Yes, Master

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Author Pov

"Ughhhh" A loud crashing sound echoed in the room as an angry man threw a glass vase against the wall shattering it into tiny pieces. He again grabbed another vase but now he threw it in the direction of a man standing few steps away from him.

"Fucking hell you psycho!" Rafael seethed out dodging the vase as Xavier shown on mercy before attacking him with the sharp object.

"You useless bitch I asked you to fucking keep an eye on her! THEN HOW THE FUCK SHE RAN AWAY!" Xavier growled again grabbing only the left vase in the room and throwing it in Rafael's direction.

This time Rafael held the steel vase in his hands before it could hit him and placed it on the table beside him. He gritted his teeth before flying a punch against Xavier's face.

"You bastard Lina told me the shits you have done to her then how can you expect her to not run away from you!" Rafael said again landing another punch right against Xavier's cheek making him groan in pain.

"Don't talk like you haven't done anything to your Fiore you hoe!" This was enough for Rafael to stop his abuse on Xavier and step back huffing out. (Flower)

They both stood in silence for some time before Rafael let out a sigh. He looked up into Xavier's grey eyes with his blue shiny ones which were full of regret and sadness which didn't fail to surprise Xavier.

He has never seen Rafael having remorse for anything in his gaze.

"You're right. I did a lot of fucked up shits to Rose. I did a lot of things which now I regret." Xavier's jaw dropped in shock as he stared at him in pure disbelief.

"I tortured her. I tried to break her just because I wanted to conquer her. I just wanted to rip her cold facade and wanted her to bow before me. Think of me as her everything but with time I realised how wrong was I."

Rafael took a seat on the couch making Xavier sit in front of him as well. He ruffled his hair remembering all the pain he conflicted on Rose just to see her weak side but it never came. There was a reason why he named her an ice witch.

"I regret it so badly Xavier. And you know there is nothing I could do now. This regret. This affection. And care everything that I am showing her right now is doing nothing. She doesn't change."

"Affection?" Xavier blurted out in shock as he wasn't able to believe his ears. Rafael looked up at him and chuckled sadly.

"Yes, affection. I love her and I told her many times. But my guilt, my pain, my every move to earn her forgiveness is going to waste. She's heartless. She's a quest that's buried far in the island where I can't even reach her then how can I conquer her."

Xavier had no idea what to say anymore and he did one thing. He scoffed in disbelief making Rafael shot him a glare.

"Have you lost your mind, Hunt? Regret, guilt and all shits. You love her and it should be enough for both of you to live a life together. Why are you regretting whatever happened it's gone. Done you can't change it but you can do a better job for the future instead of begging for her forgiveness become a man and make her yours either with her will or without it. After all, she's yours."

Rafael sighed shaking his head at the fucked up man. He thought for a second maybe hearing the result of Rafael's acts Xavier might realise and try to mend the shits he did in past but no. He's a lost case.

"Your impossible Xavier. No girl would like to be with an abuser. You need to understand the girls I, you and Damien got aren't interested in our money or faces. They just need respect. Respect from us and that's all." Xavier again scoffed shaking his head.

"Respect comes with a status. I am ready to marry her. I am ready to give her a status of my wife and a mother of a child what more she wants? That's how much I love her. My love is to the extent of giving her a place where a hundred women's dreamt to be. This is the respect every woman desires. What is that she fucking want more?"

Rafael rubbed his temples shaking his head. He's indeed a lost case. Rafael gave up on trying to make him understand the bitter outcome of his poisonous acts but maybe he deserves to face the outcome.

"Whatever I will find her location for you but I would not help you take her back it's on you. But remember one thing, Xavier. Take my advice as a partner."

Rafael placed his rugged and bloodied hand on his shoulder giving it a light squeeze before looking straightly into his eyes.

"Every action has a reaction. If you try to burn a house the flames will attack you too so remember. There is a limit of everything don't cross it otherwise consequences will be severe."

With that, he gave a light pat and grabbed his jacket before walking out of the mansion. His bodyguards followed his tall figure disappearing from Xavier's gaze.

