Yes, Master

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Sinister smiled at her before he gently wrapped his one arm around her shoulders and pulled her in his embrace. He took a seat beside her on the bed and forced her tiny frame to disappear against his muscular one.

He caressed her hair while Valerie simply snuggled her face in his chest. She felt warmth and a sense of security. She had no idea why his presence doesn’t scare her as Xavier’s did.

Whenever Xavier used to appear near her it always alerted her and never gave her any sense of relief instead only stiffen her muscles and made her dread his actions.

There was something about Sinister she wasn’t able to understand. His physical appearance wasn’t different than Xavier instead he seemed more buff and muscular than Xavier now. Still the warmth and protection she felt near him she never felt this way with Xavier.

Why? She has no idea. She just knows her heart feels at peace while being near Sinister instead of Xavier. She might have thought about Xavier or even tried to give him a chance only if he had shown a little just a little bit of respect towards her.

If he had shown her that her presence is important to him instead of showing how her presence is just for him to fulfill his ego of not being able to tame her completely.

It’s just a misconception that all men are the same. No, some do change and try to redeem their wrongdoings but some also don’t change and kept on getting the things they want with wrong ways.

And Xavier is that. Even after the things that happened in front of his eyes. Even after seeing Rafael’s regret and Alice’s giving up on her life because of Chris’s torture he still wasn’t ready to open his eyes and see what he’s doing is wrong and just wrong.

Sinister pulled away and wiped her cheeks making her look up in his eyes. He smiled softly at her before caressing her cheeks with his thumbs. He leaned closer pecking her lips.

“I want to ask you something little one.” She stared into his brown eyes nodding her eyes.

“If I say that I want you. That I want to be more than just a person who you trust. If I say that.” He gulped staring deeply into her eyes before leaning closer and brushing his nose against hers.

“I like you. Will you give me? Give us a chance?”

Her breathing paused hearing his words. She knew the pace of her heartbeat accelerated and what she felt inside her wasn’t sadness or terror this time. It was happiness.

She felt happy and relieved hearing his confession but why? Wasn’t she the one who didn’t want him to like someone so broken like her then why now she was feeling so much happiness?

They kissed and she knew she wanted that kiss as much he wanted but then her mind went to the moment she panicked. She gulped her desire, her happiness down and with a heavy heart, she shook her head.

“I-I can’t. Didn’t you see what happened a few minutes ago?” She said making Sinister’s heart hurt.

At first, he thought she was rejecting him and didn’t want him but after hearing her next he understood.

“I can’t be in a normal relationship. I can’t share intimacy without feeling scared. I am broken and mentally disturbed I-I---” She looked down as tears started streaming down her eyes.

Only she knew how much hurt she was while denying him. He was the first man she ever felt secure with. He was the person in her life who was selflessly doing so much for her and now she can’t say yes to him and snatch his last chance of having someone better than her.

Sinister’s heart broke into million pieces seeing her condition. Now he understood why she denied his confession? Fear of being someone not better enough for him. She’s insecure.

He wanted nothing but to dig Xavier’s grave at this moment. Seeing her being so insecure and broken broke him beyond measure. He never thought he could ever feel this much sadness for someone.

The emotion he felt after seeing her tears forced his heart to finally accept that yes he has fallen in love with her. And it wasn’t any secret for him anymore.

He knew he had liked her the moment he saw her playing with the kids in the orphanage and then he felt more pull towards her finding her in Xavier’s office. He knew he had been desiring to have her from the moment he had seen her in the orphanage.

But he was just in denial as he didn’t want to get involved with his fucked up stepbrother’s matters but now seeing her living with him. He had finally had accepted she was made for him. He just needs to do anything in his power to get rid of a monster named Xavier.

He palmed her cheeks once again and pulled her face up. He leaned closer making her breath hitch when he kissed her pearl-like tears making her know how comfort feels like.

“I don’t care.” He mumbled making her look in his eyes.

“I don’t care if you’re afraid of being touched. I don’t care if you’re good enough to be mine or not. I don’t care what past you have. You know why?” He said shooting her a small smile.

“Because I know being the way you are right now is not your fault. I don’t want your body, Valerie. I want you. Just you. I will wait. I will help you to heal. I will heal you. I promise no one is better enough for me than you. I want just you and no one else. If your heart wants me as much as my heart does then let be.” He kissed her wet eyes making her close her eyes.

“Let me be your healer. Let me remove this insecurity of yours. Let me help you. Let me show you how I am the one who is not good enough for you. Let me show you how precious you are.” He whispered while trailing his kisses down her cheeks and nose.

Valerie took a sharp breath feeling dread once again rising in her. Her hands on their own went to his chest wanting to push him away but then a voice whispered in her head.

"He wouldn’t hurt you. He’s Sinister. Your Sinister.”

And that was enough for her to open her eyes. As soon as her green spheres met with his face the dread inside her started replacing with relief.

Her hands that wanted to push him got placed on his chest as she fisted his wet shirt feeling his soft kisses still on her skin.

Sinister finally pulled away and caressed her cheeks completely wiping her tears away. His eyes met hers and the emotions he witnessed in them melted his heart away.

Adoration. She was looking at him with utmost adoration. Like she had never seen such a kind soul before. She leaned her head forward and placed it on his shoulder making him smile.

Closing her eyes she rested her head on his wet shoulder before mumbling.

"Yes. I want to give us a chance. My heart wants to give you a chance.” Those words were enough to flare multiple bombs of happiness in his body.

He caressed her wet hair before taking a deep breath. “We should change clothes you will get sick.” He said making her finally realize that they are still wet from the rain.

She nodded her head and pulled her body away from his warmth even though she didn’t want to. Sinister smiled at her and went to the wardrobe.

She had been wearing Sinister’s clothes as Sinister didn’t want to risk anything right now. He wanted to confirm first that no one has come to know about their whereabouts then he will try to buy clothes for her.

He gave her his warm summer clothes and she went to take a shower while he decided to shower in another room. Even though he wanted nothing other than to love every inch of her body right now as he was hard as a rock because of the kiss they shared.

But he knew she needs time and space and he will try his best to give her as much as time she needs.

But only if they knew. Their time of peace will come to an end soon.

Her every scar gave me a new beautiful reason to love her even more.


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