Yes, Master

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Xavier stared at Chris who was sitting beside Alice’s grave lifelessly. He couldn’t help but feel bad for the lovesick man.

Xavier knew how much Chris was crazily in love with Alice and losing her is like a murderous stab to his heart which didn’t kill him but snatched his soul.

He walked towards Chris and placed his palm on his shoulder messaging it. Chris looked up with his bloodshot swollen eyes. Xavier didn’t miss the rage in them. For the past three days and from the day Alice died he had stopped talking to Xavier.

And whenever Xavier had tried to talk to him he only glares at him or simply ignores him. Xavier clenched his jaw at his hateful gaze and sneered at him.

“I told you I don’t know how she had decided to take her life. Valerie did talk to her but her words weren’t that powerful.” Xavier said staring right in swollen eyes.

Chris looked down and then suddenly let out a chuckle. He looked at Alice’s grave before caressing the sand on it.

“You are right It’s not Valerie or you. It’s me.” He whispered making Xavier sigh in relief that finally after days he was talking to him. But after hearing his words he frowned in confusion.

“She died because of me. I caused her death.” He whispered finally looking up and staring at Xavier who stared at him in confusion.

“If only I had treated her better then things would have been so better. She must have been here with me. Near me.” He whispered making Xavier sigh out squeezing his shoulder.

“I know where is Valerie.” Xavier’s head snapped up in surprise as he wasn’t expecting those words.

“What?” He said grabbing his both shoulders. Chris looked up with a smile.

“Yes, I found her. I know where is she. We just have to make a good plan and in just three days she can be with you in front of you.” He said making Xavier smile widely as he patted Chris’s shoulder.

“Yes, fucking yes. I don’t know how to thank you, man. Dammit, I have been going crazy for the past week without her. I can’t wait to hold her in my arms again.” He said smiling but soon his smile turned into an evil smirk.

“To punish her.” He whispered which didn’t go unheard by the man who had other plans in his mind.

Xavier smiled at him with his eyes gleaming brightly in joy. He stood up and asked Chris to come with him but he shook his head telling him that he wants to be here for more time.

“Fine but I am not going anywhere I will be waiting for you in my car.” Chris nodded his hand staring at Alice’s grave’s tomb.

As soon as Xavier disappeared from his gaze his eyes darken as his hand which was caressing the sand of the grave turned into a tigth fist. He clutched the sand in his fist glaring at the tomb.

“I will bring that bitch in front of you and will suck the life out of her right in front of your eyes just like I saw my love dying in front of my eyes.” He mumbled to himself glaring hard.


It’s been a week since Sinister had saved Valerie she has started walking. Her ankle was better and both have started engaging in comfortable conversations. Valerie couldn’t help but feel grateful to Sinister for treating her like a human. She has to admit how different both brothers are.

“Here is your lunch my lady.” He said smiling at her. Valerie looked down with a tint of redness on her cheeks. She had no idea but him calling her with different nicknames also fluster her.

Xavier had always called her with different pet names but she never felt any kind of shyness or giddy feeling in her stomach the way she feels when Sinister calls her even with a simple nickname like Val.

She looked down only to find delicious-looking chicken and rice made by him. In this week she had learned a lot of things about him.

First, he doesn’t like having servants. He has only one friend who is a doctor as well and visits them occasionally.

Second, he’s a great cook. He had made so many different and delicious recipes for her.

And last but not least, he is a great person. He respects her beyond anything. He never shows that he had done a favor on her by keeping her here. He never tries to invade her personal space which Xavier never considered that she had any.

“Thank you so much. I don’t know how to thank you it’s just--” She flinched leaning her head back in surprise when Sinister leaned his face down to her level. He didn’t decrease the distance between them but she still got startled.

“Valerie how many times do I have to tell you to stop thanking me. I am doing no favor on you. Now eat.” He said taking a seat in front of her.

“I mean I know I have to live with you and I can’t go anywhere but can you let me do one thing.” Sinister looked up at her with suspicious eyes.

He playfully narrowed his eyes. “I know you are planning something little girl. What is it?” He said making her chuckle a little.

“I just want you to let me cook. I am good now I can walk even run now. So if you permit me I will make breakfast lunch and dinner from now on.” She said making Sinister stare at her with a soft gaze. He was adoring her through his eyes.

“You don’t need my permission to do something you want in this house, Valerie. This house is equally yours.” And it did something to her heart. She stared at him not believing her ears.

And it happens every time he opens his mouth and says something. Every time he ends up saying something which always results in her heartbeat to go crazy.

She always thought that she’s not capable of loving someone or especially after what Xavier had done to her she told herself that she wouldn’t be able to accept anyone with her heart and soul. But now she has started to question herself if she’s really not capable of loving someone or is she just running away from what she already had started feeling for this man?

“Thank you.” She shot a wide genuine smile at him. And it did something to him. He felt a flip in his chest when her eyes shot an emotion of adoration towards him.

Her eyes showed respect for him. And somehow for the first time after years, he felt relief in his veins. Seeing someone looking at him with emotions other than disgust and mocking he felt a weird sensation in his chest.

And what fasten his heartbeat was her smile. Damn that smile. She has such an angelic smile. The innocence and purity her smile held just melt his stone heart away. He licked his lips nodding his head with a blank face even though inside him volcano was bursting out.

They both started eating with their racing hearts. They both felt the same emotion in their chests but both refused to give their hearts a chance.

Because for Sinister his bloody world had no place for an angel like her and for her, he doesn’t deserve a girl who is as broken as her.

A rising sun of hope, will it again get covered by an upcoming cloud of the storm?


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