He took a seat on the couch and sighed heavily. He suddenly remember what Chris told him.

"Dude everyone around you are snakes. Your father is the biggest one. He's the one who helped your girl to escape by sending someone there to help her. I don't know who that person is but he seems quite powerful."

Chris wasn't wrong. Everyone are snakes around him. Rafael didn't tell him anything from the past two days of her escape if it wasn't for Chris. He knew Rafael was more loyal to his father instead of him.

They are partners but Rafael is like a son to Mr Valentino. Xavier had started hating the same man who he loved once with his everything. The same man he worshipped and respected like no one else now had become the most despised person in his heart.

He was snatching the only woman Xavier had ever loved. But he wouldn't let it happen. He wouldn't let anyone take his Valerie away from him. Valerie is his and will remain as his.

He pulled his phone out and dialled a number. He couldn't afford to trust Rafael anymore. That remorseful bitch might never tell him about Valerie's hideout.

"What a pussy." He mumbled remembering Rafael's pitiful figure. He looked messed up. And he knew the love and regret he had grown in him is making him so weak.

"Hello, Chris I want you to find Valerie's location as soon as possible." Chris hummed in response.

"Fine, I just got out of my company. Now I am going home I will start finding her tomorrow. Right now I am hella tired. So bye." With that, he cut the call making Xavier spit out a train of profanities.

He sighed before pulling the phone up and opening a picture. It was Valerie's while she was sleeping. He had taken her pictures a lot of times. He stared at her picture before clutching the phone.

"I have a doubt of you being with someone. Someone you know I hate the most." He whispered before narrowing his eyes.

"If it's him then I swear you should start counting your day's angel. Because once I got you I wouldn't let you have a minute of peace." He mumbled glaring at her picture.


Valerie stared into his eyes as he was still leaning down looking at her and waiting for her answer. He saw an obvious hesitation in her beautiful eyes which didn't surprise him.

She gulped down still having no idea of what to answer him. She knew she can never defeat a powerful man like Xavier alone. She indeed needs powerful support. But can Sinister be that support?

"I know you think I am not as powerful as Xavier is. But trust me you just don't need to have money in your bank to win. You need this as well Valerie." He said as he pointed at his temple indicating to her that you need your brain to win more than money.

"Brain is something Xavier had lacked from the start. He wasn't a great student. He never made any presentations on his own. He's indeed a good presenter but he lacks intelligence. I, Rafael and Damien all built our companies on our own. We become billionaires on our own but Xavier."

"Everything he achieved was because of having talented workers and a father. Sean Valentino or should I say my bastard father is behind his success. Without him, Xavier would have been nothing." Valerie visibly flinched at how venomously Sinister took his father's name.

"Xavier may be more powerful than me but there is something he doesn't have and that's brain and smartness. So I will only ask you one thing, Valerie. You need to trust me and give me a chance to help you."

"I know you might be thinking that I am helping you because I hate both son and father but it's one of the reason. The main reason is I want to save you." He said as he stared into her eyes. He squeezed her tiny hands in his only one large hand.

"Just one chance Valerie. I know it's risky, too much dangerous. It's almost like we are risking our lives but there is no other way. It's now or never. Either you fight and trust me or simply try to go far away from him but we both know he will find you sooner than you will know."

He completed his words and stared at her. She gulped down before thinking about his words. He wasn't lying. If she decided to silently flee away from the city or even the country but Xavier will still find her.

Even though Sinister already said he lacks intelligence but not money. He can find her using his money in few days. Or might few hours. She needs someone. Someone powerful as Xavier to free her from this lifetime fear and torture.

She looked at Sinister who was patiently waiting for her reply looking at her softly. Taking a deep breath she did what her heart and mind pushed her to say.

"O-Ok I will give you a chance. I will trust you. Please don't break it." She stammered making him grin in happiness. He was clearly satisfied with her reply.

"I will never. I promise you I will protect you with my life."

Will the fire burning in his hell cool down without any damage or will it become difficult to count damages it caused?


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