Yes, Master

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Author Pov

Valerie stood near the window stared outside of it as her doe green eyes shined brightly with happiness. She blinked as a small smile appeared on her lips placing her tiny palms on the vast glass of the window.

Rain. One of the beautiful acts of God. It was raining outside heavily plus it was summer which was urging her inner kid just run outside and enjoy it but her fears restricted her from doing so.

Raindrops were rapidly hitting the glass window making her feel chilly already. She smiled at the foggy and blurry view.

She flinched a little when she felt a presence beside her. She turned her head to the side and instantly shot the person a small smile which melt his insides but he kept his cold face on.

He was leaning against the wall beside the window standing sideways as his body was facing Valerie. He stared at her beautiful face which had a small smile showing how much she likes the rain.

He was wearing a long-sleeved shirt that was clinging to his buff body. He crossed his arms against his hard chest and spare a second glance at the foggy window before turning his head towards the girl who was staring at the rain innocently.

He admired her beautiful face as she did the same regarding the rain outside. The innocence and excitement her eyes showed while staring at the rain made his heart just melt away.

“You like rain?” His deep voice entered her ears making her nod her head.

“The weather is so beautiful.” She said making him hum in agreement while staring at her.

“It is.” He said nonchalantly as his eyes were stuck at the adorable innocence her face was screaming as she admired the view.

“Rainy day in summer used to be the best day in the orphanage for us. Kids and I used to play in rain and no one ever stopped us.” She said shooting an angelic smile at Sinister who couldn’t help but let his expressions soften as well.

“Then what’s stopping you? Go and play.” He said staring at her with a soft gaze. Soon a frown took place on his forehead when her small smile started fading slowly.

“It scares me.” She said making him tilt his head in confusion.

“Why?” Valerie took a sharp breath.

“Master.” She whispered almost inaudibly but Sinister heard her making him clench his jaw. He closed his eyes sighing internally. Of course, that bastard has left nothing for her to be happy.

He had dug himself in her every happy moment in a painful way that whenever something gives her happiness it turns into sadness because of the memory he had drilled in her mind.

Valerie didn’t want to tell Sinister of what Xavier had done to her. And why not she feels disgusted remembering what he had done to her. Sinister also understood her tremor and decided to not question her.

Valerie once was walking in the garden and suddenly rain started pouring heavily. She ran inside but as the garden was too vast she got wet completely. And Xavier was unluckily at home.

He saw her condition and lust took the best control of him. He took her to his balcony and forced her while the rain was continuously attacking them saying that it’s her punishment for seducing him. That day he forced himself on her in a heavy rain making her scared of it as well.

Sinister stared at her as silence engulfed them. He didn’t like how her beautiful smile disappeared and how her excitement got replaced with only sadness.

Her green eyes weren’t throwing excitement at the view anymore. Only sadness. He licked his lips not liking how her face lost its excitement.

She flinched when he grabbed her tiny wrist in his hand. “Come with me.” Valerie frowned and tried to protest but he ignored her and started pulling her with him.

Valerie’s eyes widened when she realized where he was heading to. She forcefully pulled him back before they could cross the edge of the door.

He was dragging her to the garden outside. Sinister turned his head towards her watching her as she innocently shook her head.

“Fine then.” He said making her sigh out but then she gasped out loud when he wrapped one arm around her shoulder and the other below her knees effortlessly picking her up.

“No, wait.” She tried protesting but he brought her out in the garden making her curl up in his arms. She hid her face in his crook as her body shivered feeling cold raindrops hitting their bodies.

Sinister stared down at her body which was completely curled up against his chest making him smile. Her hands were clutching his shirt in her fists.

He stood there holding her till their bodies were completely damped in rain leaving no chance for her to deny being in rain anymore. He gently put her on her feet.

Her hands were still fisting his shirt making him chuckle. Her eyes were closed while her body was trembling because of the cold raindrops.

“If you stay still like this you will feel colder little one.” He said making her open her eyes but she didn’t move from her place and Sinister understood. She was still remembering what Xavier did to her.

Gently holding her chin between his two fingers he forced her to look at him. Their eyes met. Her green eyes which were blinking rapidly because of rain met with his dark brown steady ones.

“Why don’t you get rid of that bad memory by making a new one.” He said leaning his face down to her.

“A new beautiful full of happiness one. The more you will remember his wrongdoing the more it will snatch your peace. Don’t let him control your senses.” He said staring into her beautiful eyes.

Valerie felt her heart slamming rapidly against her chest as she stared into his eyes which were throwing nothing but care and softness at her. The emotions she never witnessed in that monster’s eyes. She slowly nodded her head making him smile at her.

