Yes, Master

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“Woman, will you stop looking at me like that?” Sinister said avoiding Valerie’s innocent yet sad eyes. Even her lips were curved into a little pout showing her sadness and disapproval at his sudden news of leaving her.

Sinister didn’t want to go but he had no other option. He didn’t want to leave her alone till that monster is in her search but he had no other choice. The project he was offered was so damn important for his business.

His heart was restless at the thought of leaving Valerie here. He even tried to find ways to bring Valerie with him but it was a huge risk. She was hidden away from everyone’s eyes and by taking her out he didn’t want to risk anything.

This place was the safest for her. He packed his stuff. He had to stay in that city for two days and it was messing his head. He didn’t want to leave her but damn he can’t risk taking chances by skipping such important projects right now.

His company has just started flourishing and he can’t risk it by trying to skip this important meeting. He had a hard time telling Valerie about his departure. He knew it will scare her and it did. She was so close to crying and it took a lot of time for him to convince her that she will be safe with his friend.

It’s been two days when that rain incident took place and they both decided to give themselves a chance. Valerie had no idea how Sinister was even behaving so gently with her.

He had been so patient with her. He doesn’t touch her except for warm and soft hugs that be before asking her if she’s comfortable. Valerie tried hard to not feel guilty but she can’t help it.

For her, Sinister deserves a lot better than a girl who is so afraid of any intimacy. Even though Sinister has tried his best to show her that he isn’t bothered with such a less skinship with her but still it shows in his eyes that how he craves for her touch. The desire can’t be hidden from his eyes when he hugs her.

And that was his action to relax himself whenever he feels like he wants her or wants to kiss her. Her scent calms his dancing beast who wants nothing but to jump on her and have his way with her but no.

He promised her to wait and he will do so. He loves how she never denies his any kind of wish. That’s why he only ask her for something which wouldn’t make her uncomfortable or scared of him.

“What look? I am just sad.” She said looking away as he was all ready to leave for the airport. He smiled seeing how she was behaving.

He knew she was afraid of being alone but aside from her fear she looked sad. Sad of being away from him. And this thought warmed his heart up. His lovely girl didn’t want to be away from him.

He hesitated but then gently placed his palm on her cheek making her look into his beautiful brown eyes. And what left Sinister surprised was she didn’t flinch when he touch her. Finally a little progress.

“I will come back after two days. And trust me I am more desperate to be with you than you. But I am helpless darling.” He said making her finally smile at him. She softly shook her head.

“I understand. I know you need to go don’t worry. Go safely and come back.” She said staring into his brown eyes. Sinister felt a warmth in his chest. A warmth of someone wishing for his safety with sincerity. Someone caring for him without asking anything in return.

“I will bring clothes and some stuff for you on my way back.” He said making her shake her head.

“I don’t want anything else. I just want you to come back safely to me.” She whispered making him gulp down. He wanted to tell her to stop doing such things to his heart but nothing was coming out of his lips.

Valerie noticed how his eyes turned darker with desire as he looked into her green eyes. She knew the look of desperation when he looked at her lips but didn’t ask her for anything only a smile.

She smiled before placing her trembling palms on his cheeks. Sinister frowned but was left stunned when she pulled his face down to her level and placed her lips against his.

She had to tiptoe even after pulling his body down as she wasn’t able to reach his level. Sinister was frozen in his spot for a few seconds before he came to reality feeling her lips moving against him at an extremely slow pace.

He slowly wrapped his arm around her waist as desire finally started to indulge his senses. He closed his eyes and pulled her up letting her stand on his shoes.

He increased the pace of the kiss but not too much enough to scare her. He fulfilled every desire he had been hiding in his eyes for the past two days. He wanted to bite, suck and kiss the hell out of her lips like a hungry lion but restraining himself he went too slow and soft on her.

He knew she had seen the obvious desire that his eyes were showing that’s why for his happiness she initiated the intimacy as she knew he wouldn’t do it.

He finally pulled away from the soft kiss and rested his forehead against hers breathing normally while Valerie was gulping huge lumps of breath. The kiss was hard for Valerie to digest as it was so soft and never had she been touched this way.

His touch finally made her realize what softness and care are. Still standing on his feet she threw her head on his shoulder as she hugged his torso making him hug her back.

“Thank you.” She whispered telling him how grateful she is for treating her like a human and not some object. Sinister smiled pecking her forehead.

“Sinister let’s go oh-- Did I disturb something?” The same doctor and Sinister’s friend who was going to protect her in Sinister’s absence came crashing inside the living room disturbing their moment.

Valerie’s eyes widened as she tried to jump off his feet and detach herself from him but Sinister had other plans he pulled her towards him even more not letting her go. He even forced her head to be buried in his shoulder shooting a nasty glare at his friend who was smiling sheepishly.

“Yes, you did. Now Out.” Sinister sneered at him making him raise his hands in a surrounding manner.

“Ok Tiger chill out. Car is here you need to go now.” Saying that he disappeared from his eyes but not before whistling playfully making Valerie press her face in Sinister’s shoulder even more.

“My shy lady you need to let go of me.” He said chuckling. She instantly let him go letting her feet touch the floor. Sinister smiled seeing her face having deep red blush. She looked adorable.

Not able to control himself he bent down and placed a soft kiss on her rosy cheeks and the bonus to his happiness she didn’t flinch at his touch only avoided his eye contact in shyness.

“I am going, take care.” She nodded finally glancing into his eyes.

Sinister smiled and started walking out of the living room but not before hearing a small whisper of her which she didn’t attend for him to hear but he did.

