Yes, Master

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He eyed her trembling figure in front of him. She knew she made a mistake. No, she made a grave mistake.

Tears blurred her sight but she didn’t let them fall. She knew once a single tear escaped he will make sure to turn them into a rain of tears.

“I-i am sorry Master. ”

Her lone whisper started to do many things to him. Not emotionally but physically.


He dominated her which she being a weak submissive did without any words even though her heart was crying for kneeling in front of a monster when the mistake of hers was just she dozed off when he told her to stare at him. Only him.

Removing his belt he moved around her trembling frame making sure to show her the hard edge of the belt which will soon meet her doll-like skin.

“What did you do. Angel.”

“I- I disobey M-master ” She replied him in a trembling tone satisfying him with her fear.

“I told you to not even blink while watching me THEN WHY DID YOU WENT TO SLEEP YOU BITCH.”

He yelled as he moved his hand and slammed the hard leather on her skin earning a painful cry from her.







Smacks kept on meeting her back till her throat got dry and the whole energy from her body faded away. She felt him throwing the belt away and crouching down to her limped body. He pulled her chin up caressing her cheek.

His eyes held satisfaction. He was satisfied with her broken condition. Pulling her face closer to his he whispered.

“You’re Mine my kitten. Next time try to disobey me it will be worst. He will get what he deserves after staring at you as that bitch of a son owns you. I will show him who fucking owns you. Remember my muffin you belong to me and only me. UNDERSTOOD.”

She knew he was demanding an answer and she has no energy to fight against him. After all, he’s capable of doing everything and she’s of nothing. Being a good submissive she did as she was always told to do so.

“Yes, Master.”

“Valerie wake up. Dammit VALERIE WAKE UP!” Her eyes snapped up in pure terror as her gaze met with familiar dark brown ones which were looking at her with only concern.

She was taking a breath and soon burst out in heavy tears. Sinister without wasting a second placed his large palm on her back and pulled her in his arms.

Her head fell against his wide chest as he hugged her tightly calming her down. He rubbed his palm against her back trying to soothe her terror.

“Relax Valerie it was just a bad dream.” He whispered in her ears but she only shook her head clutching his oversized shirt in tight fists.

“N-No it wasn’t a dream. I-It was a m-memory.” She whispered making him sigh out.

And it was the truth. Xavier had once whipped her badly for something as stupid as making eye contact with his business partner. He even beat his partner after the party.

That night he left more scars on her body giving her more chances to hate him and wish for him to die or some miracle to happen and she would be able to escape him.

After crying against Sinister’s shoulder she finally calmed down and soon he heard her taking slow breathing indicating to him that she had fallen asleep. He gently laid her down on the bed.

Her head fell on the cushion making it turn to the other side giving him a good view of her pale chubby cheek. He sighed in sadness before moving his large finger against her tear-stained cheek.

“What have you done to her Xavier?” He mumbled to himself not believing how terrified she was remembering the shit he had done to her.

“What this poor soul have ever done to you to make her this vulnerable?” Sinister whispered staring at her without blinking.

He still remembers the day he had seen her in the orphanage how lively and joyful she looked while playing with the kids. He still remembers her laugh full of life like he had listened to it yesterday.

A small smile appeared on his blank face making his gaze soften as well. Leaning down he placed his warm lips against her cold cheekbone leaving a soft peck there.

“I promise I will bring that Valerie back. I promise I will protect you from that monster.” He whispered against her cheek before placing a soft kiss near her lips and pulling himself back.

He gulped down his not so innocent desires and stood up. He knew what he feels for her right now she’s not ready for any new confession. She needs time and he needs to give her as much as time to bring her back to her old life.

But right now his main focus is on his stepbrother. His father had called him and informed him that Rafael had found that he’s the one who had helped Valerie but he hasn’t informed Xavier about it yet.

Sinister finally making his mind brought Valerie away from his mansion and hid her away from the city. He knew Xavier will soon know about where Valerie is and for that Sinister had to be ready for any possibility.


Chris walked inside his penthouse only to frown in confusion. Alice always comes to greet him as he had instructed her but no. There was no one today and it made him angry.

The little girl has started to disobey him again. She deserves to be punished. He smirked at the thought of punishing her with his different sadistic ways.

Chris walked into the kitchen but she wasn’t there then he walked towards his room but she wasn’t there too. Soon his chest tightened with fear and concern. He was fearing of her running away from him like Valerie.

But then he knew there was no way for her to run away from him as the security already told him she hasn’t left the penthouse. Then where is she?

He was about to walk out of the room when he heard a rapid sound of water. He turned around only to find a little water coming out of the bathroom.

His heart thumped in fear as he abruptly without wasting a second ran inside the bathroom and gasped out in horror.

Alice was drowned in the bathtub and not with only water but also blood. Her blood. Both of her wrists had deep cuts making him instantly pull her out of the bloody tub.

“No, no baby wake up. You can’t leave me like this. Alice baby wake up love.” He kept on mumbling while wrapping towels around her wrists and running towards his car.

Both of their clothes were drenched but he didn’t care. For the first time after meeting Alice, he felt tears dripping down his eyes.

Doctors took Alice inside leaving crying and afraid Chris behind. He rubbed his face with his bloody palms leaving her blood on his cheeks

He was so confident from the day he trapped Alice in his gold cage thinking that he can have anything with power and force. But he forgot everyone has a limit and Alice had reached it.

At this point, he was even ready to do anything for her. He even promised himself to do whatever she will ask him to do just for her to be safe.

After some time doctor came out removing his mask. Chris stood in front of him with his bloodshot eyes. He stared at the doctor with hope but the doctor only shook his head.

“I am sorry but your fiance has died before you could even reach the hospital. I am sorry.” With that, the doctor walked away leaving numb Chris behind.

He fell to his knees shaking his head repeatedly. No. She can’t leave him. She can’t. How will he be able to live without seeing her face? How will he be able to live without seeing her beautiful smile and hearing her melodious voice? How?

He clutched his hair crying out loudly in despair. “ALICE NO YOU CAN’T LEAVE ME. COME BACK PLEASE. NO.” He cried loudly screaming at the top of his lungs.

He finally accepted his defeat. He finally accepted that yes you can’t force love. You can’t force someone to be with you with fear.

He opened his bloodshot eyes when he remembered how she had been behaving weirdly from the day they came back from Xavier’s house.

He clenched his fists glaring at the floor. “It’s all your fault, Xavier. Yours and your slave’s fault. You will pay for what I have lost. Life for a life. If I can’t have Alice I wouldn’t let you have Valerie as well.” He whispered glaring at the blood on his hands.

Tears weren’t stopping falling from his eyes. He clenched his jaw making a promise to himself to kill the reason his love left him and snatching the dearest obsession of Xavier.

New flame of hatred, will it burn the only hope she got?


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