insult someone older than him like this. She’s almost his mother’s age and he’s behaving like she’s younger than him.

Valerie’s thoughts cut down when Xavier entered the room and closed the door before locking it. He had his usual smirk planted on his lips.

Valerie’s body started to tremble a little when he walked near her. She knew she can’t stop him if he wanted to do something with her after all her body and soul belongs to him.

His sinful eyes travelled from her head to toe. She was wearing a black skirt which was reaching to her feet bones and a brown oversized baggy sweater.

The dressing was poor and somehow old fashion but it still looked incredible on her. He finally reached to her body and towered over her.

He couldn’t help but chuckle at how small she looks in front of him. She looks so breakable and he was eager to do so.

But in his way.

Valerie closed her eyes when he raised his hand. She was expecting him to just pull her clothes off and simply have his way to her. But what he did next left her shocked.

He gently grabbed her hands and walked her towards the bed. She opened her eyes and stared at him with a frown when he made her sit on the bed.

Suddenly he kneeled down in front of her which made her more shocked.

“M-Master. Wha--” He hushed her by placing his finger on her lips shaking his head.

“I am sorry Mia Angelo.” She looked at him with slightly wide eyes which brought a small smile on Xavier’s lips.

“What I did yesterday I know I shouldn’t have done that. I am sorry I just didn’t know how to negotiate with you. I had never felt this way towards anyone before Valerie. Trust me I like you and I don’t want to hurt you. I wouldn’t touch you without your permission. I will give you a proper time but trust me I will never treat you like a mistress because for me you’re an angel. My angel.”

His every word left Valerie in shock, she wasn’t expecting this. She always thought that he’s a merciless monster who will only break her.

But now she felt a slight pang of guilt in her gut when she realized that she shouldn’t judge anyone this fast.

Indeed he behaved so differently yesterday but right now he was almost like begging her to give him a chance. Still, she didn’t want to raise her hopes much.

“Master I-i” She had no idea what to reply to him which Xavier understood right away.

“Don’t worry Angelo you don’t need to worry. You have a lot of time to think about us. To think about me. So don’t worry you don’t have to hurry in anything.”

He said standing up from the floor and pulling her on her feet as well. Her green eyes met with his grey ones. He saw a slight glint of gratefulness in them.

How naive. He mentally scoffed at how easily he manipulated her. Did she believe that she’s more than a mistress to him?

Yes, he considered her as an angel just because she looks like one but no one can change the fact that she was supposed to be his mistress and she will remain as one.

Then why did he want her to trust him? Well, simple what the use of having a woman he wants if she didn’t want him back.

He wants her to enjoy his touch the way his previous mistresses did. He didn’t want her to be his while crying and struggling to get away from him.

It’s not like he can’t force her he can if he wants but where the fun in it. He wants to hear her moan not of discomfort but of pleasure. He wants her to scream his name under him in pleasure.

He wants to enjoy every bid of making her as his. And if she resisted him then where will be the fun in it.

He was aware he needed to control himself for a proper time limit. She’s not like the mistresses he chose himself, they all were experienced and was being paid.

But Valerie is different, she was never been in this type of relationship before. She was raised in an orphanage and was never even sent to school or college so it was obvious that in her matter he needed to be patient.

He wouldn’t let her go this easily. This was the first time that he ever met a woman like her. Innocence radiates from her pearly eyes.

And he’s ready to snatch that innocence soon. Because for him, her innocence will end up being her biggest stupidity.

“Don’t worry Mia Angelo. I will wait for you till you will be fully ready.” He said as he kissed her forehead fluttering her heart.

He leaned back giving her a proper distance. He was about to walk outside but his expressions changed as he looked at her with his dead serious gaze.

“But you should always remember one thing piccolo.” He said dangerously leaning closer to her.
(-Little One)

“Your mine and if I see you even looking at another man rather than me then I can’t promise you what I might end up doing to you.”

Her innocent mind was failed to see the devilish intentions of that monster.


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