Suddenly he opened his other palm and collected a good amount of raindrops in his large hand. Valerie was so drowned in his soft gaze that she didn’t notice his actions.

Soon she gasped out stepping back when he threw the collected water on her face. Her hands got unclenched from his shirt. He giggled feeling a weird kind of happiness in his chest.

Valerie stared at his face which had smiley and playful expressions. A small laugh left her lips as well. She also collected a few drops of rain in her hand and threw them at him which didn’t do anything to him as her palm was too small compared to him.

But still, Sinister acted surprised playfully glaring at her making her laugh. They got started running around playing like kids.

Sinister had no idea how many years after he had enjoyed rain this way while Valerie forgot that painful memory and indeed grew a new memory in her mind. A happy and beautiful one.

She gasped out when he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer making her body gets slammed against him. Sinister laughed saying.

“See I caught you. I won.” He said smiling down at her but as soon as his eyes met hers his smile faded away and a new sensation entered his heart.

Her innocent eyes looked in his with pure softness. Her pale face which was completely wet with rain looked beyond beautiful. His eyes fell on her slightly shivering lips making him gulp down.

Tempting. That’s how they looked. Tempting and inviting. Her lips had turned redder than before making his insides flip upside down. He wanted nothing but to kiss her softly gently and at the same time roughly.

He wanted to suck the raindrops resting on them. He wanted to leave his mark on them. He wanted to palm her chubby cheeks and love her lips.

And that’s what he did. He slowly palmed her chubby cheeks making her stare into his eyes. What he was feeling Valerie wasn’t any better than that. For the first time in her life, she actually felt like something like desire in her body.

She wanted to touch him. She wanted him to touch her. The way his eyes stared at her was different and it never failed to fasten her heartbeat.

She didn’t protest when he palmed her cheeks. She didn’t protest even when he started leaning down to her lips. She knew what he was doing and she knew she wanted that too.

“Can I?” He whispered near her lips making her close her eyes. He smiled at her who gave no objection to his actions and leaning a little forward he attached his lips against hers.

Sparkles flared up in their bodies at the contact of their lips. Her hands held his wet biceps as he leaned down pressing his lips against hers harder.

He started moving his lips and did the exact he desired to do. He sucked her lips letting the raindrops disappear in his mouth. Valerie also slowly moved her lips making him wrap his arm around her waist pulling her closer.

She had to tiptoe a little so she could kiss him properly as he was quite taller than her. His soft and slow kiss soon turned into a rough and passionate one as he took full time sucking the breath out of her.

But then it happened. As soon as his lips started moving roughly against hers. The memory of her master forcefully kissing her hit her senses.

She tried to break the kiss as anxiety hit her hard but Sinister was too much into the kiss. The taste of her lips was heaven for him. Her lips were softer than he thought. Kissing her was better than his imagination.

He grabbed the back of her neck when he felt her pulling away. He wasn’t ready to let her go yet. Her feet did a little shuffle as she was standing on her toes. But he didn’t let her body go and pulled her closer by her waist.

Tears started streaming down her eyes as more horrible memories hit her mind. Her body started trembling against his chest furiously. She was having an anxiety attack.

She started hitting his chest and then Sinister came back to his senses. He pulled back right away and looked down at her. His eyes widened seeing tears falling from her eyes.

He instantly picked her trembling body and brought her inside. Her shivering increased as she thought he might do something with her.

“N-No. Please n-no I d-don’t want t-this.” She whimpered out making him guilty. He placed her on the edge of the bed and cradled her face with his palms softly.

“No please.” She whimpered again trying to push his hands and closed her eyes in fear when he leaned closer to her.

" I am sorry. I am so sorry Valerie. Forgive me it’s my fault. Please relax I wouldn’t hurt you. Look at me.” She wasn’t able to relax. The fear was empowering her senses. Sinister forced her face to look down at him as he was kneeling in front of her.

“Look at me. It’s me. Sinister. Your Sinister. I will never hurt you. You know me right. I will never hurt you little one.” He said softly making her finally open her eyes and stare at his face which was wet with drops of rain.

Finally, her breathing started leveling as she saw his face and eyes. Those brown eyes. They will never hurt her. He will never hurt her. She thought as she stared at him with her teary eyes.

Soon her body relaxed making him smile at her. He leaned forward kissing her rosy nose making her blink at him. He caressed her cheek with a soft gaze. Soon he left surprised when she slowly raised her hand and placed it on his wet cheek.

They both stared at each other for some time before Valerie closed her eyes and whispered those words which flared his insides.

"Y-You will never hurt me. I know.”

I am a disease. You’re a doctor. Come cure me.


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