“Be safe. I will miss you.” Smiling like an idiot he walked out and this act of his didn’t fail to shock his bodyguards and driver who stared at him with a dropped jaw.

His smile instantly wiped away seeing their stunned eyes. He looked at his smiling friend who was ready to tease him but he beat him by saying.

“Take care of her. Protect her. And also if something happened to her I will come at your throat first.” He said making him give a curt nod with serious eyes.

His men shuddered in fear seeing his dark eyes and hearing his deep scary tone. This was the man they knew. A controlling scary man who doesn’t know how to smile.

“I will don’t worry.” Sinister frowned.

“Your voice seems weird. Are you sick?” The doctor sighed nodding his head.

“Sore throat.” He said making Sinister nod his head. He bit goodbye to the doctor.

With that Sinister went away and the doctor went in telling the guards their job. He didn’t see Valerie anywhere and decided to rest too.

Day turned to night and he got a message from Sinister that he had arrived safely and this was enough to make him pull an expression that was enough to show how wrong decision Sinister has made.

A smirk formed on his lips as his eyes fell on the kitchen.

He started making dinner for Valerie and himself. But the dangerous evil smirk didn’t leave his lips till he was done with the food. He pulled his fake joyful expressions back when he heard tiny footsteps coming to him.

“Hey, you didn’t have to do that. It must be troubling for you.” He smiled at her shaking his head.

" Of course not. Here eat the dinner. After all, I promised Sinister to care of you.” He said smiling at her and the naive girl trusting the man Sinister trusted started eating.

She suddenly look up finding him not eating anything only looking at her with a smile she couldn’t help but find the smile creepy.

“Wouldn’t you eat?” She asked even though she wasn’t comfortable with how he was staring at her.

“I am not yet hungry. I think I haven’t told you my name yet. Right?” He said looking at her with fake confusion. She nodded her head.

“You want to know what my name is hmm innocent lamb. Are you sure because You might not like what you hear?” His creepy smirk finally started scaring Valerie. Even his voice has changed a bit. It was deeper than before. She stood up from the dining table and stared at him with fear seeping into her green eyes.

“W-Who are you?” She whispered which made the amused man smile widely at her.

“Christopher.” Her eyes widened as she took multiple steps back in horror.

He grabbed the side of his neck and pulled a skin-like mask off his face. Her breathing stopped when she came face to face with Chris. Xavier’s cruel partner.

“Fuck! This bitch of a mask was so itchy.” He exclaimed throwing the mask away.

Valerie without thinking about anything ran towards the exit door only for her to step back rapidly and let out a gasp of horror.

“N-No.” She shook her head as tears started falling down her eyes. She didn’t want to believe what her eyes were seeing.

Xavier was standing right in front of her with a gun in his hand. He smirked at her as his gaze moved all over her face. He started taking slow yet threatening steps towards her making her stumble back.

Her head felt heavy and a weird weakness started seeping into her legs. Her body felt heavy like she was about to faint. She held her head not knowing what was happening and Chris’s voice answered her confusion.

“I added drug in her food. It will take proper 15 minutes for her to faint. So my buddy, do whatever you want to do I will be waiting outside. Come fast.” With that, he walked out but not before glaring at the duo. He looked at the dead bodies of the guards before looking around for suspicious things.

Xavier tug the gun in the back of his pants and walked closer to her as she stumbled back on her weak legs. The first impact of the drug was to make her body enough weak for her to not be able to stand.

And before she could fall a large arm got wrapped around her waist pulling her against a hard chest. A familiar scent of a man she fears the most in this world entered her nostrils making her cry out at her poor fate.

How ironic. She thought she was finally free but her fate never failed to show her how cruel it is.

She against her will fisted his messy dress shirt as she wasn’t able to stand on her own and he was the only support she could lean on at that time.

Xavier desperately dug his head in her crook sniffling her scent. He growled lowly slamming her fragile figure on the dining table throwing the dishes on the floor.

She cried out and when he pinned her on the table hovering above her. Her hands were weakly holding on to him when he suddenly came face to face with her. His grey eyes gleamed with anger and hunger.

He grabbed her chin in a tight grip squeezing her chubby cheeks with his rough fingers. Her lips turned into a pout as he glared at her making her wince in fear.

“You dared to leave me. You fucking dare to stay with a man I hate the most. YOU FUCKING DARE TO LET HIM KISS YOU. YOU LET HIM TOUCH WHAT’S FUCKING MINE!” He shouted right on her face making her cry out.

Her head was spinning and black dots started appearing in front of her eyes. But Xavier’s eyes showed no mercy.

“These lips. This body. Your everything is mine. Only fucking mine. You were so fucking desperate for a man to touch you right you fucking bitch. Fine, let me show you who has the only fucking right to kiss you.” With that, he slammed his lips aggressively against her pouted ones.

A loud cry left her throat as she tried to struggle in his arms but she was too weak because of the drug. Her every fear that Sinister successfully lessened once again got increased at how painfully and cruelly he kissed her.

He bit her lips eating them like a vicious beast. He tasted her blood but nothing was enough to cool his anger down. He was seething from the moment Chris told him about Valerie and Sinister kissing and how they were hugging each other.

It burnt him. She never let him even hug her with her consent and here she was letting that piece of shit touch her like she’s his. She needs to know who owns her and this time he will not be that much lenient. Now she will see who Xavier Valentino really is.

He didn’t stop the kiss and roughly pushed his tongue in her mouth. Her eyes started dropping down and she knew she was about to faint. The last thing she remembered was him pulling away and whispering.

"You will be punished for everything Mio Angelo. And the punishment will make you pray that you shouldn’t have disobeyed me.”

You left me leaving me of nowhere.


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